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2022代写会被发现吗成人高校中的教学系统分析Adult College Experimental Teachi

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022代写会被发现吗成人高校中的教学系统分析Adult College Experimental Teachi

2022代写会被发现吗成人高校中的教学系统分析Adult College Experimental Teachi

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Australian higher education in the administration of professional , relatively speaking, theoretical characteristics are relatively strong, long-standing , multi-application -trained people in clerical positions , or underemployed , the reason , although the profession more rigorous curriculum , but its application-oriented courses less gradual employment demand of the society . This situation is more obvious in adult colleges , calling for the development of the situation in the administration of adult education curriculum system to increase experimental system .澳大利亚高等学历教育中的行政管理专业,相对来说道理论化特点标志比较强,长时期以来,培育的人材多应用在秘书岗位,还是是学非所用,究其端由,该专业的课程设置固然比较严密谨慎,不过其应用型的课程较少,渐渐与社会形态参加工作需要脱节。

First adult college administration professional development " short board"一、成人高校行政管理专业的发展“短板”

Reform and opening up, adult education in a certain extent, solve the shortage of educational resources , lack of management theory in Australia , the problem of inadequate management of cadres . With the development of society , socio-economic structure has formed a diversified pattern of historical inertia and reality development of the conflict , making the adult college professional setting showing these " short board" :改革开放之初,成人学历教育在一定程度上解决了教育资源缺乏、澳大利亚管理理论匮缺、管理干部不充足的问题。随着社会形态的进展变动,社会经济制度已经形成了多元化的格局,历史惯性与事实进展的矛盾,要得成人高校专业设置闪现出这些个“短板”:

1 course structure, teaching content and the same professional college identical . University administration specialized in theoretical research is characterized by the accumulation of knowledge- based and theoretical innovation, you should focus on adult education awareness and application of theoretical knowledge . However, most adult college administration professional course structure , materials and knowledge , we can say the administration is basically college curriculum structure , a replica of the knowledge system .

2 lack of teachers . Attached to the colleges and universities within the adult college , faculty puts in a lot mostly teachers , some are in graduate school as a teacher ; Even in Beijing, Tianjin , Shanghai and three municipalities set up independently of adult college , but also because management relations , branding and other reasons , teacher team structure is not rational. And because the administration of professional curriculum of theory -based, while the majority of teachers do not have the practical experience of administration , resulting in empty lectures , adult education students away from reality.

3 learners basic level of knowledge and ability to learn . Currently, adult college students are mainly front-line staff of various units , some just from vocational school, technical school graduates , yet the employment of young , mostly " by managers ' management theory and text to authorities as the main content of the curriculum writing system for them has been somewhat disjointed , teaching assessment content, form and professional goals inherent contradiction between the increasingly obvious.

Second, the construction of experimental course system of adult professional development of university administration breakthrough

Administration as a profession has a huge student population professional should actively respond to challenges , to seek new growth point . The author believes that the administrative professional, " Experimental Teaching System" can be used as the new growth point . " Experimental Teaching System " concept , refers to the administrative management of social development , the needs of both learners in the teaching and graduated two areas set office equipment , electronic information and organizational practices and other types of experimental projects , the formation of multi-level, a wide range of practical teaching system . In the administrative management system to establish the significance of experimental teaching :

1 . Certain management efficiency. At present, most adult college students complete administrative paperwork , especially thesis requires research , collect data , in fact most of them do not have such conditions . And organized instructor , written assignments and papers assessed workload , assignments, student papers themselves often lead to conflict . Laboratory operations can at least split the workload of writing writing and reduce organizational costs .

2certain economic benefits. Some of the administrative professional courses , the basic principle can be in business administration, social work and other professional generic . Built laboratory can be used as multi-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary teaching practice common platform that will save the school's faculty costs, equipment costs.

3 . Certain development effectiveness. Construction administrative experimental teaching system , you can practice teaching learners to deepen awareness of the administrative theory helps to apply their knowledge ; also encourage teachers to continue to strengthen their own learning and thinking in the teaching process , improvements. As can be formed on the ability of an open society , it can become community education, social training of a total platform, so teaching resources in the socialization effectively.

Third, experimental teaching adult college administration Positioning System

While some colleges and universities in administrative management theory and practice of specialized laboratory research has made some achievements , but at present the profession as a whole has not yet formed a consensus , what what percentage of the practical course , the practical aspects which should be parts, to establish what kind of practice teaching system and management mechanisms , etc., are still in the process of exploration . How to build adult college administrative practice teaching system , the fundamental problem is that from the professional development of positioning for analysis. The role of existing adult college depends on two needs : First, the learning needs of particular groups , two national lifelong learning " overpass " strategy needs. On the macro is from the education law and the state 's long-term strategy on lifelong learning perspective of administrative professional training objectives ; at the micro is based on the goal of Adult Higher Education , the proportion of practical curriculum decisions and content.

1 From the status and characteristics of adult college to locate the experimental teaching content level . Adult college is different from the culture of academic elite universities, but also from training technical workers vocational colleges, whose main duty is to provide learners serving basic theory, basic way of thinking and basic skills education. Higher administrative professional experimental system of public administration that is generally based on the content of government , such as the Northeast Normal University experiment "simulated laboratory teaching tasks, which are summarized as grassroots e-government and e-government, e-government case studies grassroots , grassroots government information resources management, grass-roots government management techniques and methods , and several other modules . " vocational colleges have relatively more experimental course line, grassroots operational characteristics , often linked with professional certification . The adult college administrative management experiment teaching content, they do not have to imitate college established to meet the civil service examination and administrative capacity training , vocational colleges do not have to go that route purely technical operations , but should be targeted at basic principle common skills and the latest technology ( philosophy ) three dimensions.

2 From the learners' needs and the actual situation of school units to locate experimental curriculum and teaching content. The majority of adult college students already have relatively stable career learners , learning administration professional courses , not necessarily just to engage in this regard occupation. A survey shows that enrollment in Radio and Television University , adult college entrance examination two schools , on the demand goals , most people in addition to " diploma ", there are " learn knowledge," "Improving literacy" and other factors. Adult college is the essence of " colleges " from its historical development process point of view , culture and education should also be its main functions and features . Therefore, the experimental teaching content should reflect the characteristics of diversity , not just " objects " level and the "process " , " skill " aspects of things .

3 From an administrative professional 's own perspective to locate the direction of experimental teaching . Currently various adult college administration majors, a large number , according to the existing curriculum, the teaching requirements, knowledge framework for ordinary university training " managerial elite " positioning repetition , in fact unattainable , because learning most of those who " by managers ." This is the administrative management must establish certain experimental curriculum objective requirements. Moreover, if in accordance with the civil service exam , " executive career skills," or some expertise to set up a practicing certificate experimental curriculum content , then, the learners , it is also not much attractive . Therefore , adult college administration professional experimental teaching curriculum should be a system , diverse content , develop learners basic thinking skills and practical ability .

In summary , adult professional university administration should have constituted the experimental system applicability and extensibility features. Experimental curriculum and content settings should be multi-level, diversified . One is basically linked with early courses , reflecting the applicability . If combined with " office automation " course construction operation and maintenance of office automation equipment laboratory . Second, the majority of learners from different types of the actual situation , development or introduction of office software for enterprise needs to design a specific project management skills . Such as online billing reimbursement process , archival material finishing, enterprise network management, document flow . It should be noted , as a systems engineering construction projects, construction and improvement of its need step by step, continue to explore, to enrich the connotation of Adult Higher Education .


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