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2022代写论文费用怎么写essay? OPERATION MANAGEMENT Essay 如何写essay

By August 22, 2022essay代写

2022代写论文费用怎么写essay? OPERATION MANAGEMENT Essay 如何写essay

2022代写论文费用怎么写essay? OPERATION MANAGEMENT Essay 如何写essay

怎么写essay? OPERATION MANAGEMENT Essay 如何写essayOPERATION MANAGEMENTEssay topicChoose one of the following categories and critically evaluate the operations strategy and competitive performance objectives(see below) for both organizations within the category and where possible draw similarities and differences between the two approaches taken.Choose one of the following:A) J Sainsbury plc & Lidl-Food retailersB)Zara & Gap – FashionC)Fedex & DHL – Express delivery & logisticsWhen evaluation the performance objectives you should consider the following:Product range(reduce or expand)Flexibility/Design changes (how to update)Prices (how compete on price)QualityDeliverSales volume (high/medium/low volume)Order Winners (what are their Order winners)Order Qualifiers (what are their Order qualifiers)Operations Priorities (how they competitive,strategies? How they drive their market).2100 words, using the harvard style of referencing,sources should be appropriately acknowledged within the text and a list of references provided.



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