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指导英国ESSAY Investors Protection Association, Securities Investment Fund Committee as self-regulatory systemThe security investment fund in China has been playing an increasingly important role in the developing financial system. The legal system of security investment fund has become the focus of academic study. The current investment fund laws of China are lagging behind the development of the fund market. The study on the legal system of investment fund should be valuable. The author chooses security investment fund as the object. The author’s study focus on security investment fund laws of China. Learning from the origins of domestic and foreign investment fund, using a combination of research methods by historical, comparative, economical, theoretical and empirical, the author analysis the China’s securities investment fund law form, functions, internal governance and regulatory system. Paper is divided into six chapters.

Chapter 1, the author analyzes the basic legal principles of the investment fund, including the definition of the investment fund , and functions of the investment fund: professional financial management, reducing transaction costs, risk management, and legal relationship of the fund. The author suggests to reform legislation on independent character of the investment fund.

指导英国ESSAYChapter 2, using historical method, the author presents origin and development of the investment fund and relevant laws of United States. U.K., Japan and China, compares the differences of economic development, basic social systems and cultural tradition.

Chapter 3, the author compares the structures and characteristics of trust-investment fund and investment fund company, limited partnership investment fund, and analysis the advantages and disadvantages of various funds. The author outlines the possibility of institutional innovation.

Chapter 4, the author addresses various issues in the investment fund internal governance, include the investors and managers, custodians. The author suggests to improve the general assembly of fund shareholders for protecting the interests of investors.

Chapter 5, the author compares regulatory systems of the United States, U.K., Japan, and China. The author raises a new idea for China regulatory system: government administration and self-discipline, supplemented by a judicial system.

指导英国ESSAYChapter 6, the author outlines the main deficiencies and their causes in China’s current investment fund laws. The author makes legislative proposals about cooperative fund forms, and permission of institutional innovation, permission about establishing Investors Protection Association, Securities Investment Fund Committee as self-regulatory system.#p#分页标题#e#


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