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The bird mystery -The little egg big fortune-The recast ganjiang MoXie sword由指导essay中心提供。The bird mystery

In henan province of dengfeng a small mountain village, a shepherd found a bird, it seems to be king of the birds, because it has been around around hundreds of bird. The local people no man know this is what bird. The reporter survey found that originally this giant birds wildlife rescue center in henan province is one of the condor released only, it is still the germans in Mongolia released a scientific research birds.

"The little egg big fortune"

Black feather in green eggs commonly to actually sold to nearly two yuan each pieces of high prices, breeding the chicken is jilin tonghua farmers ZhaoJinMing. He started in 2007 took to the road of the breeding, but he is waiting for a variety of difficulties. After hard work, he additional monarch scientific breeding methods: to the chicken bugs, put them captive the mountains to keep the haggard. ZhaoJinMing finally in the harvest this year he first bucket of gold, more than two months to reach hundreds of thousands of.

In 1988, the hunan province in a wild plants in the survey, the researchers found by accident in our country is still in the first discovery of the new plant varieties isoborneol-zhang, and it contain of d-bormeol were is natural borneol, this is a kind of rare medicinal herbs and spices. But, how to let this new varieties of plants get effective protection, it is a way of not smooth.

指导essay The recast ganjiang MoXie sword"

Breaks out, MoXie, is a pair of male and female sword during the spring and autumn period, China ancient times in 10 name sword. Suzhou arts and crafts master golden seagull, aspire to recast name sword, carry forward the wu and yue culture. He access to ancient books, to visit the museum, success casting out "breaks out MoXie" this two was lost for more than 2500 years sword.

The revelation "ShenSuan" "

In shijiazhuang hebei ChengTingTing since the childhood have read the number of strokes know special skill, and with the increase of age, she can instantly synchronous say the whole text of the number of strokes every word. The researcher of Chinese academy of sciences YinWenGang psychological at her investigation, and their brains to electricity and function of the mri modern science test.

The dense forest "war" (a)"

In yunnan province pu-erh tea city, key in early spring simao will a destroyer. Southwest of forest protection first learn professor m. raghavan put forward a bold idea: if I can pass the artificial transplant ant nest, let the natural enemy ant to attack the rampant adult? M. raghavan and his aides are willing to risk of tens of thousands of ants bites, climbed as high as several meters of tree, will lift abdomen ant nest ebony moved to choose good place beforehand.

essay范文:The dense forest "war" (next)"

Southwest of forest protection first learn professor m. raghavan will be huge ebony for abdominal ant nest moved to key in the forests of the rampant, but inadvertently violated terrible killer yellow Jing ant territory, ebony for abdominal ant almost being driven. M. raghavan accidentally discovered, yellow Jing ant can also attack key. So, how to let the two ants no longer to kill each other, and thus to deal with adult?


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