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2022代写功课加拿大大学的The White Tiger作业指导essay论文 English as global perspective

By August 22, 2022essay代写

2022代写功课加拿大大学的The White Tiger作业指导essay论文 English as global perspective

2022代写功课加拿大大学的The White Tiger作业指导essay论文 English as global perspective

论文题目:<老师推荐>。read the novel <The White Tiger> wrote by Aravind Adiga,choose a topic from the novel and write a research essay, the topic have to connected with Globalization论文语种:英文您的研究方向:English as global perspective是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:加拿大您的学校背景:University of Alberta要求字数:app.1500论文用途:本科课程论文 BA Assignment是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):否补充要求和说明:之前我发过指导需求ID:DX 20100324003,我也已经收到论文了,拿给我们老师看后她说因为之前的一些原因,我不能写电影这个topic,所以我希望你们给以再写一遍,价钱单算就好。

另:<The White Tiger> as the primary text, formulate an essay topic. and write a formal,academic research essay on the primary text. the essay must make substantive use of at least two secondary sources of academic quality.‏Every word, fact and/or ides which is not original must be correctly cited in MLA format.

All of the secondary sources HAVE TO choose from the following shool libraries website:Campus Computing ID:sijingsuPassword:sm19890103

P.S.every source have to greater than 10 pages.

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Slumdog Millionaire: the Indian gender, society and economy influenced from Globalization Trend I. introduction Set in the real Indian social background, the film <<Slumdog Millionaire>> has shown the audience a real social status quo with the influence of globalization trend. Owing to the film good box office and popularity in the world, the movie has gained eights Oscar awards. The film describes a story which happens in Indian. Jamal Malik, The chief role in the movie, is a youth from the slum. To make his dream come true, he becomes the contestant of the Indian version of who wants to be a millionaire. Jamal has made it to the final question, scheduled for the next day, but the police are now accusing him of cheating, because the other possibilities, that he has a vast knowledge, or that he is very lucky, both seem unlikely.Jamal then explains that, while at least the question about Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan was very simple, he knew the answers of most questions by chance, because of things that happened in his life. This is conveyed in a series of flashbacks documenting the particulars of his childhood. By narrating the things happened in his childhood, the real Indian society situation has been showed vividly to the movie audience. With the influence of globalization, the Indian society has been changed in terms of gender, society and economy comparing with the previous society status quo. #p#分页标题#e#The highlight in the movie is the scene, Jamal in the police station. From Jamal’s testimony in the police, the answers to policeman’s questions can reflect that Jamal life has been filled with blood, tears and scare. At the same time, the scene narrates the real fact in Indian that it is a tough road for the common citizens in Indian to pursue the happiness. The events such as religion conflict, dangerous orphanage experience, ups and downs life and gangsters’ crime can describe the cruel social situation for the grass-root people in India. The biggest success of this movie can show the audience the real Indian society without any modification. In the process of globalization tendency, the national dream and hope of India, the new rising country, has been showed by the vivid movie scene. II. The aspects in India influenced by globalization trenda.the gender

With the influence of globalization trend, the Indian women position has been changed. In traditional Indian culture, for Indian women, the sexual discrimination is very common. At the same time, the women social position is very low, who can’t enjoy the equal treatment comparing with the men social status. In real life the women in Indian society can’t be regarded as the equal position. The film <<Slumdog Millionaire>> also describes the Indian women status by the film scene. In the Bombay, the women can’t be treated in the labor market. For the same position, the women employees can’t be paid with the same standard as the men employees. In metropolitans, a lot of women in India are suffering from the tough life with unequal treatment. With the influence of globalization trend, the Indian women begin to earn the money by themselves to support their family. In the 1960s and 1970s, multinationals were key agents in creating the new international division of labor as some manufacturing operations were transferred from particular high-cost developed countries to particular low-cost developing countries (Folker Frobel, Jurgen Heinrichs, and Otto Kreye 1980). Many transnational companies from developed countries have begun to found new manufacturing factories in India. By transferring the manufacturing base, the corresponding cost has been reduced a lot. In their study of subcontracted work in Asia, Radhika Balakrishnan and Asad Sayeed (2002) note that the push toward subcontracting in Asia is motivated by a need to reduce labor costs and that a high percentage of women are employed in low-skilled subcontracted work located in small shops and at home.With the new change of social environment, many traditional women begin to improve their social status. They hope to earn money to support their family. Take the Noida Export processing Zone for example; there are a lot of women working in the exporting processing zone. But according to Urvashi Soni-Sinha report, most women workers concentrate on the handmade jewelry production. At the same time, most women haven’t taken the high rank position with a low salary. The globalization progress has changed the Indian women life style. #p#分页标题#e#b.the society

Referring to the film <<Slumdog Millionaire>>, the biggest reason to win the Oscar awards is to show the audience the real Indian social situation in the underground of globalization trend. The globalization trend has been regarded as the double-edged sword. That is to say, the globalization can not only bring the prosperity to Indian, but also add new social problems. Take the <<Slumdog Millionaire>> for example, the city, Bombay, used to a small city in the past. With the progress of globalization trend, the city has been changed a lot. More and more skyscrapers begin to appear in the city. Furthermore, the city has become more and more modern. But in the process of city modernization, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened in the city. At the same time, more and more poor people begin to gather in the slums. We can find the evidence from the film. Jamal in the film has lived in the slum. Besides the treasure gap, the crime issue in modern city begins to appear with the influence of globalization. In the film, Jamal brother’s, salim has become one member of gangster in order to support life. A lot of poor people can’t benefit from the globalization trend. But in order to support the basic life, they have to committee crime in the modern society. c.the economy

The economy globalization is one of the most important aspects among the globalization process in the world. It is no exception to India. India has had its ups and down since it achieved independence on August 15, 1947. But in same ways it might be remembered as the luckiest country in the history of the late twentieth century. (Thomas L. Friedman, 2005). Friedman wants to express the fact that India’s economy has become booming with the economy globalization in the late twentieth century. Take the Indian’s outsourcing industry for example, many foreign multinationals have established service outsourcing center in India, especially in the so-called Indian Silicon Valley Bangladesh. Outsourcing from US to India, as a new form of collaboration exploded. By just stringing a fiber-optic line from a workstation in Bangalore to my company’s mainframe, I could have Indian IT firms managing my e-commerce and mainframe application. The above example can fully modify the strong Indian IT industry. Comparing with the similar situation as China, India has also benefited from the globalization process, which is also regarded as the world factory. Because the India has the low labor price and transportation cost, many multinationals have transferred the manufacturing center to India. In the globalization process, the Indian outsourcing industry has become stronger and stronger gradually. At the same time, the Indian economy capacity is also improved in the process. Therefore, in the influence of globalization, the Indian economy has benefited from the globalization process. III. Conclusion

A successful movie <<Slumdog Million >> can embody the real Indian situation in a art way with a global perspective. As the famous proverb goes “one coin has double sides”. The fact can be demonstrated by the content of the above famous movie. Therefore, regarding to the globalization trend, we should have a right attitude. That is to say, we should attach much importance on positive influence of globalization. At the same time, the negative influence of globalization should beavoided with our utmost efforts. If the negative influence of globalization trend can’t be handled properly, all kinds of issues will emerge in the globalization process. These issues can threaten the whole society security and prosperity. Therefore, it is very crucial for every country to handle the negative influence from globalization properly. In this way, we can benefit from the globalization process. References:

1、Frobel, Folker, Jurgen Heinrichs, and Otto Kreye. 1980. The New International Division of Labour: Structural Unemployment in Industrialised Countries and Industrialisation in Developing Countries. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.2、Rao, Rukmani Vijay and Sahba Husain. 1991. ‘‘Invisible Hands: The Women behind India’s Export Earnings,’’ in Nirmala Banerjee, ed. Indian Women in a Changing Industrial Scenario, pp. 133 – 200. New Delhi: Sage.3、Urvashi Soni-Sinha.2006. “Where are the women? gender, labor, And discourse in the Noida Export Processing Zone and Delhi” Feminist Economics 12(3), July p 335 – 3654、Pyle, Jean. 1990. ‘‘Export-Led Development and the Underemployment of Women: The Impact of Discriminatory Development Policy in the Republic of Ireland,’’ in Kathryn Ward, ed. Women, Workers, and Global Restructuring, pp. 85 – 112. Ithaca, NY: ILR Press.5、Thomas L. Friedman, 2005, “the world is flat” The Globalized World In The Twenty-First Century, the penguin group, p126.


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