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2022代写经济学Society Essay:不滥用药物分析

By August 16, 2022essay代写

2022代写经济学Society Essay:不滥用药物分析

2022代写经济学Society Essay:不滥用药物分析

Society Essay:不滥用药物分析Unabashed Substance Abuse Analysis



人开始经历一个漂移对生活的消极方面和生活变得困难的人最简单的方法。这种瘾是可以克服的,如果这个人愿意接受别人的帮助,这可以帮助他们重获幸福的生活,摆脱上瘾。Substance abuse is something that is very common in today s life. There are many substances that are called abused and the most common abused substances are the street drugs. The other abused substances include alcohol followed by medical and prescription pills. Anything and everything can be abused if consumed in excess and this can include medicines as well. Substance abuse is identified by unusual behavior and it is because of this that there is a restriction on the abuse of substances.

There are two types of substance abuse and they are the normal, frivolous way of using substances without getting addicted to them, these people either stop the use of these substances or end up getting addicted to these substance abuse. The second type is the people who are addicted to these substances. Normally people think that they can get out of the addiction whenever they want and this is not something that happens. People end up getting so addicted that they feel they cannot survive without it. This is the stage where one loses complete control and is impossible for one to recover from this stage without outside help. Normally a person can gain control once in a while and this control keeps changing stance and there is a gyration between control and no control. This may go on for an infinite time unless the person accepts outside help.

Substance abuse is something that is really dangerous and once addicted it is very difficult for that person to lead the normal life he/she has been once leading. The person starts experiencing a drift towards the negative aspect of life and it becomes difficult for the person to live life the easy way. This addiction can be overcome if the person is willing to accept help from others and this can help them regaining their happy life free of addiction.吸毒治疗——Substance Abuse TreatmentAn abused substance is one which is consumed in quantities exceeding the prescribed one. There are many abused substances such as drugs, alcohol etc. There are many people who are addicted to substance abuse and they are in need to be treated immediately. Substance abuse treatment is the treatment of a person addicted to substance abuse such that he can be relieved of this addiction. This treatment is normally provided in substance abuse facilities.

If a person you know is addicted to any substance then putting that person into treatment in a substance abuse facility is probably the best option available. It s not an impossible task to make that person get relieved of his addiction and walk freely as a normal person. Also the task is not very easy. The person in treatment needs all the moral support that can be given and the person should be made to understand the importance of living a life free of addiction. Normally a person addicted feels that he/she should stay away from people and it is our responsibility that we take care of our beloved ones and make them feel that we care for them and make available all the facilities that is required to relieve them from the addiction.

The time spent in a substance abuse facility is precious as the person coming out of it comes back as a normal human and leads life like they once did. Not many people feel confident about their recovery while some go in with a mindset of recovering from the addiction. Even after recovery many people have not felt it positive to walk back and lead a normal life owing to the time they spent during the addiction. The bottom-line is that treatment given to an addict results in two things. It either makes them or breaks them it is depending on how they take it and with what attitude they went into the facility that matters.滥用药物的管理——Management Of Substance AbuseAddiction to substance abuse is something that has become a very common issue now days. Also there has been an increase in the number of treatment facilities that avail rehabilitation to people with this addiction. When a person is admitted into this facility there are many professionals who deal with these addicts talk to them on a personal basis to know how they came in contact with the substance. Where they into it on their own or where they influenced by some other. All this helps the professionals to understand the extent of addiction and the mindset the patient has regarding the treatment of the addiction.

Individual treatment is something that has to be given to every drug addict and this is required because the level of addiction and the way they were introduced to this substance might change from one person to the other. Hence it is required that each person is individually spoken to and dialogue is made with the addict. This is done because the therapists have only this way to know more about them and thereby find a way to recover from this addiction.

Also one cannot recover from addiction without a moral support from people close to him. Thus the staff attending the person needs to decide on who the visitors are going to be and the type of conversation they are going to make with the person. This is the most important phase as the person needs to gain self esteem and self belief that he/she will be able to recover from this addiction. There are addicts who understand their problem and feel the need to discuss their problem with a professional. It is to be kept in mind that these addicts need to have a good rapport with these therapists. It is only by a combined effort of the addict and the staff that they will be able to come out of this addiction.药物滥用的症状——Symptoms Of Substance AbuseOne of the most serious issues in today s world is substance abuse. People with substance abuse addiction not only harm themselves they also pose as a threat to people living close to them. The best way to ensure safety is to make sure that one is able to recognize the signs that indicate substance abuse. There are a few areas which one must look into keenly to find out about the substance abuse. Finding out irregularities in these fields might give us a greater chance in finding out whether the person is under the influence of substance abuse or not.

The first thing that one must look into while investigating for substance abuse is the person s performance in doing tasks.

The next thing to check is the person s behavior with people around him. There is variety of behavior changes that one can notice if a person is under influence. It can be a low morale, arguments with the co employees, lack of memory and other signs. All this might indicate that a person is under influence or is in a state of hangover.

The next thing to be noted is the physical signs. These can mostly confirm a person s influence over a substance. The first thing is to note whether the person s eyes is bloodshot or watery. Then check whether the co ordination of his body parts synch and also look for co ordination in speech. Also if the person shows extreme fatigue or extreme stimulation then the person might be under influence of a substance.

Also one should have a keen look into the person s belongings and should carefully check if the person is in possession of any materials such as syringe, needles, pipes, lighters, etc. if a person is using such items often then there is a higher probability that the person is addicted to a substance.克服药物滥用——Overcoming Substance AbuseSubstance abuse is the consumption of a substance more than the prescribed amount. Normally consumption of substances can give a person a special kind of sensation. But due to greed for more one might end up consuming too much and get dependent on it. Normally people consume drugs and alcohol just to get away from emotional stress and at times end up going too far.

Continuous consumption of these drugs and alcohol may lead to not only deterioration in health they also lead to decline in a person s social life. It may weaken relationship and may depreciate a person s respect in a community. It will lead to weakening of relationships with loved ones and let down rapport with colleagues. Taking into account these entire effects one must consider throwing away the addiction from such substances in order to maintain their health and ensure constant participation in social life. Thus one must plan and look for the type of treatments they are going to take in order to recover from this addiction.

The most important step involved is detoxification which ensures good recovery. The dosage injected into the addict will not affect body organs as they get out of the body quickly. There are two types of detoxification. One is inpatient detoxification and the other is outpatient detoxification. The inpatient detoxification should only be done in a rehabilitation center or in a hospital. This is because the type of detoxification used varies and it requires special facilities to be administered into a person s body. This is generally recommended for people who have been addicted for a long time while the outpatient is for people with mild addiction but this also requires a professional who can administer is safely.#p#分页标题#e#

While overcoming the addiction it is important that we have enough information on the withdrawal symptoms that one will face. Once they start kicking in one should know how to deal with them and what kind of remedies one should take in order to get out of the pain without getting into addiction again.滥用药物的原因——Reasons For Substance AbuseMany people feel that people under substance abuse are social burdens and cause problems to social community. They feel the abusers are people who are morally weak, and are people who require assistance to lead a better social life. The problem is that most people chip away most of the facts and come to a conclusion just based on the behavior and attitude of the addict. They do not go into understanding the root of the problem and just give away conclusions based on what they see. But the real problem that has forced people to go into addiction may not be moral weakness it can be something else that has lead to them taking such a drastic decision.

The most common reason that recovered people come up with is that they heard a rumor which claimed that consumption of a particular drug enhanced the self esteem of a person and make the person feel better by striking the person s pleasure sensors. The substances consumed provide different types of sensation and each varies with the substance.

Moreover there are many people who choose the consumption of restricted substances with the hope that they will be able to come out of the stress and tension they have in their life. The stress caused could be due to emotional problems or due to workload. The abuse of substances due to stress related reasons is the most typical reason for a person becoming a habitual consumer of abused substances.

In today s world as it has been seen many times teens and adolescents are the ones who have been affected most defenseless to these substances. Though this age group has been the most vulnerable the other people of this group are also equally susceptible. Substance abuse is not an age related problem it can affect any person of any age. Even people who are icons and are considered mentors by many are exposed to substance abuse as they face a lot of stress and related problems.怎样去克服药物滥用——How To Overcome Substance AbuseSubstance abuse normally refers to the over dosage of a substance in comparison to the prescribed quantity. Mostly abuse is referred to drugs and other illegal products but many people forget that even products like Vicks inhaler can be used as a substance which can be abused. Also people can rely on alcohol and prescription drugs and this is also a dangerous addiction. For a very long time people who indulged in substance abuse were considered immoral beings and were placed away from the community. They were being made ashamed for their doing and this made them refrain from meeting any person even from their family. But today substance abuse is considered as a disease of the brain where it has become reliable for a particular substance and it cannot live without it. These substances also work in a similar manner and they also bond with the brain like a normal medicine and once the supply of these substances stop it becomes difficult to let go.

These substances are responsible for producing certain neurotransmitters in the brain and this brings about a feeling of being drunk and feeling high. It can also make a person feel relaxed or feel highly excited. Because substances like this produce such neurotransmitters and produce certain emotions it becomes difficult for a person to live without these emotions and craves for more thereby creating an addiction for such substances.

Fortunately for people who are addicted to such substances there are facilities which help them to get rid of these addictions. It is entirely dependent on a person whether he will come out of the facility a responsible person and the one who he really was. These facilities are available to anyone who wants to get rid of these addictions and if the person feels he can get rid of the addiction and co operates with the therapists in that facility then there is a great possibility that the person comes out a renewed person.借助药物滥用设施来获得帮助——Help With Substance Abuse FacilitiesSubstance abuse facilities are centers which treat people with addiction to certain substances. Substance abuse generally means the overdose of certain substances than the prescribed amount. Too much consumption of a certain substance makes the body rely on it and it thereby becomes difficult for a person to get rid of the substance. Substance abuse facilities helps a person get rid of these addictions and has proved to be very effective when it comes to removing addictions such as this.

There are many ways that a person can be treated for substance abuse and the most common method used is detoxification. Detoxification is the process of administering certain chemicals into the body which try and remove the substances and then get out of the body. The detoxification agent used is not addictive and it gets out of the body quickly. There are two ways in which a person can be detoxified the first is inpatient detoxification and the other is outpatient detoxification. Inpatient detoxification generally is done in hospitals and rehab centers and they require certain equipments to be administered. They are normally for people who have been addicts for a real long time. The outpatient detoxification is for mild addicts and it does not require equipments but the administration should be done by an experienced therapist.

Also there is the twelve step method to recover form substance abuse. This task involves twelve tasks which a person must follow in order to recover from drug abuse. When a person follows the twelve steps the person learns that addiction is something he can control and one can recover from addiction only by abstaining from it. It teaches the addicts to learn from their previous mistakes and makes him correct his mistakes thereby making him a better person. It lets him boost his self confidence and self esteem and makes a person feel no different from a normal human being.药物滥用的阶段——Stages Of Substance AbuseSubstance abuse involves the addiction of many types of substance which includes a list of legal and illegal drugs. Legal drugs such as alcohols and prescription pills which contain sedatives are consumed over the prescribed level. Depending on the substance consumed a person can face different health problems. These substances are generally consumed by people in order to gain different mood alteration according to their wish. The substances consumed provide different moods. Some substances makes a person feel relaxed while some other makes a person feel more excited. In addition to this these substances produce a disability in the person s brain that makes the brain generate signals that crave for more of the same substance. This gradually leads to addiction.

Normally people feel that they can come over their addiction and feel that the will not consume it the next time. But every time they fall for the addiction .And ultimately achieve a state where they have no control over the addiction. There are five stages in which a substance abuse gradually develops into and addiction. The first stage is known as experimentation where people start thinking that trying the substance once might not lead them to addiction. Normally experimentation starts at a very early age and at this age people might not know the effects of these substances. There are also other reasons why a person starts using these substances and it could be stress and related problems.

The next stage deals with the regular use of these substances as one is not able to resist the emotions that they trigger. It could either be a happy feeling or sad one. But people just don t want to lose it and start consuming it regularly.

The next stage deals with the over use of the substance and this is the stage where a person gradually starts losing control.

The final stage of the or nearly the final stage is dependence in which the person is not able to survive without the substances and the body starts demanding for more and more of that substance.

The final and the ultimate stage is addiction which makes the person get addicted to the substance and thereby lose any resentment that the person has towards that substance.药物滥用的效果——Effects Of Substance AbuseIndulging in the over consumption of a toxic drug or any other addictive substance is known as substance abuse. This phenomenon has become a common issue in many parts of the world. The drug consumed causes a nervous imbalance and causes the person consuming it to experience a change in mood and this mood changes based on the type of substance used. The effects of these substances are detrimental to ones health. It affects both the physical and mental aspects of a person s body.

There are many substances that can be abused and they are illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and legal drugs such as alcohol, prescription pills and many other drugs. The initial reason for a substance reason for a substance abuse might be for fun or it might be for gaining emotional pleasure due to personal problems. It can also be for the fact that there might be stress and related problems and hence to relax a person may indulge in substance abuse. When a person indulges in substance abuse he/she feels a deep desire to continue consuming it. And it thereby becomes an addiction. Substance abuse can change the behavior of a person. Can change his perception of judgments and can create imbalances in physical control over the body and speech.

The negative impacts of substance abuse can be seen at substance abuse facilities. Here the addicts face the withdrawal effects and are seen suffering of pain and poor health. One can clearly see the trauma in these people and the desperation to get hold of that substance. The body becomes numb and at times the person goes into a depreciated condition. People tend to forget their aim in life and they forget reason for living. It can change a person s mood immediately and the person can become violent and harm the people trying to tend them.#p#分页标题#e#更多关于药物滥用的信息——More About Substance AbuseSubstance addiction is something that has become a major social issue in many parts of the world today. This is a problem that does not have an immediate solution. The practice of drug abuse has increased in today s world because the world has become busy in their own work and don t have the ample time required to look into these matters with utmost care. Young kids without any guidance from their parents have become easy targets for substance abuse. There are a lot of symptoms that can indicate substance abuse. There are cases when it may be difficult to predict, these cases are mostly seen when the person starts hiding things from people.

Mostly there are people who want to avoid telling people about drug abuse within their families. It mostly involves parents who don t want people knowing about their kids involved in substance abuse and thereby don t take proper care of this alarming matter and do not even admit them into a rehab center.

Substance abuse has a profound effect on a person s health and is not something that must be left unattended to. It has adverse effects on the physical and mental health of a person. It changes a person s behavior and affects the person s stance and also affects the way he speaks. Their perception of things changes and at times they have a sudden change in emotions and they get too violent and harmful.

There are various treatment programs that are available to treat people addicted to substance abuse. The programs provided are either residential or are outpatient treatment. The treatment period normally ranges from about a month two three months. The time period mostly depends on the level of addiction. These treatment procedures mainly treat the inner man present in a person. It helps a person regain his very own self and helps him realize the mistakes he made and makes correct the mistake.评估药物滥用——Evaluating Substance AbuseMany people around the world have experienced a lot of substance abusing cases .to get out of substance abuse is not an easy thing for that professional counseling and medication is needed.

But evaluation of substance is not as we think. It is a tedious process and normally doctors don t opt for this process they can find out about a person involving in substance abuse without any test s but just to satisfy people they go for this evaluation. But it is recommended that a person undergoes this test in case a person is being admitted to a rehab center. The test is common in every place and the test is called CAGE test.

The test at first looks very easy and one feels that it is not very difficult. There are four questions that is involved during a CAGE test. The first question that is asked is whether a person has ever had the intention to cut down on drinking? Has the person ever been annoyed by the criticism they face towards drinking? Has the person ever been guilty about drinking? Has the person ever had a drink in the morning? Based on the answers given by the person the doctors can decide whether the person is addicted to drugs or not.

There are many other methods to evaluate if one is abused to a substance or not. The many methods available are the MIST method, the MAST method. These methods are highly efficient in finding a person s addiction towards addiction to a substance. Based on this it is decided whether he should be admitted to a rehab or should he be sent to a outpatient treatment where one is treated in their home only.

The rehab centers are also dedicated and they provide the right type of treatment based on the level of addiction and the rehab gives an assurance to bring back that person to normal and help him recover from that person s addiction.


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