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According to the author in the years of people's livelihood , the television news gathering work experience , field work is essential for news sense , a good television news works , whether in writing or text on film , as long as there is a strong sense of the scene , it the broadcast will be worth training effect increases , or even cause a " sensation ." So, how to enhance a sense of civic news live it, I believe that in the following ways :据作者处置积年电视机台电视机家计旧事采编任务的阅历,当场感关于旧事文章来讲相当主要,一件好的电视机旧事文章,无论在摄制上仍是笔墨翻译上,只需有很强确当场感,它的放映成效便会资格培增,以至还会引起“惊动效应”。那样,若何加强家民事确当场感呢,作者以为有以次几种办法:

One , photographed reporter 's live coverage to the audience a strong sense of participationLive coverage of news events is a reporter at the scene handheld microphone , news events , the development of an oral statement to the audience , but to show the scene by shooting dynamic and environment. In the news but also to highlight the people's livelihood , " the first time", " the first scene ." Live coverage of the news can be very intuitive process and field events scene , will interview with reporters at the scene , reported the real process and the rich and dynamic atmosphere , have adopted an objective approach memoir , exactly , authentic record, let live audience strongly felt peculiar atmosphere. Yuncheng broadcasters livelihood news program " first time " on the extensive use of reporters to do live coverage in the form of news, some unexpected news events such as fires , floods or accidents, live coverage via reporters to explain to the audience emergencies time, place, cause , status and reason , so that the audience watching the process produces immersive feel. Secondly, the live coverage of events in sync with its commentary and three-dimensional television news really into the sound and picture -in-one , the realm of harmony . The audience through the screen you can feel the atmosphere of news , shortening the distance between the scene and the audience , and enhance the authentic dissemination of results . It can be said , if there is no live coverage of a press , like a dish without adding any seasoning as bland and tasteless , especially for the livelihood of the people who want to continue to attract viewers news , live reports can not be ignored . Of course, no live coverage as well as news , but it is not good news, never give people left a deep impression.当场报道是新闻记者在新闻事情当场手持发话器,将新闻事情的发作,停滞向听众做行动叙说,同声经过摄影展示当场静态以及条件。在教计新闻中更要一般“第一时间”、“第一当场”。当场简报可以无比宏观地将新闻事情的发作进程以及当场情形,将新闻记者在当场采访、简报的实在进程以及富饶动感确当场氛围,都采纳主观回忆录的办法,原汁原味地记载下去,让听众激烈地感遭到当场部分氛围。

Second, Paralanguage can enhance the use of the documentary newsThe so-called Tong Qisheng , refers to the same space , the reporter collect and record images at the same time the symbol of the recorded sound symbols, which symbols are synchronized with the image , the audience watching his real real King , but also hear the true voice true tone. Paralanguage use , but also enhance the livelihood news documentary , enhance viewers ' personally and heard "effect.

In general, the reporter on the scene at the same time recording screen record various sounds that television news soundbite . Here's voices including reporters photographed commentary newsmakers language , ambient background sound, live sound effects, and it can truly express character's thoughts and feelings , personality traits and live atmosphere. As part of the soundbite news facts , precisely because of the contrast program theme , rendering the atmosphere , show personalities , etc. can play an irreplaceable role in the screen , giving a strong sense of participation in the scene , appealing and convincing, while highlighting its unique charm. Our "first time" as a file livelihood news , mainly reports from people around the big or small , all of those interviewed soundbite extensive use in our programs , television news use the facts speak for themselves at the same time , it to interview witnesses or witnesses of events , no matter how high the reporter nor can the event completely and accurately , without the slightest difference to present to the audience , we say a hundred words , not as witnesses to the incident , witnesses say sentence , heavy weight, more accurately grasp the context of news events and expression , this is what we often say " speak louder than words ," the truth . Paralanguage as first-hand material , its importance lies in its empirical , that is, the saying goes, " ears , seeing is believing ." Paralanguage 's role is both to make you hear , and let you see .

Third, the video data in the news news site capable of reducing the use ofSince the media has now entered the era , refers to the individual propagation based media age , everyone has a microphone , everyone is a reporter , everyone is a news disseminator . Basis of this medium , with its interactive, autonomous features, making significantly improve press freedom , media ecology undergone unprecedented transformation . Internet era , the shoot-off will be taking place in the news scene filmed , posted to the major video sites , its aging fast , large capacity , affecting broad, on-demand , etc., is unmatched by television . These videos are being more and more traditional media used . June 2013 , Yuncheng broadcasters "first time" column reported that a " good villagers vicious dog rescue girls mouth ," the news reports are shipped home town city yanhuqu Long Zhaocun girl was bitten by a Tibetan mastiff villagers rescued thing, Tibetan mastiff bites -year-old girl in which news reporters to borrow the village site is a video installation , which complete record of the Tibetan mastiff chase girls , to relent and bite , just the villagers found that the first electric car impact vicious dog , and then with sticks to dislodge the Tibetan mastiff , rescued girls the whole process . Reporters will demonstrate in front of an audience full video , many viewers watched the program , give us a call on the little girl's face very sympathetic , but also rescue the villagers expressed admiration . And want to vicious dog in time, the dog owner's behavior is also condemned . After the broadcast , the local aroused strong repercussions. Later, this news broadcast again in Shanxi Province , after the adoption of CCTV , worked in CCTV " News Network" , "Focus" , " today saying " column has aired , and triggered a chain reaction that has sparked large-scale whether the ban on raising dogs topic of discussion . Review this news, only so much attention , the most important thing is to have news site, the reporter interviewed, vicious dog bite things have gone half the time , if there is no information on this video , then we will not be able restore news site , it can only be a very ordinary news, after watching the audience would not be so fresh.

In summary, the television news in particular livelihood news , only news site will be presented to a large audience, it will have a more powerful impact, maximize the dissemination of results , the communicator and the audience to minimize the psychological distance between .


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