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2022代写论文ptt澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:学生essay论文写作指导中学术总监所起的作用

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022代写论文ptt澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:学生essay论文写作指导中学术总监所起的作用

2022代写论文ptt澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:学生essay论文写作指导中学术总监所起的作用

5. The Role of the Academic Supervisor学术总监的作用

Once you have decided on a research topic, a member of academic staff isallocated to you as a supervisor. Your supervisor will be familiar with your topic of research but may or may not be an expert in the particular aspects you have chosen to study; academic staff are specialists after all.一旦你已经决定了一个研究课题,学术人员的成员分配给你作为一个监管员。你的导师将会熟悉你的研究课题,但可能是或可能不是你所选择的特定方面研究的专家,学术人员毕竟是专家。

Your supervisor can be regarded as a technical resource. It is his or her job to advise you on methodology and to help you avoid routine research errors. It is therefore essential that you make effective use of the time allocated for supervision. The supervisor will be able to offer advice and critically discuss your ideas, evidence and methodology. However, you should not expect supervisors to read drafts in detail or to act as proof editors.你的导师可以被视为一个技术资源。这是他或她的工作为您推荐的方法,并帮助您避免日常研究错误。因此,它是必不可少的,你的时间分配给监督有效利用。导师将认真讨论你的想法,证据和方法提供意见和建议。但是,你不应该指望,导师详细阅读草稿或像写作编辑那样做。

It is up to you to make use of your supervisor. It is not his or her job to chase you on your progress.由你来决定使用你的导师。他/她的工作不是在追逐你的进步。

It is particularly important to make contact and discuss your ideas with your supervisor at an early stage. Contact with your supervisor is likely to be greatest at the beginning and end of your project.尤其重要的是,在早期阶段与你的导师进行接触和讨论你的想法。与你导师联系的是最好的阶段是在你的项目的开始和结束。

Please bear in mind that over the summer your supervisor may be away on holiday, undertaking research or attending conferences. A typical pattern of contact is described below.请记住,在这个夏天,你的上司可能是外出度假,进行研究或出席会议。下面描述一个接触的典型模型。

An initial discussion between the supervisor and supervisee is held in the Spring Term, soon after the supervisor has been allocated. Items which might be discussed and agreed at this meeting include主管和监管者之间的初步讨论是在春季学期举行,不久后主管已被分配。这可能是在这次会议上讨论并同意的项目包括

a)your proposal and terms of reference methodology;你的建议和参考方法;b)the project timetable;本项目的时间表;c)means of keeping in touch;保持联系的方式;d)a review taking place midway through the project (to monitor progress); and在检讨中途发生项目(监测进展情况);e) the final review held when a first draft of the report has been written.当报告初稿已经写完时举行最后审查。

The supervisor and supervisee will need to keep in contact by phone, e-mail, fax or letter (do not forget that it is your responsibility to check your College e-mail regularly). Students will need to initiate the contact/meetings with the supervisor in order to receive advice; supervisors are always willing to help but do not have unlimited time to place at students’ disposal. In particular, as noted above, your supervisor is likely to be away over at least parts of the summer.导师和监管者将需要通过电话,电子邮件,传真或信函保持联系,(不要忘了,定期检查你的学院的邮件是你的责任。)。学生将需要开始接触/会议监督员,以接受咨询,监事总是愿意帮助,但不要有无限的时间,放置在学生的处置。特别是,正如上面提到的,你的导师可能至少是在夏季部分时间离开。You can make best use of your supervisor’s time by paying attention to thefollowing points:您可以充分的利用导师的时间,关注以下几点:

a)Prepare for your discussions.为你们的讨论做准备

• Just like any other meeting, a meeting with your supervisor requires preparation. He or she will have points to raise with you; make sure you have in turn thought through the points you want to raise with him or her.就像任何其他会议,会议上和你的上司需要的准备。他或她将有两点要提出你确保你有反过来想通过与他或她你想提高点。• Send written material in advance. Do not expect the supervisor to read your drafts at the meeting. If he or she is not ready, rearrange the meeting to give him/her more time to read the drafts. This is particularly important if the context of the discussion is a videoconference link or an extended telephone discussion.发送事先书面材料。不要指望导师在会议上读取您的草稿。如果他或她没准备好,重新安排会议,让他/她更多的时间来阅读草稿。,如果讨论的上下文中是视频会议链接或扩展的电话讨论,这点是尤其重要的。• Do your own proof reading. It is a total waste of a supervisor’s time to proofread your work, and supervisors will refuse to do so.做你自己的校对。这是一个总的浪费上司的时间来校对你的工作,并且导师将会拒绝这样做。b) Manage your project. Supervisors may be able to advise you on how to handle difficult situations which you encounter, but good project management dramatically reduces the number of these.管理您的项目。你遇到困难的情况下导师也许能告诉你如何处理,但良好的项目管理,大大降低了这些的数字。c) Inform. As the meetings are infrequent, it is important to keep your supervisor informed of progress on your project and any changes that you may make to the agreed subject matter.通知。由于会议是罕见的,重要的是要保持你的导师对你的项目进展情况通报任何变化,你可能会作出既定的主题。Whilst the project must provide a measure of your individual effort, that does not mean that you have no resources other than yourself. Gathering data, for example, may involve the assistance of others, including internal staff and external specialists. Please acknowledge any such assistance in the dissertation.虽然该项目必须提供一个衡量你的个人努力,这并不意味着,你有没有比你的其他资源。收集数据,例如,可能涉及他人的协助下,包括内部人员和外部专家。请在论文中承认任何此类援助。

Note that the dissertation will be assessed firstly by a member of staff who is not your supervisor; nonetheless, the supervisor will act as the second marker.请注意,论文评审会首先由一位不是你导师的人员评估,然而,导师将作为第二个标记。


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