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2022代写英文论文克里斯托夫 马洛《浮士德博士的悲剧》赏析

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022代写英文论文克里斯托夫 马洛《浮士德博士的悲剧》赏析

2022代写英文论文克里斯托夫 马洛《浮士德博士的悲剧》赏析

克里斯托夫 马洛Dr.Faustus is the greatest of Marlove's plays,in which the old German legend is freely reshaped.Faustus is a great scholar who has a stong desire to acquire all kinds of knowledge.He is bored of his present study on the academic curriculum and turn to black magic.By conjuration he calls up Mephistophilis,the Devil's servant.Faustus makes a bond to sell his soul to the Devil in return for twenty-four years of life in which he may have the services of Mephistophilis to give him everything he desires.With the help of the Devil,Faustus brings his magical art into full play,meanwhile Faustus has experienced much internal conflict,symbolized in the appearances of both Good Angel and Bad Angel.In the final scene,there remains only the terrifying soliloquy in which the anguish of the hero's mind is poignantly pressed.



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