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留学生人力资源管理论文Human Resources | Special Advertising SectionApril 2006 / ACCJ Journal / 39Japan’s first generation of “Baby Boomers” (Dankai-nosedai) have grown up making significant contributions tothe country’s reputation as a world leader in finance, technologyand manufacturing, but its members are leaving theworkforce in large numbers as they reach retirement age.Coupled with the decline of the birthrate in Japan, this hascreated the “Year 2007 Crisis,” for which many domestic and foreign companies here are ill-prepared.

The crisis will see businesses in Japan entering an economicrecovery with a reduced labor pool to recruit from and with limitedoptions for replacing highly skilled staff who are retiring.Corporations will have to prepare for compliance with labor lawchanges, such as the one regarding “continuous employmentafter retirement.”Businesses have different views on the effects of thelooming crisis:• Some see a welcome reduction in labor costs from the retirementof senior employees with high salaries and benefits.• Others see this crisis as a convenient way to reduceexcessive overheads.• A number of employers feel pressure to increase pay to recruitstaff due to labor shortages or high employee turnover.Many companies plan to focus more on paying salaries basedon individual staff members’ performance, their job classificationor specification, rather than on seniority. Firms also planto offer increasedbenefits based on today’s competitiveemployment market.If your company has not reviewed its retirement-benefit planrecently, you may want to consider doing so. With the variousrecent changes in labor laws and regulations, a pension plancould be acountermeasure to the Year 2007 Crisis. Our team ofretirement-benefit consultants suggests the following key points for a successful plan:• Is flexible to sudden organizational changes, such as M&A.• Accommodates an increase of senior staff members and adecrease of younger ones.• Adapts to contract workers, part-timers and those who aretemporary or outsourced.• Has benefits to retain important highly skilled technical staff.• Adapts quickly to changes in government regulations andaccounting standards.In reality, it is difficult to build a perfect pension plan thatsatisfies all the above points. Therefore, the company mustdecide what is most important, then evaluate its existing systembefore planning a new one focused on priorities.Defined-contribution pension plans are expected to accommodatemost features of the new labor market, such as portability,performance pay and flexibility. Defined-contribution pensionplans were legalized in Japan in October 2001, but there are bigdifferences between such plans and the 401(K) system in theUnited States.In Japan:#p#分页标题#e#• The tax-deductible annual contribution limit is significantlylower at ¥552,000.• The company does not match the employee’s contribution.• Claimants under 60 are paid only:• In cases of death or serious disability.• For an account without portability options that had beenin force for three years or less, or with a balance notexceeding ¥500,000.However, as the regulations are expected to be reviewed afterfive years, we are looking forward to seeing further amendmentsto make tax-qualified defined-contribution plans moreacceptable. Yuji Tsushima, a Diet member, announced inOctober that the next amendments would focus on improvementssuch as easing of cancellation terms, raising the contributiontax-deductible limit and providing tax relief foremployee contributions.The Year 2007 Crisis means that companies should waste notime in evaluating their HR systems to successfully compete inthe rapidly changing Japanese labor market.Randy WadaCountry Manager/CEOAon JapanCrisis in 2007:Is Your Company Prepared?40 / ACCJ Journal / April 2006ExecutiveRecruitingHudsonTel: +81 (0)3-3511-5668Fax: +81 (0) is a recognized leader in legalrecruitment and is part of the world’slargest international legal recruitment network,with legal recruitment specialistsoperating in more than 130 offices. Thisnetwork, along with our legal recruitmentspecialists across the Asia-Pacific region,puts us in a unique position to source candidatesfor clients globally. We are part of theHudson Highland Group, Inc., (NASDAQ:HHGP), one of the world’s largest combinedexecutive search, specialty staffing andrelated consulting services firm.In Japan, Hudson has assisted in therecruitment of more General Counsels, Headsof Legal, Regional Heads, Heads ofCompliance, Foreign-qualified Partners andBengoshi Partners than anyone else in Tokyoover the past six years. We have a proudhistory of helping our clients find andattract lawyers with the right skills andattributes to really make a difference.Michael Page International(Japan) K.K.Tel: 03-5733-7166 Fax: Page International is one of theworld’s largest publicly-listed executiverecruitment companies. The company has3,000 employees, working in 118 offices inJapan, Asia, Australia, the UK, Europe, Canadaand the Americas. With 30 years’ experience asan established market leader in executiverecruitment, the Michael Page brand is internationallyrecognized and highly regarded.Our market strength is in sourcing bilingualJapanese nationals with extensiveexperience working internationally or withmultinationals in Japan. Our candidatereach is extensive, utilizing our globaldatabases, on-line and off-line advertising,and industry associations, etc.Unlike many competitors, our consultantsspecialize in industry sectors. As specialistsin your industry, we offer a superior level ofservice because our consultants are specialistsin the fields for which they recruit,meaning they fully understand the skillsand experience needed to find the right personfor your organization.We provide specialist recruitment servicesfor the recruitment of middle-to-seniormanagement in Finance and Accounting,Sales and Marketing, Banking andSecurities, Human Resources, Technologyand Executive Secretaries.留学生人力资源管理论文For further information, please visit ourWeb site at or callScott Mewing on 03-5733-7166.Way Simmons PartnershipTel: +81 (0)3-3580-3102Fax: +81 (0)3-3580-3116www.waysimmons.comWay Simmons Partnership was established in2003 and provides contingency and searchsolutions across the commerce and industrysector. With many years of experience insearch and selection, our team of expertrecruitment consultants has experience inthe following areas:• Executive & Management• Accounting & Finance• Human Resources• Marketing & Sales• Executive SupportOur work is synonymous with people,businesses and their successful development.Specifically, we partner with organizationsto add value through innovative andprofessional staffing solutions. Our consultantswork in an entrepreneurial environment,and are empowered to provide a flexibleand bespoke service to our clients.We provide a focused headhunting functionutilizing our broad network to actively searchfor candidates who meet our clients’ requirements.Alternatively, we can include openpositions in our Asia-wide advertisements orin unique recruitment campaigns specificallytailored around individual client needs.Way Simmons Partnership focuses on hiringin the Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG) and service industries, and we applya Total Account Management approach toour service, which enables us to provide youwith first-class levels of service in hiring thebest people for your business.Executive SearchCDS K.K.Tel: 03-5766-5822 Fax: 03-5766-5821www.cds-consulting.comCDS is a leader in consulting-based executivesearch for foreign-capital clients inJapan. Our consultants demonstrate an indepthunderstanding of the local and internationalmanagement challenges our clientsface. We have a strong commitment to confidentialityand ethics, respecting the needsof both client and candidate alike.We offer flexible, innovative executivesearch services that are carefully tailored tomeet each client’s unique requirements andembrace every recruitment challenge withthe conviction that we will deliver. Withour strong focus on internal training and#p#分页标题#e#development of consulting and research talent,we continue to offer the very bestexecutive search practices to a select groupof multinational companies and start-ups.CDS’s retained and contingency searchservices center around the following industryand functional practices: InformationTechnology, Consumer Goods & Retail,Professional Services, Pharmaceutical &Healthcare, Legal & Compliance, Marketing,Media & PR, Accounting & Finance, andHuman Resources.CDS also offers a comprehensive In-houseRecruiting Solution that successfully managesthe entire recruitment process, andadvises on a variety of HR issues, aimed atattracting and retaining talent.April 2006 / ACCJ Journal / 41Human Resources | Special Advertising SectionComites Asia LLCTel: 03-5532-1955 Fax: 03-3503-2011At Comites, we can help you make a difference.We are a global, high-quality, boutiqueexecutive search firm specializing insenior level assignments for multinationalcorporations. We provide executive recruitment,corporate assessment and organizationalconsulting for a wide variety of businessesranging from industrial, health scienceand consumer to technology, legaland financial.Comites is a cut above our competitors.Our multilingual and multicultural professionalstaff combines the flexibility, focusand personal service of a small firm withexecutive search firm. We take a consultativeapproach to executive recruitment andpride ourselves in taking special care tofully understand your needs before webegin an intensive search. We work closelywith you during each step of the process toensure that you will find the best candidatesand be completely satisfied with thefinal placement.At Comites, you will receive our undividedattention. We select our clients ascarefully and thoughtfully as you select us,with the aim of building long-lasting partnerships.Each search demands specificexpertise and we tailor each one to fit youperfectly. Our solid, professional experienceand practical, working knowledge of businessin Japan and Asia enable us to meet allof your individual needs. You can searchwith confidence. Please contact us [email protected] or through the informationlisted above.Executive Search InternationalTel: 03-3479-0918 Fax: 03-3479-0858www.esijpn.comIn this increasingly competitive environment,finding and securing the right personnelto ensure the success of a businessventure can be a daunting task. For foreignstart-ups, choosing the right executivesearch firm is imperative.ESI is a management consulting firm specializingin executive search and selection.We have been serving the business communityin Japan since 1969.Our Tokyo office employs both EnglishandJapanese-speaking consultants toensure your requests will be clearly understood.Professionalism and integrity of a#p#分页标题#e#search firm are critical factors to evaluatetogether with experience, ability anddelivery. Experienced in both retained andcontingency search, our specially trainedconsultants, through our overseas affiliates,can assist both foreign and Japanesemanagement in locating and recruitingvital personnel virtually anywhere inthe world.Our consultants are leaders in their chosenspecialties, which include• Investment Banking• Financial Services• Technology Finance• Securities• Technology• Heavy Industry and Manufacturing• Consumer Goods and Retail• PharmaceuticalsOur dual personalized approach ensuresthat we meet and exceed the requirementsof both the Client and the Candidate.For more information, please contactPeter Scott, Managing Director, [email protected] or call 03-3479-0918.The Ingenium Group, Inc.Tel: 03-4560-1000 Fax: 03-4560-1049www.ingeniumgroup.comIngenium is a Tokyo-based executive searchfirm that sources and introduces professionalsand executives to industry-leading companiesin Japan and Asia. Our clients retainus to identify, evaluate and advise in hiringthe best candidates in the market.The firm is organized into seven practicegroups: Finance, Technology, Consumer, LifeSciences, Semiconductors, Industrial andProfessional Services. Our Consultants, whoare supported by research staff, work inpractice teams and are sector specialists.Our mission is to bring the highest standardsof ethics, service, satisfaction andresults to the Asia-Pacific recruitment market.These principles have raised the bar onwhat companies should expect from anexecutive search firm, and have enabledgreater expectations from our clients andmore consistent delivery and resultsIngenium was founded in 2000 and isheadquartered in Tokyo, with offices in theUnited States and China.Ingenium, the source for talent.JCI Consulting K.K.Tel: 03-6418-5311 Fax: 03-6418-5312www.jcikk.bizWhether your company is just breaking intothe Japanese market or is well establishedin Japan, finding quality employees is perhapsthe biggest challenge you will face.JCI Consulting K.K. specializes in identifying,attracting and recruiting countrymanagers, executive- and middle-level managersas well as engineers and support staff,particularly in the high-tech industry.Our research capability, database andstrong ties to the Japanese business communitycreated over the past 16 years hasresulted in an extensive network of toplevelmanagement and executive-class personnel#p#分页标题#e#that you can draw upon.Our affiliate – Executive SupportInternational – provides foreign companiesin Japan access to high-caliber office supportstaff, such as secretaries, sales/marketingassistants, customer-service reps, andtechnical staff.Consequently, JCI Consulting K.K. canassist your company in finding qualityemployees at every level.Our promise to you is that we will notwaste your time. We work hard to deliverscreened candidates quickly.If you want fast results, please contactJCI Consulting: Tel. (03)-6418-5311, email:[email protected] / ACCJ Journal / April 2006Multus International Inc.Tel: 03-5718-6859 Fax: International is a retained executivesearch firm in Tokyo, and represents thegroup of IMSA in Zurich, Switzerland, aninternational association of established,owner-managed, executive search and selectionfirms. We are providing top-tier candidateswho have a record of accomplishmentand “best practices” management experience.The most significant feature of Multus’executive search is the detailed, in-depthresearch that focuses on the carefullyselected specific areas of industries based onthe profile of ideal candidates. For makingthe research as efficient as possible, weplace importance on understanding ourclients’ human resources requirementtogether with their corporate culture, businessstrategy and business environment, sothat we will be able to profile precisely theideal candidates with required skills, experiences,competencies and personal qualities.Executive search and selection for seniorexecutives require the application of a rigorous,time-tested methodology on all projects,across all industries and functional areas.This methodology differentiates itself in themarket by offering our clients a “hands-on,”timely and most effective approach emphasizingclient communications, process managementand quality control.Our clients entrust us with their mostimportant, sensitive and confidential managementproblems. We respect this trust andplace their interests above all by pooling ourskills and resources for their benefit.Optia Partners K.K.Tel: 03-5549-9850 Fax: 03-5570-5707www.optiapartners.comOptia Partners K.K. is a market leader inexecutive search in Japan. We currentlyhave over 30 staff covering all major industriesincluding Financial Services,Advertising & Consumer Goods, InformationTechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical, HR &#p#分页标题#e#Accounting, Micro Devices and Industrial &Manufacturing. Our clients are some of themost reputable and diversified firms in theworld, including Fortune 500 companies andnewly established firms seeking mid-level tosenior-level bilingual professionals in Japan.At Optia Partners, we employ a teamapproach and emphasize industry specializationfor each of our teams and individualconsultants. Each of our practice groups isled by an experienced and highly successfulPartner with a proven track record, giving usover 40 years of accumulated experience inthe local market. We have executed hundredsof searches, and understand that sourcingand retaining capable talent is of paramountimportance to our clients’ success in Japan.We are well positioned to offer both retainedand contingency-based searches that can betailored to fit a client’s particular needs.For additional information on how we canprovide the solution to your hiring needs,please contact: Max Knight, Director:[email protected] or NickGermantsis, Director: [email protected] Walters JapanTel: 03-4570-1500 Fax: Walters is one of the leading global specialistrecruitment firms, operating across fivecontinents, with 23 offices in 13 countries. Weoffer a highly professional and specialized serviceacross all industry sectors, and are proudof the long-established track record we hold inworking with the world’s leading investmentbanks and multinational corporations, tosmaller enterprises and business startups.Robert Walters Japan office recruits positionsprimarily in Tokyo, where our consultantsshare a wealth of recruitment experienceand a thorough understanding ofdomestic and worldwide market conditions.We have an enviable reputation for sourcingworld-class bilingual professionals for internationalfirms operating in Tokyo in thefields of Accounting and Finance, Banking,Information Technology, Human Resources,Sales and Marketing, and Secretarial andBusiness Support.Human ResourcesConsultingAon Consulting JapanTel: 03-3222-3981 Fax: 03-3222-1655www.aon.comAon Consulting is a part of Aon Corp., oneof the world’s leading providers of risk management,insurance and reinsurance brokerage,and human capital consulting services.Aon Consulting is committed to supportingmultinational companies as they build#p#分页标题#e#strong, cohesive teams that transcend bordersand span cultures. With 120 officesworldwide, Aon Consulting has significantexperience and expertise on key humancapital issues in each of the countries inwhich we operate.In Japan, we leverage this expertise toaddress a variety of client issues, rangingfrom the broad-based needs of multinationalorganizations to the specific serviceneeds in the Japanese business environmentand labor market. Our mission is tosupport companies located in Japan, takingthe view of the business owners, targetingthe improvements of their financialperformances. For example, our benefitteam can assist you to keep the postretirementbenefit liabilities off your balancesheet, at the same time providing aprogram with which your company canmaintain a competitive stance in thechanging Japanese market.Please contact Aon Consulting Japantoday for more information.Hewitt Associates K.K.Tel: 03-4580-2383 Fax: 03-4580-2380E-mail: [email protected] more than 60 years of experience,Hewitt Associates is the world’s foremostprovider of human resources outsourcingand consulting services. Our full servicespectrum makes us the only firm to offerend-to-end integrated HR solutions inApril 2006 / ACCJ Journal / 43Human Resources | Special Advertising SectionJapan. Coupled with our proven expertiseand reputation, we are the leading providerclients trust with their HR needs.Hewitt Associates began operating here in1987, our first presence in the Asia-Pacificregion. We have provided approximately 500clients with high-quality HR consulting solutionsin such areas as corporate restructuring,organizational and compensation systemdevelopment, compensation analysis andmeasurement, employee engagement, retirementbenefit-scheme design, benchmarkingof benefit programs and actuarial advice forcorporate accounting disclosures. The majorityare subsidiaries of U.S. and Europeanmultinationals; we also serve domesticJapanese clients in a wide array of industries.In 2005 we established a joint venturewith Human Link Corporation, wholly ownedby Mitsubishi Corporation and a leadingprovider of payroll, benefits and socialinsurance administration services in Japan.Hewitt HLC provides HR outsourcing servicesto subsidiaries of foreign multinationals,and already has an impressive client list.Hewitt Associates provides you with theexpertise of our local consultants and HRexperts in Tokyo, and support these by leveragingon the resources of our global network.Pricoa Relocation Asia Pte.,Ltd.#p#分页标题#e#Tel: 81-3-5549-8700 Fax: 81-3-5549-8711www.pricoarelocation.comPricoa Relocation Asia Pte., Ltd. provides afull range of relocation, residential realestate and expatriate tenancy management,as well as local housing portfolioadministration and financial managementservices. Our global offices managed248,416 client and service initiations during2004. The Asia-Pacific office locationsinclude Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore,Taipei and Tokyo. We have additional localoffices in London, Mexico City, Paris,Toronto and in the United States. PricoaRelocation’s hallmark is our commitment topersonalized service. Whether you are newto Japan or simply relocating within thecountry, we specialize in minimizing thechallenges of relocation. Our unique serviceapproach has proven cost-effective forcompanies and helped set the stage formany successful assignments for expatriatesand their families, both professionallyand personally.Prudential Financial, Inc. of the United States is not affiliatedwith Prudential plc, which is headquartered in theUnited KingdomHuman ResourcesManagementProductsK.K. CrossVision InternationalTel: 03-3586-3053 Fax: Resources departments are facingsignificant difficulties in selecting the rightpayroll outsourcer – especially one with ahigh level of professionally integrated servicesand the ability to provide expertadvice on local regulations. Often an outsourcer’sselected payroll system is outdated,posing serious security risks in maintainingthe integrity of employee personaldata and conforming to the PersonalInformation Protection Law. Explicit needssuch as bilingual Web pay slips, gross-upcalculations, labor issues, as well as theinability to share real-time data with overseasheadquarters, are beyond many outsourcers’resources.K.K. CrossVision International’s (CVi) bilingualHR applications and payroll outsourcingservices directly address these needs – offeringa wide-ranging combination of expertise– and chock-full of functionality. CertifiedSocial Insurance Labor Consultants and HRprofessionals are strategically positioned toprovide hands-on services.CVi’s ASP services offer clients flexibleaccess to their critical data, such as incometaxwithholding slips and individualemployee information that can be easilyqueried via secure Internet connections.Monthly attendance and employee data canbe effortlessly uploaded through a secureSSL encrypted service, thereby eliminating#p#分页标题#e#the need to use insecure e-mail attachments.CVi’s specialists can also assist yourcompany with any labor-related issue, suchas rules of employment, employment contracts,regulations and more.Legal, Compliance& FinancialServicesLegal Futures Japan K.K.Tel: +81 3-3580-3101 Fax: +81 3-3580-3116www.legalfutures.comLegal Futures was founded in 1999 and is adedicated legal, compliance and financialservices boutique consultancy that operatesfrom offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong andSingapore. We offer a premium personalizedconsultancy service and operate three separateand highly specialized divisions.Our Private Practice Division services thefull spectrum of law firms sourcing qualifiedlawyers (both local and overseas admitted)at all levels, from associates through topartners; also practice support lawyers, paralegalsand business services positions.Our Corporate Division services bothdomestic and international companies sourcingqualified lawyers (both local and overseasadmitted) at all levels, from legal counselsthrough to regional general counsels;corporate compliance officers; company secretaries;and commercial/contract managers.Our Banking & Finance Division servicesthe full financial services industry, frombulge bracket investment banks to retailbanks and fund managers, and is responsiblefor the recruitment of financial servicesexecutives, lawyers (both local and overseasadmitted) at all levels, from legalcounsels through to regional general counsels;compliance officers at all levels, fromjunior compliance officers up to regionalheads of compliance; also documentationofficers, paralegals and mid-office personnelpositions.44 / ACCJ Journal / April 2006US-TaxCPA.comTel: 03-3353-5626E-mail: [email protected] provides U.S. personalincome tax preparation and advisory servicesto US citizens, residents, and non-residentsliving in Japan and around the globe. Basedon an internet-service delivery platform, andspecializing in overseas tax filings, our missionis to take the pain out of US tax complianceby offering fast, convenient service at aglobally competitive price.While tax consultation is available at ourcentral Tokyo location in face-to-facemeetings, most clients prefer using our onlinetax organizer to submit tax informationand essentially complete their taxreturns in 15-20 minutes. After checking留学生人力资源管理论文#p#分页标题#e#that the client’s information is complete,tax returns are prepared by a US-licensedCertified Public Accountant with over 15years of expatriate tax experience. Clientssimply review the completed return, sign,and mail to the IRS.Whether you’re an individual, or an HRmanager looking for affordable tax complianceservices for expatriate staff, completingcomplex expatriate tax returns hasnever been so easy. For more information,visit our Web site or contact us direct.You’ll be glad you did!OrganizationalChangePersonnel ManagementProfessionalsTel: 03-3509-9700/050-5525-4450 (IPPhone) Fax: is a group of HR directors with experienceat major foreign affiliates in Japan.PMP staff are bilingual Shakai HokenRoumushi, labor consultants licensed by theMinistry of Labor and Welfare.PMP has developed what we think isthe most reliable computer system for HRoutsourcing. We offer:Troubleshooting (PMP ‘Hot Line’)If you have a labor issue that needs urgentattention or a question about your day-to-dayHR or labor management, please contact PMP.PMP’s national government-licensed consultantsconduct thorough audits and can adviseon the best solutions to your labor problems.OutsourcingPMP also offers a payroll and social/laborinsurance service.PMP’s clients range in size from companieswith under 10 staff members to those withover 10,000 employees.ConsultingOur team of bilingual licensed labor consultantscan translate labor laws and your companyregulations.PMP can also help restructure your companyand design your salary structure, evaluationsystem, pension and other HR-managementmatters.As HR consultants, PMP contributes toclients’ business growth. Careful attention todetail ensures our customer’s satisfaction andkeeps their HR expenses to a minimum.All our staff members are professionalswith HR backgrounds in foreign affiliatesand Japanese enterprises. With rich knowledge,great insight, a high level of languageskills and broad networks, we know how tomake the best contribution in personnelmanagement.To learn more about how we can help you,please email: [email protected] &Payroll ServicesAP OutsourcingTel: 03-5228-1820 Fax: 03-3266-7608www.APOutsourcing.jpAP Outsourcing is an independent outsourcingprovider of Accounting and Payroll withBIG Four experience (Arthur Andersen andKPMG). It was separated from Azsa Audit#p#分页标题#e#Corporation (the audit group of KPMGJapan) in April 2004. AP Outsourcing providesbilingual staff with extensive experienceand knowledge of financial operations,payroll and tax, helping you compete betterand accomplish your goals.Start-up Support: APO provides businessstart-up support for new foreign corporationsand venture companies, includinglegal registration, tax and social insuranceapplications.Project Management: Effective and efficientproject management support for outsourcingmigration.Outsourcing Operations: Well-qualifiedbilingual accountants, tax/social insurancespecialists and system experts accuratelyand promptly provide outsourcing operations,focusing on the confidentiality ofaccounting payroll/information.Loan Staff: Accounting/payroll processesare facilitated by the placement of our ownspecialist staff in the clients’ office for specificperiods.APO also offers other specific services andsupport on request. For more informationon how we can help you to simplify yourbusiness processes, call AP Outsourcing at03-5228-1820.EOS Inc.Tel: 03-5730-3635 Fax: Inc. was established in April 2004 as a serviceprovider of payroll and accounting, separatedfrom one of the Big4 accounting firms.We provide bilingual services with expertisein payroll and finance/tax/accounting.We are proud to say that every client ofours is satisfied with our high-quality serviceat reasonable prices. Clients are thereby ableto concentrate their management resourceson their core business when outsourcing tous their back-office responsibilities notdirectly related to their strategic objectives.Our strength is that we have truly professional,skilled staff to meet the needs of ourforeign-capital clients operating in Japan.You will find EOS to be a most reliable outsourcingservice provider in Japan.April 2006 / ACCJ Journal / 45Human Resources | Special Advertising SectionRecruitingDisco Inc.Tel: 03-5228-0262 Fax: 03-5228-0706www.careerforum.netDisco Inc. launched its first job fair abroad inBoston, Massachusetts, 20 years ago. BostonCareer Forum has since provided a high-qualityrecruiting environment for cutting-edgecompanies worldwide. We welcomed 8,000English-Japanese bilingual jobseekers lastyear. We will always aggressively pursue creatingthe best recruiting opportunity toempower your company’s global business.Disco Inc. will hold nine job fairs gearedtoward international students and bilingualmid-career professionals in 2006. Locations#p#分页标题#e#for such an extensive offering includeBoston, Los Angeles, New York, London,Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo.Upcoming events include:London Career Forum (June 17 & 18, London)Tokyo Summer Career Forum(July 4 & 5, Tokyo)Both events are geared toward:New graduates with a Bachelor’s degree orhigher from foreign academic institutions;Students from colleges in Japan with a certificateof an exchange program abroad;Bilingual mid-career jobseekers.For further information, please contact YuzoKawamura, Global Business Operations(Kokusai-bu), 03-5228-0262 [email protected] SupportInternationalTel: 03-6418-1247 Fax: 03-6418-1254www.careerjapancenter.comSince 1998, Executive Support Internationalhas been providing bilingual assistants andsecretaries to foreign-affiliated firms inTokyo. Executive Support International is aservice operated by CareerJapanCenter, K.K., aprofessional career-development organization.A regular newsletter is sent to more than2,000 foreign executives, listing candidatesavailable for immediate employment. Allcandidates pass a screening process andreceive training before being introduced.This service has proven to be highly popularwith busy foreign executives and has grownthreefold since its inception in 1998. Inmost cases, clients can meet with prescreenedcandidates within 48 hours.Our clients repeatedly comment: “Younever waste our time … all your candidatesare excellent,” and “Your response time is sofast … we are usually meeting candidatesthe next day!”Last year, CareerJapanCenter announcedits “Give Back to the Community” program.Hiring a bilingual assistant through ExecutiveSupport International generates a ¥50,000cash donation from CareerJapanCenter to aninternational school of the client’s choice andin the client’s name. Our “Give Back to theCommunity” program is in recognition of thecontribution that international schools maketo the foreign business and diplomatic communityin Tokyo.Resource SpecialistsPTS ResourcingIn today’s market, hiring the right people andhaving access to a quality pool of resourcescan make all the difference between successand failure. At PTS Resourcing, our mission isto help our clients succeed. With a team ofprofessional and industry-experienced recruitmentconsultants, PTS Resourcing is uniquelypositioned to offer the quality of service thatboth our clients expect and our candidatesrequire. PTS Resourcing prides itself on offeringstrategic, informed and flexible resourcedelivery to our clients in Tokyo, Hong Kongand Singapore.#p#分页标题#e#PTS Resourcing is a wholly owned subsidiaryof PTS Consulting Japan K.K., aglobal leader in Project Management andConsulting. PTS Resourcing primarily focuses留学生人力资源管理论文on the following areas of expertise:• Management Consulting• Professional Project Management(Construction and IT)• Technical Consulting (Infrastructure,Voice, Networking, BCP, Market Data,M&E)• Facilities Management• Corporate Services• Operational Support Services (Facilitiesand IT)For further inquiries, please contact MichaelCraven/Yukari Onohara at jp; or call 03-5765-7131, ext. 301; orTemporary StaffServicesTempstaff UniversalTel: 03-3519-6051 Fax: 03-5640-6160Tempstaff Universal supports foreign anddomestic companies throughout Japan byproviding high-quality non-Japanesestaffing services to suit the varying needs ofour clients.The Tempstaff Group has been providingJapanese businesses with staffing solutionsfor over 30 years. We are experts in providingstaff for both short-term and long-term contractperiods, either full-time or part-time, aswell as a staff introduction service. We currentlydispatch staff throughout Japan in thecapacity of accountants, editors/proofreaders,office staff, engineers, IT personnel andmore. For further information, please visitour Web site or contact us directly.46 / ACCJ Journal / April 2006Human Resources | Special Advertising SectionJapan’s foreign-capital, or “gaishi,” market is enjoying aperiod of rapid growth, and the so-called “War for talent”has never been more severe. The shrinking and agingworkforce and the increasing trend of Japanese companies tohire mid-career talent from the gaishi have further increasedcompetition. High turnover and poor hiring result in direct andindirect costs to the firm, and negatively impacts its marketreputation in an increasingly-networked candidate community.What can employers do in this demanding and competitivemarket to attract and retain the best talent?• Present the right face at interviews. Some gaishi businesseshave HR staff, many of whom are less informed about companystrategy and vision than the hiring (line) manager whoconducts the first interviews. They often repeat the samequestions, focus on salary issues and reasons for job change,and do little to sell companies. Line managers should beinvolved earlier, especially with talented candidates who arehappy where they work, but are still open to an interview.• Review the way interviews are conducted. Since experiencedand active job-seekers are often asked similar questions andbecome interview-savvy, ask unusual or testing questions tobetter evaluate their strengths. One client of ours, for example,asked a finance candidate how many taxis he thoughtthere were in Tokyo and how he arrived at that conclusion.#p#分页标题#e#Another asked a potential sales manager to talk about hisfavorite hobby and sell it to the interviewer as something he,too, should take up. These kinds of creative, yet simple questionstest candidates’ ability to think on their feet and challengestheir level of logical thinking and analytical skills.• Speed up the whole hiring process. Many companies take toolong to review resumes and then subject the candidate tomultiple interviews with managers who often do not communicatefeedback or compare interview notes with each other.A recent trend is to hire bilingual, in-house recruiters fromsearch firms, who drive the process.• Tighten up reference checking and due diligence. Some companiesignore warning signs and hire in a hurry without properlychecking a candidate’s history. There are fraudulent resumesfrom Japanese and foreign bilinguals on the market, but withproper screening costly hiring mistakes can be avoided.• Choose the right executive search firms to represent you.The market is flooded with recruitment companies that donot have the legally required recruiting license and whochurn out resumes without the candidates’ permission. Thebetter search firms have industry experts, can clearly showrelevant recruiting experience in your area, and are knowledgeableand passionate about representing and selling yourfirm and the opportunity to the market. It is important thatline managers spend time with their search partners andengage them, rather than leaving this solely to HR. This willalso ensure your search partner gains a solid understandingof the chemistry and personal traits required to succeedwithin your organization.• Create ways to retain key staff and articulate these policiesduring the interview process. These could include providingopportunities to train overseas or to join team-building trips;offering “lifestyle-compensation” measures such as four-daywork weeks and flexi-time, or just providing a cooler, moreflexible working environment with extra open space, and anemphasis on creativity and communication. These thingsreally matter when competitors are pursuing your employees.Some larger gaishi businesses still act with complacency and acertain arrogance, feeling that candidates will be attracted by or brand alone. Subsequently, it is often the smaller tomid-sized companies that react more quickly and offer morecustomized and effective recruiting solutions.Simon Childs & Jason DacaretManaging Directors, CDSAttracting the BestTalent in a CandidateDriven Market


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