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2022代写研究计画Strategy essay

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022代写研究计画Strategy essay

2022代写研究计画Strategy essay

AI 3000 Assessment Strategy/essay titles

No of AssignmentsAssessmentWeighting %Type/Duration/Wordcount (indicative only)1Group oral presentation with additional marks of +/- 10 for individual input (see guidance notes)30%20 minutes1Essay70%3,000 words

Due dates for essayJan 11th 2009

Essay Titles (deadline: Jan 11th, 2010)

Please choose one from the following:

1.Provide a critical comparison of the industrialisation and economic development experiences of the 4 little tigers and 4 little cubs.

2. With reference to at least two development theories, critically evaluate Japan’s role in the economic integration of the Asia Pacific region.

3. In what ways and to what extent does China’s economic growth pose a threat or an opportunity to either (i) the more developed or (ii) the developing economies in the region? (You should make reference to at least two economies as examples).

4. Provide a critical consideration of the relationship between democratisation and development with reference to the experience of at least two economies in the region.The Essay is provided by UK Assignment

5. What lessons can be learned from Japan’s ‘bubble and bust’ economy at the end of the 1990s and from its subsequent long period of slow growth.

6. How can economies in the region achieve a shift to a low carbon future?

7. Consider the difficulties for China in shifting from an investment- and export-driven development to a growth mode driven by domestic consumption. To what extent and why is this necessary and how might the difficulties be overcome?

8. What are the differing factors driving East Asia’s regional economic integration? Consider the developments in regional organisation and assess the difficulties the creating a regional economic union.

9. To what extent is the region’s successful development to be explained as the result of neoliberal globalisation?

10. Why has such a large imbalance emerged in Sino-US trade? Consider the arguments that this played a major role in the world financial crisis?

Minimum pass mark is 40%

Submitting your assessmentThe Essay is provided by UK Assignment

Coursework should be submitted in the box marked Asia-Pacific in the metal cabinet on the Ground Floor outside the Departmental Office (FY20). You must attach a cover sheet (available from outside the Office) to each piece of work you submit. Extensions can be considered only if requested in advance and where there is documentary evidence to support the request.

Late Submission of Work

Students who submit work within 5 working days (a change from 10 working days) after the submission date without an authorised extension will obtain a maximum mark of 40% for that element of assessment.

All work submitted later than 5 working days after the published submission date without authorisation will be awarded a mark of 0%. (a change from 10 working days).

Authorised extensions of between 1 and 10 days may be agreed where evidence of circumstances is accepted and where the timescales for submission are reasonable.

Criteria of AssessmentThe Essay is provided by UK Assignment

Assessment of your will take into consideration the following: presentation: are the ideas clearly expressed? are the sentences and paragraphs well-structured? are the references and bibliography fully provided?coherence: is the argument clear and consistent? do the key points follow in sequence? are central ideas and themes followed through? are all the points relevant?use of evidence: is there evidence of research and reading? how has this been used? nb. it is important to remember that the work you present is your own: do not copy out large chunks from books. Where you do want to directly quote from a source, use quotation marks. Too many direct quotations may tend to break up the development of an argument.scope: how well does the essay cover the breadth of content on the topic? does it adequately outline the range of issues involved?analysis: have you explored various aspects of the issue? have you over-emphasised one side of the argument? have you evaluated the argument?


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