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2022代写程序项目管理Essay Human Factors and Team Dynamics in Project

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022代写程序项目管理Essay Human Factors and Team Dynamics in Project

2022代写程序项目管理Essay Human Factors and Team Dynamics in Project

Human Factors and Team Dynamics in Project Management X469.2 University of California at Berkeley ExtensionProject Charter Template

Team NameObjectivePurpose (This will be the objective for your Team’s project that you will work on as a team to develop a “best practice” to help resolve. Through this process, you will learn the principles, techniques and skills of good teamwork and the human factors that drive your team’s performance.)

Project Description Should include at leastProblem Statement The Problem or issue…..the consequence of that problem or issue to you or your team. Or Opportunity Statement Why it’s important to solve and what the benefits will be (the outcome). The focus should be on the opportunity rather than the problem. Current State What is the current state or condition on this issue Where do we stand at this time

Key Drivers internal and external factors which cause this issue or problem to exist….what are the facts which are causing this to be a significant issue for us

Benefits of Solving this Problem or Opportunity What’s the payoff if a solution or best practice is deployed

Project Sponsor Zachary Wong, Ph.D.Members Roles & Responsibilities

Team Values (See Values handout)Stakeholders (Your team, class, instructor, etc.)Boundaries (Scope) What’s In and What’s Out What aspects (content) of your topic and project are considered in scope and not in scope for this projectFor example if your topic is on “Conflict Management”, your scope could beWHAT’S INWHAT’S OUTSAMPLE Interpersonal conflicts SAMPLEPersonal conflicts outside workWork-related conflictsWork-life balance type issues

Address root causes and best practices to resolve interpersonal conflictsNot going to cover “coping” mechanismsTeam space and personal space actionsNot going to cover legalHR type actionsProject Schedule Start Date Work Plan Completed Project Deadline Key Project Decisions What do you expect will be your team’s key decisions – e.g. decision on project mgr; roles and responsibilities; agree on questions for survey and who to survey; agree on team ground rules; how your team will make decisions, interpreting final results; what and how you will present to class; etc.

Givens (Project Assumptions) •All work will be done by the team members.•Process and strategies will be consistent with the principles and practices of the class. Effectiveness of the tools and processes used will be assessed by the team. •The project will have an “inquiry” or research process and data analysissummary process.#p#分页标题#e#•All expenses for the project work will be borne by the team members.•Everyone will contribute to the team effort…must be a well-balanced effort.•The project sponsor will evaluate and grade the project.•Each team member will receive the same grade earned on the team project.OTHER ASSUMPTIONS FOR YOUR PROJECT (Hint about your survey, about your team members, technology that you assume will need to work….etc.)

Project Risks What are your project risks, what is the level of risk for each and what are your team’s mitigation action. A risk table listing these three items would be preferred . (Yes, you may simply highlight your top risks here and then reference the rest as an attached risk table.) Also, you are asked to do a “look-back” on your risk assessment and mitigation actions at the end of the project and submit in final report.

Deliverables Provide a list with specific deadlines.•One Day (1 pm) prior to Day 2 Email Team’s Project Charter to instructor•Day 3 oWork Plan (Roles & Responsibilities, Milestones and Timeline) and selected team processes (Remember 6 Key Team Processes!) oTeam ScorecardoTeam Roundtable (Parts 2 and 3)oProject Risk Assessment Table (Description of Risk, Risk Level, Mitigation Actions)oTeam Survey (Draft) and target number of respondents (minimum is 50)•Final Day Submit a hardcopy of Team’s Final Report (see samples provided in class) and Final Team Presentation

Success Metrics (How will we measure whether we are successful) Establish a schedule to measure these metrics during the project….minimum is 3 times. At least one in each of the following areasResultsProcessBehaviors(Yes, you may simply highlight your key metrics here and then reference the rest as an attached scorecard.)

Identify Resources Track and see how close you come and disclose in final report•Time Expected and actual number of team meetings will be needed•Labor Expected and actual number of hours required by each team member (outside of class hours). Plan on 6-10 hrs per week in addition to team meetings•Costs Expected and actual dollars to be spent by entire team•Survey Method to be used, costs and target number of surveys sent out and expected responses•Class materials and text books•Other classmates•External information sources (Internet, library, survey)


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