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2022代写文书HRM Essay指导(英文版)

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022代写文书HRM Essay指导(英文版)

2022代写文书HRM Essay指导(英文版)

HRM Essay指导,Human resources management system of building foundation-work analysis analysed

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Class level: research industry and commerce 0911 class

Special industry: enterprise management

Human resources management system of building foundation

-work analysis analysed

Abstract: the position of enterprise organization is the basic elements of scientific design jobs and clear post function, to make sure that the whole organization enterprise goal into all of the employees personal goals, so that the management of the enterprise pressure translate into of each employee’s power and responsibility restraint, rapidly improve work efficiency, and to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprise through analysis and research work position, make a human resources management of the basic documents-the job description, this as human resource management system construction of the specific basis and, optimize enterprise human resources allocation, men do, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Keywords: basis; Job analysis; The job description

1. Overview

With China’s entry into the WTO, Chinese companies face will be fierce global competition. In the era of competition is with the person this, the human resources management work is especially important and modern human resources management is one of the core proposition is to solve the problem of the relationship between the people and organizations, the topic of the natural person and organization focusing on the link of work and post- Jobs is the basic elements of enterprise organization, scientific design jobs and clear post function, to make sure that the whole organization enterprise goal into all of the employees personal goals, so that the management of the enterprise pressure translate into of each employee’s power and responsibility restraint, rapidly improve work efficiency, and to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

2. The purpose of job analysis and in human resources management work in the role

2.1 the meaning of job analysis

Post refers to personnel should bear the provisions of affairs is to point to a certain position were often act as work work and responsibility, is a duty, tasks, and access the unity of job analysis (job analysis) and position research is the enterprise all kinds of jobs for object, through the system of investigation, position of information position collection, and analysis and evaluation work position, make a human resources management of the basic document, the job description, for employees recruitment assessment, training, compensation and benefits, rewards and punishments, etc. Provide objective basis.

2.2 work analysis in human resources management work in the role

Job analysis is a human resource management in enterprise’s important means and tool, is in the modern enterprise system established basic work, only science, accurate analysis to work real, objective and comprehensive to describe the position of content, properties, can set up on the basis of qualifications system and working level system, and only doing a good job analysis, according to complete the work: make the whole organization have clear responsibilities and work scope; Make the organization recruitment and selection of use need personnel; Make staff training, development planning, To design the reasonable wages, reward, welfare policy and system; Make the personnel assessment standards, right in the performance appraisal; Design, development organizations structure; Make the organization’s human resource allocation and development planning.

3. Work analysis process and work analysis procedures

3.1 work analysis process

Job analysis is the object of its people work and must be from the following several aspects to analysis: the task of organization, job objectives; To analyze the investigation in the organization of the value chain and the position for the goal, which is given in the organization of the task; Work will solve the problem: that is the work finished events (things); Complete work: namely the undertaker of the work. Work the ability of the bear with qualification for the objective and the organization to complete degree and quality of things.

Through the analysis of the three aspects above, should first to understand the organization tasks, work to solve problems and the ability; Then work analysis, i.e., goals, things, with the specific, this is the key of the job analysis, finally, the results of the analysis work, will be used to form the.

3.2 job analysis procedures

Job analysis is given to work a complete evaluation process, is a very technical work. It usually divided into work, work analysis, design plan analysis, information gathering analysis, the results express, work result analysis using the control, work analysis six stages.

The analysis of the work plan stage 3.2.1

Because the job analysis, analysis to the personnel to, to contact with employees, so, to coordinate well with the enterprise management personnel relationship. Ready to stage to solve the following several problems: a job analysis expert group, clear each experts work analysis actions privileges; Clear the work of general mandate proposed general objective analysis,; The analysis of the clear goal; Clear analysis object, choose has the representative of the typical, work; Establish a good working relationship, with employees established good relations of cooperation; Limited data collection categories and collecting method, in order to save time, costs and expenses; Formulate the standard. Including the use of language, time planning, etc.

3.2.2 work the design phase of the analysis

The design phase of the job analysis is mainly how to solve the problem of job analysis, basically have the following three work:

(1) to select the information source. Select the information source should pay attention: information providers belong to different levels because, provide information, there are certain differences; Job analysis personnel should be objective and fair, able to come from different aspects of the information, avoid partial to believe; Use all sorts of professional information file to combine the actual, seeking truth from facts, can not copy.

(2) choosing the job analysis. Job analysis personnel should have certain and be analysis work related work experience and a degree. In the job analysis to work independently when, from other factors interference.

(3) choose to collect relevant information method and system. According to the analysis of the definite job purpose, choose different information collection methods and information analysis system.

3.2.3 information gathering the analysis phase

Information gathering the analysis phase is the core of the whole work analysis process part, mainly include the following items: the name of the analysis work.

Work to clear the name, standards. Strive to work can understand the name working content.

Work task analysis. Job analysis specific issues, such as the core of tasks, work content, the independence and diversity work needed to finish the work degree, method and process.

The responsibilities of the job analysis. Finish this work should the configuration of the privileged, work responsibility and power to mutual correspond, should try to use quantitative method to determine the work of the rights and responsibility.

Cooperation relations analysis. Understand the work, clear cooperation relations, including the work which work by restricting; Related work coordination and cooperation of the relationship; What kind of work can be the coordination between work and replacement.

Work environment analysis. Work environment include physical environment, for example, the workplace temperature, humidity, noise, dust, illumination, ZhenDu and staff to daily and these factors contact time; Work safety conditions, such as the hazard of the task, possible accident, engaged in the work of the occupational disease and to get on the body of harm; The social work environment, such as work life convenient degree, work environment the isolated degree, the leadership of the direct leadership style, the interpersonal relations between colleagues.

Job analysis results express stage 3.2.4

This phase is mainly how to solve in written documents the forms of expression of the analysis results of question, can through the job description and standard ways of expressing. Through the of a all kinds of information material analysis and sorting, write the.

3.2.5 job analysis results by using phase

This phase is mainly will analyze the results to the specific application of the management of human resources in various links to, for human resource management of each link can refer to formulate the documents, such as selection of employment conditions, the assessment standards, the training content of design, etc.

Job analysis of the control work 3.2.6

Control activities throughout the work always, is a constant adjustment process. The production and business operation activities of the organization changes can cause organizations collaboration system change division, cause a change of job. Therefore, a work must respond. In addition, job analysis is only through the applicability of the feedback can be confirmed, and according to the feedback modify one does not adapt the parts.

3.3 the job description

The meaning of the job description 3.3.1 track

The job description of the position analysis is documented results, also known as the "post the manual", also is the human resources management work of the basic documents. Content general including "post assessment", "a job description," "critical functions", "qualifications" and "promotion flow", "the key events" and so on, is that the enterprise a or some kind of work in what qualifications shall be made by the employees have to do (who), expect the employee do something (what), the employee should be (whom) who do, and why do (why), at what time (when) and place (where) under the condition to do, how to do (how to do), and after salary treatment is how (how much) and a series of events summary document.#p#分页标题#e#

Post identification including name, position to provide jobs Numbers, post, post rank departments, work, position analysis personnel and job description and other relevant information for time; A job description includes working relationship of description and the content of work is briefly introduced; Critical functions including the responsibility of the position, work standards and authority are given; Qualifications include the qualifications to post personnel to details, including specific skills, knowledge, ability, and individual work physique, education level and carry a certificate of minimum requirement, also includes work experience and other requirements; Promotion of flow including job employee within the organization’s promotion channels and flow direction are given; Key events, including some of the attention to this post the key events, including the working time, environment, compensation, training and performance index content such as the specification.

3.3.2 the basic role of the job description

The job description is the foundation of the enterprise management files, for enterprise’s foundation, fair, standard and quantitative management has a very important role.

(1) the job description to the definition of the job responsibilities and cutting. Through to the job description and critical functions of define, the job description of the position not only in the relationship between the structure of the organization shall be position, and also made clear the responsibilities and the division of authority, clear border post, to clearly cutting the organization of the units inside post and post work between content, eliminate the post on the job responsibilities between overlapping, clarify the position of the relationship between the up and down around, effective control of the position of the vacuum between duties, make the organization of each work to be able to implement, improve the work efficiency of the organization.

(2) DingGang allocation decisions to employees. The job description is based on organizational structure and the editor of the post Settings, and that the content of the detailed regulations in the post personnel job responsibilities and authorities, enterprise managers will then to determine the position of each type of quantity and shall complete task, which according to post to arrange personnel, reasonable for DingGang personnel allocation, have labor officials said the decision, effectively put an end to because of the person SheGang happens.

(3) to pay for standard and system building. With the job description for the post value evaluation with the foundation. Through to the post sphere of influence, responsibility size, qualifications, work environment characteristics after a series of assessment, to determine each post relative value in the organization, and take the post divided into different levels. Organization of managers can on the basis, according to the distribution according to work ", "more gain for more pay" principle, make scientific work reward decision-making, and build a fair reasonable compensation standard, salary system and mechanism of competition.

(4) is the key to the extraction of performance evaluation indicator. A complete enterprise organization structure, by many different post is an organic, post reason to exist on the goal of enterprise is directly or indirectly contribution, so the post of the output of performance assessment results must be use to measure. Each post in the nature of work and content, responsibilities, privileges, and work requirements are different from each other, which requires the performance assessment must according to post features for each post evaluation indexes were put forward, to ensure the effective implementation of the assessment. Because the job description for each position of the different design content matters, the work of indicators for the qualitative or quantitative regulation, just meet the performance evaluation index of the extraction of the key requirements, to determine the performance evaluation standards provide jobs.

(5) to determine employee training needs. The job description about the responsibilities and authorities, qualifications content of the set, formed the basic standard and post requirements, and the measure of the scale, managers can know which the employee has not reached office requirements, what people need which aspects of the training, and, by can have targeted and work out training plan, improve the effectiveness of the training. The employee training, not only to the post office standard, but also master the post should know should knowledge and business skills, not only for personal position of the promotion to lay the foundation, and the realization of talent team’s benign circulation.

(6) conducive to scientific reasonable hiring employees. Analysis of the general did not add recruitment conditions, the enterprise is difficult to recruit to match the right job and employees, and it is hard to do and the best combination. The formulation of the job descriptions, can make this problem solved, because the job description to post and post qualifications are described, causes the enterprise to want to recruit the employees what position, the position of personnel have what kind of qualifications requirements, and this to what kind of salary, be clear at a glance, and recruitment with definite scientific basis and the hiring of the reasonable scope, the enterprise can press diagram suo ji, hiring to the right employees, also be hiring for recruitment position and responsibilities, job and income standard treatment fairly well, enhances the enterprise the recruitment quality.

(7) to guide the new staff members back at work. New entry to the employees work, first is to know who did it, do, to do, how to do good, especially concerned about salary and career, these content directly determine the new employee’s work and attitude of the state. The job descriptions of each content editor, complete the job for the new personnel introduces the care and attention of the basic HRM Essay指导 events, provide a guide to carry out the work, make its can quickly into work role, shorten the period.

4. Work should be paid attention to in analysis of a few questions

In the work the analytical process, especially in the position and post survey value evaluation process, because to be the relationship between the interests of the decision maker, can occur each position, departments to expand its work and the importance of the standard tendency, which affect the reliability of the results; Also may be affected by the investigators and of the testee’s quality, ability limited, more prone to information distortion. This requires careful choice, and give appropriate evaluators training; On the other hand, may also cross evaluation method is used to reduce subjective error.

In the job description, description of work are easy to be two tendency: the first kind is the tendency of the content of the job, the function of the detailed description out as much as possible; The second kind of tendency is too short. The first case, too clearly define the duties may give employees "the door and snow" psychology, go against cooperation; The second case, too brief is easy to become a mere formality, not a position that role. For very specific, independent work, such as production line operator, can be very detailed description to the working content and duty; And for the company staff, in clear responsibilities at the same time, should be set aside some fuzzy space, allow cross, to ensure the completion of tasks of organization.


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