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2022代写assignmentWriting & Referencing

By August 15, 2022essay代写

2022代写assignmentWriting & Referencing

2022代写assignmentWriting & Referencing

Writing & ReferencingA Report :Is a structured written presentation directed to interested readers for a specific purpose, aim or requestIts function is toGive an account of something,Answer a questionOffer a solution

What is the difference between an Essay and a Report???The difference???Traditional Essay

No sub-headingsIdeas broken up into paragraphs; a single idea presented & developed in each paragraphNo bullet pointsLimited use of diagrams & tablesWill be referenced using author/date (Harvard) system

The phrase “commitment” is frequently used by HRM practitioners in the control of absenteeism and its contribution to business objectives. Evaluate the evidence to reinforce commitment and reduce absenteeism.Peters and Austin (1986) suggested that an individual couldn’t simply work for the organisation; they had to live for it 100% of the time. This was the level of commitment required for the company to have the best chance ofsuccess. Commitment must flow throughout the organisation; those at the top are responsible for setting the example for others. Employees must have the drive and craving to do better, or else risk building an organisation built on apathy.According to Armstrong (1999), two schools of thought exist for commitment. The first developed by Walton (1985), concerned the “control to commitment” philosophy. Walton felt that improved performance came from the organisation re-moulding itself from a control-orientated, top-down approach, and adopting a strategy where workers are given broader responsibilities, a greater voice and empowerment to achieve a higher degree of satisfaction in their jobs, Walton’s mantra was for “management hierarchies relatively flat, differences in status minimized, control and lateral co-ordination depending on shared goals” (Walton (1985).

General Structure of a ReportTransmittal document ( for business purposes)Title pageTable of contentsAbstract/Executive SummaryIntroductionDiscussionConclusionsRecommendationsBibliographyThe Assignment: Leadership EssayA recommended procedureComplete all readings first in order to get a better pictureStart with the readings you were sent yesterdayThink about the overall picture of your essay. You need to do only two things:Compare the leadership styles of the two CEOs, and#p#分页标题#e#Find relationships between leadership styles and motivation

A recommended procedureWrite an outline to get a clear picture of what you want to sayDo NOT copy parts of the case study. The case study only gives you a general background to think and researchReference your sourcesSome ideas:The two CEOs follow a similar approach: both delegateHowever, one is successful and the other one isn’t. Why?

They adopt different leadership styles these styles have a different effect on employee motivation differences in productivityReferencing: Harvard StyleYou must cite a reference source when you use:

a direct quoteinformation expressed in your own words (ie. paraphrase)statisticsdiagrams, tables, graphsphotos

You do not need to cite a reference when you use:

Your own personal experience or opinionCommon knowledge (definition?)In-Text ReferencingDeFazio (1999) claims that referencing conventions for technological resources will become more consistent with wider use.

Conventions for referencing the internet will gain greater consistency with increased use in scholastic work. (DeFazio, 1999)

The rules for referencing sources are “formulaic and very strict” (DeFazio, 1999, p.107)

Paragraph Example (Harvard)Disadvantaged groups within society also experience inequalities in health care. Thompson (1999) states that a person’s health has a direct relationship to their social and economic standing within the community. Groups with a low socioeconomic status have poorer health than those with a high socioeconomic status (National Health Strategy, 1998). The high infant mortality rates for Indigenous Australians and the lower life expectancy for Aboriginal women (Brown, 2001) are two examples that show inequalities in health care for particular groups within the Australian community. Therefore, for health programs to be more effective, the community needs to look at …Other examples

Use of et al. for 3 to 5 authors of a book or journal article

Harter, Schmidt and Hayes (2002) argue that individual, group and organisation level factors are related to performance and retention.

Harter et al. (2002) also state that job satisfaction is important and is directly related to retention.

Secondary sourcesBrown and Martin (as cited in Harmon, 2002) have reported a case study of a student with differing literacy issues in his first and second languages.The Reference ListA new page at the end of your assignmentArranged in alphabetical order according to author’s surnameIncludes all references cited in-textReference List Entry

DeFazio, T. (1999) Studying in Australia: a guide for international students, Sydney, Allen & Unwin.PlagiarismIf you do not indicate the sources of your ideas, it could appear that you are wrongfully claiming another author’s ideas or words to be your own#p#分页标题#e#This is known as plagiarism

Paraphrasing Preferred PleaseLecturers usually prefer paraphrasing to direct quotations.Why?

Task: change this quote to a paraphrase

Smith (1999) states, “Children rely mainly on parents for gender stereotypes” (p. 12).

Smith (1999) states that parents are important gender stereotypes for children.Parents play an important role as gender stereotypes for children (Smith, 1999).

What strategies did you use to complete the task?


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