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2022作文代写英国国际贸易硕士essay论文:Analysis of the impact of the depreciation of the

By August 19, 2022essay代写

2022作文代写英国国际贸易硕士essay论文:Analysis of the impact of the depreciation of the

2022作文代写英国国际贸易硕士essay论文:Analysis of the impact of the depreciation of the

论文题目:英国国际贸易硕士论文:Analysis of the impact of the depreciation of the dollar on Chinese exports论文语种:英文您的研究方向:经济是否有数据处理要求:是您的国家:英国您的学校背景:英国排名20-30要求字数:8000论文用途:硕士毕业论文是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):否补充要求和说明:要求简单的计量经济学模型分析,软件用STATA 需要PROPOSAL,1000字以内 牛津格式 DISSERTATION 全职硕士 引用率20%左右

英国国际贸易硕士论文:Analysis of the impact of the depreciation of the dollar on Chinese exports


Since early 2002, the dollar against the euro decline up to 22%, a strong dollar weakness, caused the wide attention of the world. Dollar was precipitated by a variety of factors, both because of the economic fundamentals is not ideal to the fixed value higher in returned to objective factors, and for promoting export and prevent deflation policy factors to stimulate the economy growth. Decline in the dollar will affect world economic development.自2002年初以来,美元兑欧元下跌了22%美元,强劲的美元疲软,引起了世界各国的广泛关注。美元是由多种因素促成的,因为经济的基本面是不理想的高在回到客观因素的固定值,并促进出口和防止通货紧缩政策来刺激经济增长的因素。在美元贬值会影响世界经济的发展。As expanding opening to the outside world, China's growing integration into the world economy and the devaluation of the dollar also inevitably has the influence to China's economic development, advantages and disadvantages coexist. In terms of exports, the devaluation of the dollar means that the yuan depreciate against other currencies to a certain extent, it will promote China's exports to non-dollar region.

Chapter 1 Introduction1.1 Research background1.2 Thesis framework

1.3 Proposed methods

This paper mainly uses the interpretative philosophy research methods, and empirical methods, hermeneutics thinks that history is past, present and future of a living dialogue between, should try to clear the implementation of this dialogue barriers. Hermeneutics tend to focus on the works of the past, think that criticism is the primary role of understanding the classical role. In the practice of criticism, interpretation often explores the topic is: what is the meaning of the original works, the author 's intention and the meaning of what kind of relation, which is far beyond the scope of text interpretation.The data source has a variety of methods, in general, data sources and printed products such as books, magazines, journals and trade publications, professional research information and newspapers. Electronic data sources such as laser disc, magnetic tape, magnetic media, software packages, such as the Internet, and the book, the general research data to provide the relevant theoretical support. Newspapers and periodicals is a kind of very information resources, as a result of newspapers and periodicals published daily timeliness short update soon, so they can provide a new perspective and specific area of the latest research results. The Internet information is very extensive, in him above data collection is very useful, especially those with high degree of professional website.

1.4reflectionsEmpirical study is needed to collect a large number of full and accurate data, however, in the current information from these studies to obtain has become a great obstacle to the development of. Because the capital market itself is not perfect, the conclusions drawn from the research subject to certain limitations. Many facts such as various countries adopt different policy motivation, management layer facing pressure, difficult to pass specific data reflected, this leads to the limited research on take the matter on its merits, the surface of many things, but to take that concluded.Very easy to do things, can collect and use of ancillary data, it not only can save the time and expenses, these data at the same time is also the most important factor. Because of time limit, the general should be completed within three months of the manuscript, which means my research paper from the budget, or time and some other factors exist restrict. generally, the usage of auxiliary data collection of primary data, which cost much less. In addition, the verification process more rapid information and conclusions of the reliability is greatly improved.Despite our existing information collected on the problem, through the secondary data collection is very useful, but, by this method the information collected is not complete, and sometimes is very irregular and incomplete. At the same time we must understand such a truth, if we use this technique, the data collected is limited to existing data. Through this method, the data collected is it right? A flexible manner, depending on specific circumstances, if you don't know what are you really looking for information, then you may not only spend a lot of time, but you still can collect the data you need. Therefore, in the use of this technology, first you have to understand what your goals are, want to collect data on what, only in this way can we accomplish have a definite object in view. Through this method of collecting data and information must be true and available information, the data collected by the data source is from the public and the existing material, rather than directly from the client or other market access.Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1Literature review 2.2innovation and further researchChapter 3 The main reason for the dollar 3.1Objective cause of dollar weakness 3.2Dollar depreciation policy factorsChapter 4 Dollar impact on America and the world economyChapter 5 Dollar impact on Chinese exports5.1 the export of Chinese products get a chance5.2 improve China's export trade conditions5.3 conducive to China's export enterprises macroeconomic regulation and controlThe appreciation of the renminbi and dollar devaluation, because foreign trade exports and imports are in dollars, so suit enterprise's influence is very big, mainly manifested in the following:5.4 dollar depreciation caused low export prices of profits shrink5.5 international competitiveness declined,5.6 company in domestic production costs will increase5.7 delay China's economic development speedChapter 6 Countermeasures in view of the value of the dollar the circumstance in china6.1 adjust the structure and the independent innovation6.2 match the exports and imports consider appropriate adjustments6.3 promote the import and export structure optimizationChapter 7 ConclusionReferenceAppendix


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