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2022加拿大paper英国客户行为习惯作业指导需求 BEHAVIOURAL STUDIE

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022加拿大paper英国客户行为习惯作业指导需求 BEHAVIOURAL STUDIE

2022加拿大paper英国客户行为习惯作业指导需求 BEHAVIOURAL STUDIE


Major Assignment (60% of your final mark)The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your comprehension of one major theory or aspect of personality by applying it in a novel situation.You are required to write one 2800 word response to a topic from Group 2.Topics for each Group are available on the next page.

This assignment will count toward 60% of your final mark. You will receive a mark out of 60. That means a mark of 45, is a mark of 45 out of 60 (i.e., 75%).

Assignment topics

Group 2

2-1 Provide an Adlerian or Horneyian commentary of Adam Elliot’s film, Harvie Krumpet. What Adlerian/Horneyian principles are illustrated in the tale of Harvie?(This film is available through the Monash Library and can be purchased

2-2 Lady GaGa has applied for a position as a lighthouse keeper. Applying Cattell’s 16 Personality Factor model, please provide a personality profile of the candidate for consideration by the selection panel. The profile should highlight the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the requirements of the position.(Information about the candidate and position and the characteristics of a successful lighthouse keeper can be found on the Internet.)

2-3 Provide a differential personality disorder diagnosis of the Cat in the Hat applying the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria and the research literature.(The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back are available at most bookshops for around $10 and are held by many local libraries and young children.)

Marking criteriaYour major assignment will be assessed on criteria including: the quality of your research; your ability to critically analyse and interpret the material; your ability to draw well-founded conclusions;referencing and structuring of the paper; and the quality of your expression.Specifically, we will be looking for evidence of your ability to conduct the research necessary to respond to your chosen topic and to use a variety of credible and authoritative sources such as books, academic journals and electronic resources.You will be assessed on your demonstrated ability to:•understand and address your chosen topic (i.e., stick to the topic)•appropriately apply your knowledge to your chosen topic•think critically and analytically•to write clearly and to structure your writing in a logical and coherent way•present a professional piece of writing that is correctly referenced and well-writtenDo not:•simply describe a personality theory or an aspect thereof•simply write everything you know on the topic•write about a topic not listed•wander off-topic•over-rely on one or two sources#p#分页标题#e#•over-use quotesPlease make sure you have read and understand the topic you are writing on. It gives us no pleasure to fail assignments that are not responses to one of the topics provided but be under no illusion, we will (and have).

Please read your chosen topic carefully and be 指导essay sure you: a) understand it; and b) can answer it. If not, pick a different topic.

Later in this guide are the School of PSI’s marking guidelines. These will give you a sense of the quality of work that will attract a certain grade.

Note: Students enrolled in BHS3711 will be expected to demonstrate a greater degree of theoretical understanding and more sophisticated analysis in their written work than students enrolled in BHS2711.


You are expected to cite at least 6 credible and authoritative sources in your assignment.

Good quality sources include reputable journals, scholarly texts (books), refereed conference papers and high quality Internet sites.

Unacceptable sources include undergraduate textbooks, ‘pop psychology’ publications, Wikipedia, dictionaries, encyclopaedia or dubious websites. Use of these sources guarantees a very poor result for your essay!!!!!!!!!

If you are at all unsure how to evaluate sources, visit the Library’s online tutorial at or Arts Language and Learning at use either the Harvard or the APA citation and referencing systems, the details of which can be found at


80%-100% HIGH DISTINCTION: An exceptional piece of work, demonstrating: •superior evaluation and integration of the existing literature; •superior conceptualisation and clear evidence of original thought in dealing with the critical issues; •the identification of a very comprehensive range of concepts and supporting information and the capacity to interrelate and evaluate these concepts. The presentation of an essay at this level will show outstanding command of expression and logical argument in a skillfully structured essay. All citations will be consistent with chosen style.

Essays will be graded between 90%-100% when they fulfill all the characteristics cited above and when the lecturer considers that the essay shows a high degree of intellectual sophistication.

70%-79% DISTINCTION: A well-organised and expressed piece of work containing: •a clear demonstration of solid and methodical research.• a good standard of insight and some evidence of original thought in dealing with the critical issues •clear comprehension of all key issues.#p#分页标题#e#The presentation of an essay at this level will demonstrate good expression and a clear and logical progression evident in the overall essay structure. All citations will be consistent with chosen style.

60%-69% CREDIT: A good essay that:•identifies and describes major relevant issues;•has a clear plan and appropriate method of approach;•shows that the student has conducted research beyond read more essential basic references and has integrated this research into the essay.The presentation of an essay at this level will demonstrate reasonable expression and appropriate use of referencing and citation.

50%-59% PASS: This essay is adequate, but limited: •it identifies the key issues, but does not show clear comprehension of the issues;•the structure does not show clear development of argument;•the research is basic and not well integrated into the essay.The presentation of an essay at this level will demonstrate adequate expression and very basic use of referencing and citation.

0%-49% FAIL: This essay fails because it:•does not demonstrate appropriate skill level in research and/or;•shows a lack of comprehension of the major issues or the question posed and/or;•lacks a logical structure to support the argument.The presentation of an essay at this level will demonstrate poor expression and inadequate use of referencing and citation.



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