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2022代写写手东伦敦大学会计与金融专业课程作业指导需求:University of East London

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022代写写手东伦敦大学会计与金融专业课程作业指导需求:University of East London

2022代写写手东伦敦大学会计与金融专业课程作业指导需求:University of East London

东伦敦大学会计与金融专业课程作业指导需求HELP Academy (Department of University of East London)HELP University College(Department of Management & Economics)&University of East London(Royal Docks Business School)

BA Hons Accounting and FinanceLevel 2

Accounting in Career Context


Coursework for Resit August 2011Submission Dateline: 12 August 2011 not later than 5pm

Assessment ComponentThis assessment forms 100% of the overall mark for the module

Learning outcomes assessedLearning outcomes covered: 1 – 6Assignment titlePortfolio:•Group presentation-industry•Role playing interview•Evidence of IT skills enhancement•Presentation on News•Personal Development Plan and reflections Submission deadlinePortfolio –

To be handed into DOME Office, 3rd floor

There are several parts to the assessment of this module which together form a portfolio. Clear and concise documentary proof of your results for tasks A to B must be included in the portfolio otherwise you will not be credited with the relevant %. Where you have been required to prepare various documents for seminars, copies of such MUST also be included.

Note you are required to work with different group members for each of the 2 assessed group tasks.

Throughout, where there is a word limit or guidance for a task, then you MUST show the word count on your work. Similarly wherever you have made use of a source of information you MUST use Harvard referencing and show your source.Tasks A & B together have a weighting of 20% of the portfolio.•Task A– taking part in a group presentation on a possible destination industry/sector in which you might work on graduation. ( Note: The presentation must show evidence of research carried out in the job market. The group have to use their IT skills in presenting this information clearly) (12 %)

•Task B – taking part in a role-play interview (8 %)

Tasks C represent 80% of the portfolio

•Task C including Your Personal Development Plan – Produce various other tasks as itemised below, place these in a suitably indexed portfolio to be submitted by the due date, with evidence throughout as appropriate as to word length, referencing and the use of turnitin.


Submit a portfolio, including a contents page, to hold proof of your results for Tasks A-B above and the following tasks:

1. A reflection by the student on why he/she was not successful at the previous attempt, what the consequences of this failure might be, and a consideration of how to avoid this situation in the study and assessment for future modules. Also the student would need to reflect on his or her lack of IT skills in the first assignment (about 250 words for the comment). (max 13.0% ).#p#分页标题#e#

2. From both the tutorials and the lectures you will become aware of how important it is for you to stay abreast of the national and international news, particularly in the sphere of business. For your own career success you are encouraged to read quality newspapers on a frequent basis and discuss news stories with your colleagues particularly in some of the seminars of FE2031. Select any 2 prominent news stories and prepare a 75 word brief summary and comment on why you find these 2 news stories of particular importance. Place these 4, weekly items in your portfolio, providing suitable references and word counts. (maximum altogether for the 4 weeks, about 300 words ) ( portfolio summary and comment max 19%).

3. A reflection on the interview and presentation processes you might meet when engaged in the process of obtaining employment. (about 200 words – max 7%)

4. Personal Development Plan

(i)Produce an up-to-date CV that could be used by yourself when applying for vacation employment during Dec 2010 in order to gain suitable work in an accounting related environment. (Final CV mark max. 13.0%)

(ii)Outline your current career aspirations by indicating your chosen occupation and your job role within this occupation, you should distinguish between short, medium and long term aspirations. Indicate what your current employment opportunities are and what you need to do to achieve your short term aspirations. (200 words – max 8%)

(iii)Identify the skills (including IT skills) and competences you will need to be successful in your long term career aspiration (this must be supported by relevant sources and references), and your current strengths and weaknesses in relation to these skills/competences. (200 words – max 8%)

(vi)You are required to set yourself 2 key objectives related to your career development for the next 12 months. These must be SMART (ie Specific, Measurable , Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed). Indicate what objectives you will set yourself, detail the actions you will take to achieve these objectives and the time frame for such. (approximately 200 words) (max 7%).

(v) Reflect on an experience or incident where you have learned a new, or developed an existing, skill or competence. This experience could be based in any relevant context (e.g. work, university, home, social clubs etc.) but must refer to a skill that you believe will be important in your future employment. You are required to describe the experience, indicate what you learned and how this new skill will aid the achievement of your career aspirations. (approximately 160 words)(max 5%).

The items comprising your portfolio must normally be word processed – please use a font size of 12 and also double line spacing. Where a particular number of words are indicated then a word count must be disclosed in the task. You are required to use your IT skills to enhance the presentation and creativity of your portfolio#p#分页标题#e#

Items must be referenced and where appropriate the bibliography must comply with the “Harvard Referencing System

(Weighting 80%)

Assessment criteria for Task CMaximum markRelevance of materials used to the task setApplication of appropriate techniques-Logical sequence and development 15 Evidence of IT skills 15Appropriate depth of analysis10 Evaluation of issues/results10Use of supporting data/evidence10Use of referencing system and bibliography 10Overall presentation10Total mark80%


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