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2022北美代写推荐英国essay论文留学生人力资源类essay范文:关地高职人员营销专业培养分析Vocational Training Market

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022北美代写推荐英国essay论文留学生人力资源类essay范文:关地高职人员营销专业培养分析Vocational Training Market

2022北美代写推荐英国essay论文留学生人力资源类essay范文:关地高职人员营销专业培养分析Vocational Training Market

First, vocational marketing professionals supply and demand一、高职市场营销专业人才的供需矛盾

Marketing professionals in vocational training is the biggest problem facing the contradiction between supply and demand , that is, the school trained marketing graduates with business marketing professionals have significant gaps between the requirements . With the further development of the market economy and the degree of market competition continues to deepen , companies are increasingly acutely aware , only able to produce quality products is not enough , only the product sold , truly meet the needs of customers , business in order to successfully achieve profit targets and get to grow and develop . Therefore , business marketing professionals demand has been in a very strong trend. Talent from around the country to see market demand in recent years, the marketing class talent, on the one hand, social marketing professionals there are a large demand, while the other marketing graduates can not successfully achieve employment . Higher marketing professionals exists between supply and demand .高职市场营销专业人材培育面对的最大问题是供需之间的矛盾,也就是学院培育出来的市场营销专业结业生与公司对市场营销人材的要求之间存在表面化差距。随着市场经济的进一步进展与市场竞争紧张程度的不断加大深度,公司越来越深刻地认识到,仅只能够出产优质的产品是远远不够的,只有把产品销行出去,真正满意主顾的需求,公司能力没有遇到困难成功实现利润目的并获得进展壮大。

Second, vocational marketing curriculum teaching status二、高职市场营销课程教学的情况分析

( one ) the traditional teaching model still the mainstream(一)传统的教学模式仍占主流

In today's educators advocate the use of modern educational technology and multimedia in teaching situation, many vocational colleges because of lack of funds , it is difficult to introduce multimedia teaching equipment, therefore , the teaching of marketing only in the blackboard, chalk color presentation for the traditional model . In the classroom, most of the time teachers explain, analyze basic theory, basic principles , etc., students passively understood , watching cases , not through multimedia experience in marketing commercial warfare scenarios for the actual experience. Thus , facing the drab, boring, passive mode of teaching , basic vocational students generally weaker undoubtedly those boring marketing theory uninteresting , so marketing course application, practice the essential characteristics can not be implementation.

( Two ) the lack of good teaching environment and conditions

Teaching Improvement and extension of the need to develop a good environment , but the current marketing Vocational Courses practice teaching not given due attention , with a dedicated laboratory marketing curriculum institutions also belong to a minority, and in the current specialized laboratory equipment and software configurations or backward , or the setup of the experiment ignore the actual content of teaching effectiveness, useless. Even if there is a more complete hardware and software and teaching environment , because information technology support needed to pay more running costs, the cost of other forms of loss , coupled between schools and businesses has not yet formed a complete school-enterprise cooperation channels , in accordance with the enterprise professional requirements for personnel training required for interactive information base is not yet available, it is difficult to ensure the quality of teaching and training model standardization .Third, vocational training strategy of marketing professionals

(1 ) Courses

Based on the overall quality of the students the importance of personal development , improve the knowledge structure , enhance the professional capabilities , all of this stems from a reasonable curriculum . First, a reasonable set of humanistic curriculum , extra class and increasing human spirit belongs to course content such as literature , aesthetics , philosophy, social-emotional and business culture and values ​​to measure the content of such knowledge , students of integrity, dedication and team spirit . Second, focus on professional basic courses in content integration and updates. Marketing professional and social contacts close , so like social etiquette , business etiquette, etiquette marketing to integrate these programs to avoid duplication in content ; while to adapt to changes in market demand content to update professional knowledge , such as database marketing knowledge appropriate to increase , enrich the students' knowledge of marketing . Also note that the butt and professional skills courses . Higher Vocational Education vocational, practical , purposeful. Instrumental strong curriculum such as psychology , management science , economics foundation , public relations , foreign languages ​​, highlighting their practical ; Finally , professional skills training courses is a key factor in students' vocational ability , so the training venue construction to be strengthening , combining learning with put in place , the real professional ability for students to create a good platform upgrade .

(2 ) practical teaching

1 focus on " comprehensive practical skills " and " special vocational job skills " two teaching pointsWith real project as a carrier , strengthen corporate division of labor, enterprise-based training students' comprehensive practical skills , school-based vocational students special job skills , work closely with schools and enterprises . Teaching the theory taught mainly taken the core theoretical knowledge , case teaching, management games and other teaching methods . Lesson hired to develop the skills of professionals from the corporate speakers , mainly to complete at the job site . Training curriculum to the enterprise and the market line, through student internships , teacher ( mainly referring to a wealth of practical experience as teachers and business professionals ) guidance Bangdai manner. Such as: the scene in the corporate site or to conduct market research surveys , teachers guide students along with business managers do to achieve " financial teaching, learning , as one" ; advertising planning and creativity and brand management planning with real science project into the classroom , planning case is students in corporate boardrooms site proposals made ​​by the managers and teachers review , the way students live reform program to achieve " financial teaching, learning , as one ." Example: Guangdong College of Industry and carried out Deng old herbal tea entrepreneurial development courses , the self-financing of the business entity into the campus , across the limitations of simulation , so that students in a real project to form professional competence .

(2) strengthen the combination , full use of social resources, expand channels of practice teachingVocational education in the school system with the social and economic development has a direct , close contact, training objectives for the social sectors conveying applied talents , strengthen combining production with convenient conditions. Practical Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational Education requires schools to have a more comprehensive internal and external training base, training base construction, should be based on its own characteristics, strengthen business relationships , make full use of corporate resources, colleges, enterprises established practice teaching base , social contact as soon as possible to enable students to understand the actual situation of production . Teachers should actively carry out scientific research and industrialization of scientific research and training in the process of social and economic development of the urgent need for innovative talents . At the same time , strengthen the combination of research , so that the industry involved in the teaching process , effectively guide the practice teaching, practice teaching channels expand and improve the quality of teaching practice .

In marketing professional teaching reform, attention should be paid " professional competence " training and improvement. On the one hand , emphasizing the dominant position of students , students must personally engaged in learning , operation and completion of each course content and learning is complete, organized students to summarize and exchange learnings , self-improvement , in this process, students can experience their own value and access to self-satisfaction . On the other hand , teachers in the teaching process, must focus on interactivity , focusing on collaboration and communication with students , teachers in teaching practice through lectures, students simulate , teamwork, the whole exercise , etc. , to stimulate student interest in learning, to help students formation of motivation, improve students' cognitive abilities and designed to meet the teaching content through the scene , to help students understand and apply theoretical knowledge between students , between teachers and students to carry out discussions and exchanges .


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