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2022奥克兰代写指导assignment需求:Personal Statement

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022奥克兰代写指导assignment需求:Personal Statement

2022奥克兰代写指导assignment需求:Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Education background: Senior of SouthEast University (SEU)Date of birth: Course: Communication Electronics track on Chip Design

I am now a senior of SouthEast University, China. My major is Communication Electronics track on Chip Design. For over two decades years, the appearance of integrated electronics technology has been making our life better. Furthermore, the technology of integrated electronics has become an indispensable technology of all kinds of electronic appliances. With a view to acquire the theories and skills concerned, I am hereby applying for a place in system–on-chip design of International Master Program in KTH.With a history of more than one hundred years, KTH is one of the best universities in Europe. According to the relative statistics, KTH is responsible for one third of Sweden’s capacity for technical research and is the country’s largest organizer of technical/engineering education at university level. Its international master’s program will cover the key areas of knowledge and skills for system-on-chip including hardware design, embedded software design, analog circuit and radio design, systems engineering and extensive practical project work. Taking the KTH strong major advantage into consideration, I decided to apply for the international master program in KTH.

So far, I am a senior student with the major of electronic science and technology in SouthEast University, where the preeminent professors gather. I have mastered knowledge of design of Protel 99se circuit panel, application of ARM, DSP, FPGA and Linux. The design of VLSI mixture sign circuit has become the research core. In my junior and senior years, more and more major courses were included into my curriculum schedule, providing me access into the electronic science and technology realm. A knowledge framework and relevant concepts of electronic science and technology were built in my mind. My GPA in freshman and sophomore period has been low comparatively because I have to join and organize all kinds of extra-curriculum activities. But with my painstaking effort in the third year, I have ranked the top 10 in my class with a high average grade.

On the other hand, my knowledge is not limited to what I learned from class. I am interested in the R&D of electronic products. Especially in the Design for Electrical and Electronic Engineering and integrated Circuit, I always have my own arguments. At the same time, I have mastered all kinds of programming languages. For example, the design of digital system has been written into the program with VHDL programming language. With the university’s well-cultivated atmosphere of academic freedom, my research thesis named the research about industrial cluster of semiconductor components has been published in the research magazine.#p#分页标题#e#

In order to apply what I learned at class to practice and get a better understanding of theoretical knowledge, I have positively taken part in the university internship program. At the same time, in order to make good use of my spare time, I have had a lot of part-time positions including a job for the Electrotechnics Laboratory at SEU. Many electronic products design has been finished in the internship program including the manufacturing of function generator, the design of 51/52 series single chip machine. Take the specific chip design project for example, I have participated the analysis and redesign of digital module and ROM section and point code chip and the design project of LCD control drive chip, which were our university’s projects. In these projects, I have been nominated as team leader. By our team hard work, the analysis efficiency of chip has been improved obviously and the system design capability of on-chip has been developed further. What is important, my leadership capacity has been strengthened. Besides the internship in the university, I have been recruited as a summer intern by PHILIPS. My responsibility is to write the pilot run report, research and control product defect rate. By taking part in the above internship programs, not only can my electronic knowledge be enriched, but also my research capability can also be strengthened. Apart from my commitment to academic study and practice, I have also taken an active part in extra-curriculum activities. In the university first and second year, I have been nominated as the class monitor and leader of the student union. With my excellent performance, my leadership capability has been recognized by classmates and teachers. Besides, I have prepared many large activities held by SouthEast University. As for my career goal, my extracurricular and internship experience made me realize my talent in integrated circuit design. At the same time, the manufacturing of integrated circuit has been developed at an unprecedented speed in China. After finishing the learning in KTH, I do believe that I can make my contribution for China’s semi-conductor industry in future. Taking the above situation into consideration, I am longing for a master degree in system-on-chip, and I am ready to face any challenges posed by my study. With the support of the academic foundation built up at my previous and current study, which is in relevance to electronic engineering, and my outgoing personality, I am optimistic that I would adapt to a new learning circumstance in a different culture smoothly. With my continuous efforts, I do believe that I can achieve the most excellent academic performance of master program in KTH. In the meantime, I could successfully complete my master study in KTH. Thank you for your time and attention on my above essay. Your kind consideration on my application for master program in system-on-chip offered at your university would be much appreciated.


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