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2022正规essay澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:简述澳大利亚Crocs公司并及其鞋类供应链

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022正规essay澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:简述澳大利亚Crocs公司并及其鞋类供应链

2022正规essay澳大利亚阿德雷德大学 Adelaide University:简述澳大利亚Crocs公司并及其鞋类供应链

Company Background公司背景

Crocs Inc. is a rapidly growing designer, manufacturer and marketer of footwear for men, women and children. It was founded in 1999 and began marketing and distributing footwear products in the U.S. under the Crocs brand in November 2002. Since June 2004, Crocs Inc. has significantly expanded all aspects of its operations and has substantially increased the depth and breadth of their distribution networks. Crocs Inc. currently sells products in over 80 countries worldwide. Contributed by the popularity of footwear products and the significantly expanded distribution networks, Crocs Inc. reached revenues of $354.7 million and net income of $64.4 million for the year ended December 31, 2006, compared to $108.6 million of revenues and net income of $17.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2005. Crocs also achieved strong gross profit margins on sales of footwear. For the year ended December 31, 2006, the gross profit was $200.6 million, or 56.5% of revenues, compared to $60.8 million, or 56.0% of revenues, for the year ended December 31, 2005 (Crocs Inc 2006, p. 29). On February 13, 2006, Crocs Inc. went public. They increased capital investment related to increasing manufacturing capacity and infrastructure improvements as well as to develop international operations and marketing activities.Crocs公司是一家男性、妇女和儿童鞋快速成长的设计者,制造商和营销商。它始建于1999年,并于2002年11月在美国开始营销及分销Crocs的品牌鞋类产品。Crocs公司自2004年6月,已经显着扩大其业务的各个方面,并大幅增加其分销网络的深度和广度。 Crocs公司目前在全球80多个国家销售产品。鞋类产品和显着扩大的分销网络的普及贡献,Crocs公司达到收入354700000美元和64400000美元截至2006年12月31日止年度的纯收入,较108.6亿美元的收入和700万美元的净收入为截至二零零五年十二月三十一日止年度。 Crocs的鞋类的销售也取得了强劲的毛利率。对于截至2006年12月31日止年度,毛利是$200.6万,或56.5%的收入,而60800000美元,或收入的56.0%,截至12月31日止的年度,2005年(卡骆驰公司2006,p。29) 。 2006年2月13日,Crocs公司在公众面前。他们加大资金投入,提高制造能力和基础设施的改善,以及发展国际化经营和市场营销有关的活动。

In addition to put more effort to improve internal operation efficiency, Crocs also conducts several acquisitions in 2007 to expand market and improve competitive advantages. Ocean Minded, LLC (“Ocean Minded”), a leading designer and manufacture of high quality leather and EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) based sandals and EXO Italia (“EXO”), an Italian designer and producer of EVA based finished products, primarily for the footwear industry were acquired to expand the capabilities of in-house design team. Crocs also recently acquired Jibbitz LLC (“Jibbitz”) a unique accessory brand with colorful snap-on products specifically suited for Crocs shoes. In addition, 55 Hockey Products Inc., which operates under the brand name Fury Hockey (“Fury”), a producer and distributor of hockey and lacrosse equipment for adults and children was acquired to expand Crocs products into non-footwear categories.除了投入更多的努力提高内部运作效率,Crocs也于2007年进行了几次收购,以扩大市场和提高竞争优势。

Product and market strategy产品和市场战略

Crocs’ primary product line is Crocs-branded footwear for men, women and children. It only had a single model in six colors when it was first introduced in 2002. Crocs has expanded the line of footwear to include more than 25 models in a wide variety of colors, color combinations and patterns and a range of sizes, representing over 5,800 SKUs. A key differentiating feature of Crocs footwear products is croslite, which is uniquely suited for comfort and functionality. This unique material creates a comfortable shoe with a high coefficient of friction, allowing for slip-resistant, non-marking footwear that is extremely lightweight. In addition, croslite is a closed cell resin, which makes Crocs footwear products water resistant and virtually odor-free, and allows them to be cleaned simply with water or bleach (Crocs Inc 2006, p. 3). These unique properties make Crocs footwear ideal for casual wear, as well as for recreational uses such as boating, hiking, fishing or gardening, etc. A good example is Crocs Rx line which includes Croc Relief, Croc Cloud, and Croc Silver Cloud. They were designed specifically to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet. Target end-consumer for Croc Rx is people who is on their feet for many hours out of the day, for example, nurse or patient who has feet problem.Crocs的主要产品线是男人,妇女和儿童的品牌鞋。它只有一个单一的产品6种颜色,在2002年首次推出。 Crocs的鞋类线已扩大到包括超过25款各种各样的颜色,颜色组合和图案的尺寸范围,代表超过5,800个SKU。 Crocs的鞋产品的一个关键的差异化特色的Croslite,这是唯一适合的舒适性和功能性。

Footwear sales made up majority of Crocs total revenues. It reached 96.5% for the year 2006. To maintain core products competitive advantages, the following supportive strategies were established. They are 1) offering a number of beneficial structural features to proved maximum comfort and functionality; 2) offering models with a complete range of sizes; 3) expanding into new footwear categories (Crocs Inc 2006).鞋类销售是Crocs的总收入的大部分。 2006年,达到96.5%。为了保持核心产品的竞争优势,建立支持性策略。它们是1)提供了一些有益的结构特点证明了最大的舒适度和功能;2)模型提供了一个完整的尺寸范围;3)扩大到新的鞋类产品(Crocs的公司,2006年)。

For non-footwear products, Crocs also emphasized the importance of diversifying the overall product. Crocs has begun to expand product offering into apparel, accessories, and many other neat, innovative products. To further diversify the product line Crocs added Fury, which produces and distributes Hockey and Lacrosse products. They selectively use croslite to manufacture a variety of other non-branded products, such as spa pillows and kayak seats, which are marketed to original equipment manufacturers (Crocs Inc 2006, p.29).

Footwear supply chain鞋类供应链

Croslite is the primary raw material used in all of Crocs footwear products. It is produced by compounding elastomer resins. Crocs purchases elastomer resins together with other production inputs, such as color dyes from two chemical manufacturers. Crocs has contracted a third party processor in Italy to compound elastomer resins to croslite. They began compounding croslite themselves in 2006 at manufacturing facilities in Canada and China. Another third party processor in Canada is also engaged to compound a portion of croslite requirements. In addition, a third party processor in the United States is contracted to compound certain subcomponents of croslite. One of Crocs third-party factories in China are developed the capacity to compound subcomponents into croslite (Crocs Inc 2006).Croslite的是在所有的Crocs鞋类产品的主要原材料。它是由复合弹性体树脂。鳄鱼一起购买弹性体树脂等生产投入,如从两个化学品制造商的染料。 Crocs的已签约第三方处理器在意大利的Croslite树脂复合弹性体。他们开始复利的Croslite自己在2006年在加拿大和中国的生产设施。另一个第三方处理器,在加拿大也委聘到化合物A部分的Croslite的要求。此外,在美国的第三方处理器签约复合若干子的Croslite。 Crocs的第三方在中国的工厂之一,开发能力的复合子成的Croslite(Crocs的公司,2006年)。

To maintain a flexible, globally diversified, low-cost manufacturing base, Crocs contract with third party manufacturers located in China, Italy, Romania and the United States while keeping their own production facilities in North America and Italy. A new manufacturing facility in Brazil is expected to open in the first half of 2007.为了保持一个灵活的,全球多元化,低成本的制造基地,Crocs的合同与第三方制造商设在中国,意大利,罗马尼亚和美国,同时保持自己的生产设施,在北美和意大利。在巴西一个新的制造工厂,预计在2007年上半年开业。

Crocs footwear is currently sold through traditional retail channels. In the U.S., they sell products through over 11,000 domestic retail store locations. Outside of the U.S., this number is over 8,000. Crocs products are also sold through a variety of other specialty channels, including gift shops, bicycle retailers, specialty food retailers, health and beauty stores, catalogs, uniform suppliers, and kiosks. In addition to traditional sales channels, Crocs also offer products through its website.3PLs like Expeditors, TNT, and DHL are contracted to ship raw materials and finished products world wide. Sea freight is the majority term for international shipping considering the nature of products which is low value and light weight. To reduce the reliance on third party distribution facilities, Crocs terminated the relationship with Expeditors who operated warehouse, distribution and fulfillment process in the U.S in January 2007. They began operating their own facilities to fulfill domestic product fulfillment. Outside of the U.S, Crocs has additional company-operated warehouse and fulfillment operations in Canada, China, Italy, Hawaii, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and Singapore, and are developing relationships with third parties in Australia and Japan.#p#分页标题#e#Figure provides a clear picture of Crocs footwear supply chain.Crocs Australia supply chain network澳大利亚Crocs供应链网络

Crocs Australia supply chain network covers all seven states which are VIC (Victoria), NSW (New South Wales), QLD (Queensland), SA (Southern Australia), NT (Northern Territory), WA (Western Australia), and TAS (Tasmania). Footwear is imported from the third part factories in China via sea or air. Three gateways which are Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are used for importing. Each state has a distribution center to fulfill local customer requirements. Except DC in Melbourne, all other DCs are run by agent. Agent DC of QLD and NSW replenish orders directly from the third party factories in China. Other agent DCs replenish from Crocs DC in Melbourne. Figure illustrates the national supply chain network.澳大利亚鳄鱼的供应链网络,涵盖了所有七个州VIC(维多利亚),新南威尔士州(新南威尔士州),昆士兰州(Queensland)的,SA(南澳大利亚),NT(北领地),华盛顿州(西澳大利亚州),TAS(塔斯马尼亚)。第三部分工厂在中国通过海运或空运进口鞋类。墨尔本,悉尼和布里斯班三个网关,用于导入。每个州都有一个配送中心,以满足当地客户的需求。除DC在墨尔本,所有其他DC运行的代理。 DC的昆士兰州和新南威尔士州代理补充订单直接从第三方在中国的工厂。其他代理DCS补充Crocs的DC在墨尔本。图说明了国家的供应链网络。


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