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2022代写论文香港美国普渡大学Purdue University:举例说明Monroe的动机序列及其结构和使用说明

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022代写论文香港美国普渡大学Purdue University:举例说明Monroe的动机序列及其结构和使用说明

2022代写论文香港美国普渡大学Purdue University:举例说明Monroe的动机序列及其结构和使用说明

Monroe’s Motivated SequenceMonroe的动机序列

By Robert (Bob) Kienzle

Imagine you are watching TV, and you see an advertisement for an energy drink. The following five things happen in the ad:想象一下,你正在看电视,你看到一个广告,一个能量饮料。以下五件事情发生在广告中:

1. The ad begins with an exciting basketball game. A player scores the final, and his team wins the game. Everyone in the stadium screams with joy.广告开始精彩的篮球比赛。决赛中,一名球员得分和他的团队赢得比赛。在球场的每个人都尖叫着喜悦。2. The tired player looks at the camera and says, “If you play sports like I do, you get tired and thirsty. Your body needs the right fuel to keep playing strong.”疲惫的球员看起来在相机和说,“如果你玩运动像我这样做,你累了,渴了。你的身体需要正确的燃料,以保持打强。“

3. The camera shows the player holding a Hyper Fuel energy drink. The player continues speaking, “That is why I drink Hyper Fuel energy drink. Hyper Fuel has all the vitamins, minerals, and spring water that bodies need. It is for everyone, from sport stars to office workers.” The player takes a drink of the Hyper Fuel energy drink.在相机中显示运动员举行的Hyper燃料能量饮料。玩家继续说,“这就是为什么我喝超燃料能量饮料。超级燃料的所有维生素,矿物质,和泉水,身体需要。它是适合每一个人,从体育明星到上班族。“球员需要的Hyper燃料能量饮料喝。

4. The player smiles and says, “Hyper Fuel gives me the energy to be the best that I can be. Once you start drinking Hyper Fuel, you’ll become more aware, more active, and make game-winning shots.”球员笑着说,“超级燃料给我的能量是最好的,我可以。一旦你开始喝Hyper燃料,你会更加了解,更加活跃,使比赛胜负的投篮。“

5. Finally, the player states, “Do not wait another day. Go out and try Hyper Fuel for yourself.”最后,球员的状态,“不要再等一天。走出去,并尝试为自己的Hyper燃料。“ many times have you bought something because it looked good on TV? TV ads are good at motivating and persuading audiences. Friends, politicians, and public speakers also motivate audiences. Whether on face-to-face, on TV, on the Internet, many persuasive messages use a method called Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (MMS). The TV ad for Hyper Fuel is one example. You, too, can use MMS for certain persuasive presentations.有多少次你买东西,因为它在电视上看起来很不错?电视广告是善于激励和说服观众。朋友,政治家和公众演讲也激励观众。无论觌上,电视上,在互联网上,许多有说服力的消息使用的方法称为Monroe的动机序列(MMS)。超级燃料的电视广告就是一个例子。您也可以使用MMS一定的说服力的演讲。

In this document, you will learn two things:在这份文件中,你将了解两件事情:

1.The structure of MMSMMS的结构2.When it is possible use MMS何时可能使用MMS

Later, you will learn about each step of MMS in detail.稍后,您将了解MMS详细的每一步。

The structure of MMSMMS的结构

MMS was created in the 1930s by Purdue University professors Alan Monroe and Douglas Ehninger. Monroe and other researchers recognized that human beings seek balance in their lives. In other words, people want to feel harmony. Anything that disrupts their balance is a problem, or a need. Humans naturally want to solve problems, in order to regain balance. To solve problems, people take personal actions.MMS由美国普渡大学教授Alan Monroe and Douglas Ehninger创建于1930年。梦露和其他研究人员认识到,人类在他们的生活中寻求平衡。换句话说,人们想感受和谐。凡是打乱他们的平衡是一个问题,或需要。人类自然要解决的问题,为了重新恢复平衡。要解决问题,人们采取个人行动。

People are not always self-aware of the world’s problems and solutions, so public speakers can use MMS teach people about problems, solutions, and various actions the audience members should take.人们并不总是有自知之明的世界上的问题和解决方案,所以公共演讲者可以使用MMS教人们有关的问题,解决方案,和各种各样的观众应该采取行动。

Think about the TV ad for Hyper Fuel. The ad follows the five steps of MMS.想想Hyper燃料的电视广告,广告跟随MMS的五个步骤。

1.Attention: Capture the audience’s attention.注意:捕捉观众的注意力。2.Need: Show the audience a problem.需要:展示观众一个问题。3.Satisfaction: Describe a solution.满意度:描述一个解决方案。4.Visualization: Explain future consequences.可视化:解释未来的后果。5.Action: Tell the audience what to do.行动:告诉观众做什么。

Are you a little confused? Do not worry. Each step will be explained later with examples.你有点糊涂了?不要担心。每个步骤将在后面举例解释。

When it is possible to use MMS何时可能使用MMS

MMS can be used in speeches that call for changes in rules, laws, behaviors, actions, or other physical changes. Why? Because MMS describes requires a solution to a problem, and it calls the audience to do something. If your speech only persuades the audience members to change their opinions or thoughts, you cannot use MMS.MMS可以用在演讲中呼吁改变规则,法律,行为,行动,或其他的物理变化。为什么呢?由于MMS描述需要解决的问题,并呼吁观众做一些事情。如果您的讲话不仅说服观众改变自己的意见或想法,你不能使用彩信。MMS is very personal to the audience. It involves logic and emotion. MMS is about explaining real-world problems, proposing real-world solutions, and telling the audience to take real-world actions.MMS是非常个人化的观众。它涉及到逻辑和情感。 MMS是解释现实世界的问题,提出现实世界的解决方案,并采取现实世界的行动告诉观众。

Ask yourself these questions:问问自己这些问题:

1.Is my thesis calling for a physical change?我的论文要求为物理变化?2.Is there a problem that I can make my audience care about?有什么问题,我可以让我的观众关心吗?3.Do I know a solution that will solve the problem?我知道一个解决方案,将解决这个问题呢?4. Are there real-world things my audience can do right now to help solve the problem?是否有现实世界的东西,我的观众现在就可以做,以帮助解决这个问题吗?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, you can use MMS.如果你能回答“是”,所有这些问题,你可以使用MMS。Your final essay in my course will use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. It is important to understand MMS while writing a thesis statement. You may have to research to find a solution and actions to take, but right now you should know about a real-world problem that needs a solution.在我课程中你的最终论文将使用中Monroe动机序。重要的是要了解MMS而写论文语句。你可能需要研究找到一个解决方案和采取的行动,但是现在你应该知道一个现实生活的问题,需要一个解决方案。


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