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By August 21, 2022essay代写



1.In this assignment we are asked to identify differences in rates of change in segments of the housing market and across space.What segments should we be focusing our reserach on? And when it mentions across space, are we focusing on price movements across a city or state or ????. Space is broad so i dont want to fall off the tracks even before i have boarded.

2.quite a lot is being said and written about the effects of the global recession, interest rate reductions and the first-home buyer grant on urban property prices.

3.A useful and timely speech was given by Anthony Richards of the Reserve Bank of Australia yesterday. It is entitled ‘Conditions and Prospects in the Housing Sector’.

The speech can be downloaded from the RBA website at:

4.sources of Australian house price data series5.非常重要的一个 文献6. Latest house price data这是老师在我文章里写的,请你们修改。。


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