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2022海外essaydesertation adjusted

By August 22, 2022essay代写

2022海外essaydesertation adjusted

2022海外essaydesertation  adjusted

IntroductionResearch area and background of the projectSince the reform and opening-up, especially from 1990s, the economy of China is keeping on high-speedy grow thing. This is NOT correct / formal English! In 2007,the GDP of China reached 1,233.7 Billion U.S. dollars , and the market scale of domestic consumption demand was 492.8 Billion U.S. dollars. China has become one of the largest consumption demand markets in the world. With the economy rapidly expanding and the market further opening-up, the market scale of domestic consumption demand of China will be continually extending(Dima, Museteseu et al. 2008). The essence of market entry is that it can make the essential factors such as land, capital, labor and technology that enterprise owns freely move in different markets, different regions and different industries under profit induces. Theory tells us that entry into an industry can facilitate adjustment to change in demand and input prices, increase competition, and put pressure on existing firms to operate as efficiently as possible. In considering the determinants of entry, it is necessary to think about factors that make entry difficult and factors that increase the incentives for entry. The role of entry shows that it promotes the effect of resource allocation through realistic and potential entry and makes the incumbent firms feel pressure that comes from new entrant.China is in the course of history transforming from planning economy to market economy. It is also a process of market deepening and market mechanism is becoming to play more and more important role in resource allocation, and the degree of dependent on market mechanism in economy field is deepening and strengthening. Due to the restriction of market, China has shaped many different market structure indifferent product and essential factor markets that were decided by many factors not only coming from market but also from government. Government’s administrative control is still an important entry barrier. It blocks the entry of firm or makes fin sentry on higher cost. Even more in some markets government regulation gives rise to hard entry barriers. This has been a particularly active of research on entry barriers in recent years. Why do we frequently observe that firms do not entry an industry despite the fact that existing firms in the industry make above normal profits? -Because of the industry existing entry barriers. Barriers to entry are considered an important structure characteristic of an industry. The competitiveness and the performance of an industry is generally assumed to be strongly influenced by its entry condition. Barriers to entry are essential to the existence of non-competitive behavior. Generally, economic entry barriers (such as economies of scale, production, eventuation,)are spontaneous, and administrative entry barriers are external factors and impose it on many firms. If a potential firm entries and industry it will be decided by government regulation even if the industry is competitive industry.#p#分页标题#e#Research objectivesWith regard to the impact of market entry barriers, according to the classical SCP explain acronyms analytical framework, it is mainly from the new enterprises to enter the market perspective of the existing business and industry prepare to enter a new competition among enterprises, as well as the final market structure is reflected in the adjustment and changes . in Industrial organization, the market reflects the market structure ,which is the relationship between monopoly and competition, indicating that the degree of market competition and monopoly, 指导留学作业提供指导Essay,指导Assignment,请联系QQ:949925041from the perfect competition to monopolistic markets a series of transition state in fact constitute the different forms of market structure. Evidence from the literature? Different market structure, market entry barriers have different marketing strategies to different manufacturers, and its market performance also varies. Market entry barriers will have an impact on the level of performance and market competition to competition in the market. Evidence? Market access is the essence of the enterprise in its possession of capital, labor or technical factors such as resources, subject to the interests of induction, in the different markets in different geographic or transfer between different industries. Evidence? Thus entering the role of industrial development for the first performance to a more effective allocation of resources to areas of operation. In addition, the reality and potential into the office can feel the pressure of competition, enterprise, and existing enterprise created incentives to reduce costs. And new entrants often may be enhanced with new products into the benefits, new production methods or new services. Evidence? Market competition is an important part of the operation of the market, as access to industrial development and industrial competitiveness and the important impact on performance, discover and understand the market barriers to entry is important because only in the identification of barriers to entry on the basis of the Government in order to develop good public policy to promote competition and industrial development. Evidence?The impact of enterprises to enter the decision-making factor is the multiple, and the most common is the pursuit of profit maximization, the analysis of access to the necessary input and output may be expected to have access to excess profits, businesses will be made accessible decision-making and action. Evidence? In addition, diversification of business development is for the overall strategic considerations, but also likely to enter new industries. No matter what form of entry, it will be met with a certain degree of force to stop. Evidence? It will be called to stop the power of such barriers to entry. With regard to the connotation of the market entry barriers have different definitions, according to Bain (Joe Bain) reference? the definition of barriers to market entry, including economies of scale, the necessary capital, the degree of product differentiation, and Stigler (Gorge Stigler) reference? that barriers to entry of new enterprises old enterprises to assume more than the cost, so in accordance with the definition of Stigler, economies of scale, the necessary capital, the degree of product differentiation barriers to entry to market of these factors will no longer be barriers to market entry, he highlighted the government control ( market access control) for the new obstacles to the formation of enterprises. Evidence?#p#分页标题#e#The government’s control includs the Government of different industries to enter a different license, and the difference of tax barriers. These legal systems the Government’s policy of market entry barriers to the formation of difficult to reduce costs or increase the cost of advertising and other means to be overcome. Evidence? Bain represented in the classic theory of industrial organization theory of microeconomics manufacturers and application of an extension, the entire SCP structure is basically a monopoly in terms of price theory and the theory based on competition, the enterprise was assumed to be in the market and technical constraints to pursue entities to maximize economic benefits, the conduct of enterprises on the impact of market structure have been neglected, especially when the market transactions of goods or services to the enterprise gradually transactions, transactions of non-market forms of organization instead of market transactions, the classic industrial organization theory has been unable to explain. Reference? In modern Western economics that the economic system for economic mechanism, and the economic environment or the economy to economic and social. Economic environment of the initial review by the resources given, people’s preferences, the composition of the technical conditions of production.? This doesn’t make sense. Basic economic environment has already decided what kind of economic mechanisms to achieve the ultimate allocation of resources is an important issue to consider. Neo-classical economics does not exist in system analysis, system is a constant. Evidence? School to the new system is based on the theory of industrial organization theory of the introduction of transaction costs described the relationship between enterprises and markets, and neo-classical theory assumes that the utility maximization extended to all personal choice, at the same time, the focus of the study by the market shift corporate behavior . Evidence? However, all Western economists study the theory of industrial organization are based on a mature market economic system as a precondition, there is no institutional factors to consider, but our country is in a period of economic restructuring SCP will be the impact of a strong economic system. Evidence? Therefore, in China, the Stigler sense of the market entry barriers exist is obvious, but also as a result of China’s economy in the transition process, the inertia caused by the planned economy in many Western countries is different from the market entry barriers to a market economy in China perfect, this paper attempts to identify the existence of an administrative nature of our market entry barriers, which is China’s market economy and improve指导留学作业提供指导Essay,指导Assignment,请联系QQ:949925041 the sound play an important role. Evidence?This should be a separate section… Perhaps called Research Aims and Objectives? This thesis studied the eBay Inc.’s history. Via the research of the industry interrelated, the author focuses on the company’s Financial Results and Annual Reports form 1997 to 2006.Consequently,the thesis summarizes eBay’s meaning in such aspects as founding process, key transitions, business patterns, value net, success worthiness, failure experiences,etc.The author tried to find the frustrated real reasons, by researching the disadvantage of markets in China and environments in eBay’s globalization. And, some useful suggestion is given to support eBay’s future development. This thesis consists of several aspects(Franklin G. Mixon and Kamal 2002). They are the actualities of e-commerce industry; eBay’s founding background, eBay’s business patterns, its value net, strategy associates or modes, Chinese markets’ failure and reason analysis. The correlative data and information in the thesis are collected form primary medium,,and public data or reports in second hand data from some famous consulting companies are all welcome and helpful for this thesis. According to these, the author has put forward some opinion personally(Franklin, Len et al. 2005). Could be clearer in terms of the specific aims and objectives of the project.#p#分页标题#e#This should be a new section… Founded in 1999 eBay China, the courageous explorer in the vast of China’sC2C e-commerce module, was the online exchange platform of the biggest scale, generated the largest exchange volume, and stood in the market most recognized. Mr.Shao Xiao Bo, one of the founder of eBay China, has accomplished the cycle of enterprising by cloning eBay’s business module and by practicing C2C with the operation of risk-capital, which ultimately led eBay China into a new era in the international market after being brought in at high price by eBay. As the pioneer of China’s C2C e-commerce, eBay China born the double tasks of developing market on one hand, and educating it on the other, at an inevitable cost and took the responsibility of becoming a pioneer in its industry. Evidence? However, with the advantages of being the first, eBay China failed to tackle the changes of entering the fierce war-era of C2C e-commerce and stood itself at the crossroad of the business embarrassingly. There are both achievements and hidden worries in each net’s market development status quo. After 6 years’ cultivation and exploiter by each net, broad and reliable brand recognition has been built up, and a swarm in a mass scale of clients to has been solidified. Evidence? Each net’s high quality exchange platform attracted stunning exchange volume, and hence cultivated the very first matureC2C business module in China. What’s cannot be taken optimistically is that facing strong challenges from mighty opponents each net gained little after several unprepared fighting, which postponed the profit earning schedule of each net. Evidence? The market environment each net is now in is tightly connected with the national condition of China. There are both attractive opportunities and threats from immature environment. As China’s e-commerce is still in its preliminary stage, logistic system is not up to modern standards, payment methods are not sophisticated enough, and the on-line exchange institutional environment and credit mechanism are far from complete, on-line consumers’ conception and behavior of consumption are not consistent. Evidence? However, we see bigger opportunity than threat and also see the immense potential for e-commerce and joined the battle for the substantive capital bonus in this industry as the major opponents to each net. Away form each net, these new comers take quite a portion of market share as well as new clients. In such a competitive market, each net keeps its advantages but at the same time is surrounded by challenges and threats. Evidence?, appears as an aggressive challenger, attacks adopting the strategies of offering low-price products and intensive advertisements coverage, which creates really some hard times for each net. Relies on its outstanding heritage, solid capital base and sophisticated market experience come with the birth of that processes huge potential by working only on what is necessary. Evidence? The live and let die battle between eBay China is confrontation between two profiting modules of two market player sat two different positions. Evidence? There pushed eBay China into unstable and embarrassing situation. In the face of competition, eBay China has to hold its stand. Making reactions or counter strikes to what opponents have done is not a proper operation strategy for itself as a market leader. Evidence? The right approach is to create new operation modules or methods so as to enlarge the overall capacity of market needs, and to increase its market share consistently by earning more new clients and greater exchange volume. Evidence? EBay China users’ consuming behavior shows more imitativeness, which guides eBay China to imply customized services to fulfill their distinct needs. And such customized services enabled eBay China to more easily introduce the users to the convenience and fun throughout their online exchanges. Evidence? The immense inclusiveness of Internet and the infinitely expendable client base offer easy solutions to eBay China’s market subdivision. Evidence? Being the one who’s on the edge of industry, eBay China grabbed the chance and designed different marketing strategies for campus, newly-formed family and online games etc. respectively by starting with product planning, distribution channels, pricing policy and promotion methods. Evidence? This has greatly enhanced eBay China’s competitiveness on market details. The orientation of eBay China is to be an” online exchange engine”, to be a bridge connecting small and medium size enterprises, individual sellers and buyers, and exert itself to be consumers’ first choice in China’s C2C area. Evidence? The marketing strategies of eBay China always root from clients’ actual needs. With the harmonious network community installed, the clear, good-looking and user friendly interface for the exchange platform, the quality “product”, enables the building of solid and lasting relationship between eBay China and its clients, and brings touches of warm colors to the cold business process. Evidence? Also, a couple of special channels were found quite suitable for eBay China. However, there is much room for improvement in respect of customer services, since eBay China 100%copied eBay model on pricing policy. Idealism in the face of the “free” weapon from competitors can do little to fight back. Evidence? Although target groups are locked on in its expensively invested marketing activities the expected outcome was not reached and that was jut one thing. The other was that triggered another collective deviation of some existing clients. EBay China’s operational strategies provides great experience for local C2Cindustry.EBay China has done a lot of experiments on personal credit system in China when there is none beforehand. Evidence? An efficient credit management system for enterprise clients was set up. This system, with Chinese characteristic integrating advance experience of international counterparts, has not only offered eBay China safeguard, but also becomes a model that its competitors anxiously 指导留学作业提供指导Essay,指导Assignment,请联系QQ:949925041imitate. Evidence? By adopting after-sale mutual evaluation both from buyers and sellers, the system build up users’ credit records to limit the risks exchanging online and hence increases the volume continuously. However, the credit system of eBay China was shaken under attacks from competitors. By eliminating the credit limitation for buyers, the exchange volume was boosted but at the cost of its advantage of enjoying a good credit reputation, which eventually flattened the volume and disappointed a great deal of loyal clients. Evidence? Although the new online payment product “Safe Pay Pass” is very advance, the expensive costs and the actions disregarding the reality of Internet in China helped quite a lot of buyers and sellers to vote against it. As the “big boss” in the industry, eBay China should try to touch the logistics segment that could generate substantial profit. After the international emerge with eBay. com,eBay China received effective supply on business running concept, management module and technical support. Evidence? However,” climate sickness” also paid its visit here to eBay China that has been going too fast on the way to internationalization. From now on, needs to study the national status and the Internet market in China in order to keep the position as a market leader who stands locally while sees globally. Evidence?#p#分页标题#e#A substantial amount of this looks like it has been paraphrased from existing sources. If you are using other peoples’ work, you MUST reference it appropriately. Otherwise you will leave yourself open to charges of plagiarism. There is NO evidence presented for ANY of the claims you make in this section and I suspect that most of this evidence should be in the form of references to show where it has come from.Literature Review – er, so what was the last section then?Introduction This article is not only visited the research and theoretical development the market entry barriers of foreign scholars ,but also for our country since the introduction of industrial organization, the Mainland has been the theory of academic research and on some empirical analysis of industry, academics, research on China’s industrial organization theory research depth has an important significance. (1) In this paper, identify and analyze a system of rigid barriers to entry on market structure and economic performance of the decisive role in the period of economic transition in different industries, different markets in different forms of economic and institutional barriers to entry to (2) of article China’s economic development from the character of the transition, an analysis of the industry as a result of new enterprises to enter the market caused by changes in the structure, dynamic approach to the identification of economic transition in China to show the process of institutional characteristics, which make up a purely economic nature of access to analysis of obstacles to the industry difficult to explain the existing barriers to entry of a decisive role in the market structure; (3) This article is not confined to the state-owned enterprises in the analysis of barriers to entry, and analysis as the main market of the private economy and foreign economic and market barriers to entry expanded the scope of the changes in trends in barriers to entry; (4) In this paper, previous studies and policy recommendations critical to recall that in the economic transition period, the artificial barriers to entry hazards. In this paper, the use of empirical methods of competition and non-competitive industry, entry barriers are analyzed, because of institutional entry barriers and economic barriers to entry are closely linked, and the industry awareness of the economic characteristics also very important, as Western countries entry barriers to the economy of the studies suggest that efficiency of the market structure has some positive significance, the government is trying to be man-made barriers to entry alternative, this paper proves that the research industry in the competitive and non-competitive aspects of the industry’s competitive government impose an excessive number of man-made barriers to entry, and those imposed by man-made barriers to entry are negative.The success of Taobao in China Through the two largest C2C website comparison, the background from the site, strategic positioning, business model, characteristics of services and so on success or failure analysis, Zhang Wei Wei, Liu Chong (2008) analysis how your site according to different areas, buyers and sellers of consumer psychology, habits, and economic the basis of differences in the different strategies adopted to attract more registered clients. Chen bin (2008) does a preliminary study and research on the marketing strategy of Taobao by taking a comparative analysis way. By strategic analysis tools, he analyzed successful experience of Taobao, with the focus on the macroeconomic environment, trade environment, external and internal environment. With a view to further consolidate the competitive position of the advantages of Taobao and the development of China’s C2C e-commerce. C2C e-commerce sales model is the development of the Internet in recent years, the main directions. Article in order to present, China’s most powerful eBay and Taobao C2C site ebay for comparison, Luying (2007)analysis their marketing strategy, and to explore the future of China’s C2C e-commerce market trends. #p#分页标题#e#The reasons of success of Taobao in China maybe such as follows:1. Alibaba B2B support. China’s C2C market, nominally C2C, is actually mixed with a large number of C2C in B2C, even the vast majority of transactions are a large number of B on a large number of C to complete. Domestic users will be the image of this pattern is called "online shop." Web shop is more important than supply, where the majority of the指导留学作业提供指导Essay,指导Assignment,请联系QQ:949925041 users, Alibaba, Alibaba do B2B transactions, while not giving up on the individual market, B2C transactions, will be your best choice. For Alibaba ,Taobao shop offers users the greatest convenience. In this way, not only for Taobao Alibaba provides a great deal of capital and management expertise, while also ensuring the business Taobao sellers of many loyal users and a large number of sources. Is all this (and the following paragraphs) a description of Luying (2007)? If so, that needs to be made MUCH clearer. If not, you need to give alternative references for this bit2. In the C2C trading efforts in related areas.(1) The introduction of payment Alipay. In October 2003, Taobao seized to pay to avoid the risk of this market for all blank, tentatively announced the "Alipay" service — buyer to pay the money into the Taobao provided by third-party accounts, confirm receipt of goods after the then the purchase price paid to the seller in case of disputes, will face a protracted arbitration, which will do no good to both sides. At the same time in various trading partners to establish the trust of the file, the initiative to resolve the transaction never met the two sides do not trust each other’s problems. February 2005 Taobao commitment, as long as you’re in a transaction dispute arises, AliPay is responsible for full payment. Taobao will soon 70% of transactions on the use of "pay for treasure", AliPay the number of users rose to 2 million. Originally eBay, are shop Taobao seller, especially in the experienced eBay "in January incident", the mind is more relaxed, "eBay demonstrated, Taobao trading" model more and more spread. (2) The introduction of instant communication tool, "Wang Wang." Taobao was launched in January 2004 Instant Messenger — Taobao’s Wangwang. Although in the early stages of the promotion encountered some resistance, such as less powerful than a QQ, MSN. But as the years of persistence and continuous improvement, Wangwang has been known as a very successful instant messaging software, and seamless integration with Taobao. Taobao’s most users are accustomed to prior to the transaction with the Wang Wang chat a few words, using the Wang Wang, but they perceived each other’s real. In addition, Wangwang back to record transactions between buyers and sellers negotiating record, which the reduction of trade disputes, and to enhance satisfaction with the transaction, to improve the efficiency of dispute resolution has an important contribution. 3. "Advertised" free strategy. Taobao has been very attentive to their users in the media and the image repeatedly issued a statement Taobao will continue to be free in the end. This Internet users, especially those of the individual sellers are very influential. Although free is a very potent business strategy, but the free strategy under the current environment, it is also inevitable. On the one hand, expected from the cash-strapped young people looking for profit is not in line with China’s reality. The other hand, when the market is a lack of trust and oversight mechanisms in case of absence, for buyers and sellers of false trading, the line is difficult to ascertain the authenticity of transactions, so might as well charge, and so they solve the problem of re-charging. #p#分页标题#e#4. Emphasis on physical channel marketing activities.July 2003 eBay and Sina, Sohu, Netease, TOM entered into an exclusive advertising portal such as exclusive agreements. If these websites and Taobao, Albemarle and other similar auction site publicity in respect of any co-operation took place, the eBay site on co-operation should be fined large sums. This forced Taobao large amounts of advertising budget into traditional advertising media, in a bus, train stations, newspapers and on television can be seen Taobao presence. Internet users are on fast-growing countries, traditional media advertising is the role of e-commerce can not be ignored. Taobao stumbled quite accidentally into making it in the ad campaign by the disadvantage to advantage, blazed a new path.The reason of EBay lost According to the eBay listing, Anthony is pictured as a junior at Colonial High, and as a member of the travel and tourism club(Amy 2009). According to court documents, investigators were looking for evidence Karen and Robert Bawiec had violated federal laws prohibiting smuggling goods into the country and trafficking in counterfeit goods(Ben 2009). The vessel is moored in Eagle Harbor next to the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, but it will be evicted later this summer when construction begins on a harbor expansion(Blythe 2009). 1. Insist on charging strategy. China’s market is emerging, but also complex, is the need to cultivate the market. For such a market, a strategy started to take charge is obviously problematic. Charge itself, there is no problem, but if the charging of fees designed to unreasonable and can not meet the special needs of the Chinese market, and the strategy taken by competitors, for free, then insisted on charging policy is questionable. However, eBay faced with the introduction of free competition, and always passive measures taken to cut prices, making their customers embrace of defections to competitors. Evidence? 2. Services are not in place. (1) It does not attach importance to the relevant links for the online trading service.C2C site not only need to provide trading platform for buyers and sellers, but also to provide trade-related sectors to provide personalized service, from the buyer and seller exchange and communication tools to a deal to make payment, in order to pay for security, provide some protection then the reliability of service and other sectors must do something. These transaction-related links on China, the emerging consciousness and rules of double loss of market share greater importance. Around the supporting part of the transaction, in order to provide greater convenience of those links is to do an important guarantee for C2C service platform. However, until 2005, EBAY only European and American指导留学作业提供指导Essay,指导Assignment,请联系QQ:949925041 markets its highly monopolized the excellent payment PAYPAL introduced to eBay, and pay for local security pass complete docking, in January 2006 before the instant messaging tool for Skype integration into eBay. The eBay fiasco, however, the basic point has been set, no longer able to save it(Blythe 2009).#p#分页标题#e#(2) It does not attach importance to physical channels for marketing activities. EBay’s payments business, which consists of PayPal and Bill Me Later, has become the company’s growth engine as e-commerce sales decline(Claire Cain 2009). By every common statistical measure Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols is superior to Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter(David 2009). EBay on advertising and other marketing activities due attention. EBay’s marketing activities are mainly reflected in the advertising, but are concentrated in the portal site, while the traditional channels of marketing activities in disdain. China and developed countries in Europe and the United States is different from the number of netizens in China itself is in the fast-growing, and these users access to the Internet is not necessarily start from the portal, or that does not rely on the portal site, if we can directly to the users directly into the C2C trading site, then this measure of business growth and expansion of market share, there will be a great help. In addition, eBay plans for large-scale marketing campaigns are also not sufficient defeat had more important effects. In the January 18, 2005, launched a 10-day network of promotional activities: as long as the pass through security to pay for more than 50 yuan trade buyers from eBay Discount 50. Commencement of the event just a week, consulting on the cumulative amount of 130 000 times. This should have been playing a turnaround eBay excellent opportunity to be eBay business overnight, the explosive growth did not prepare a turnover of approximately crazy payment system so that once a paralyzed state. Evidence? Because eBay hasty preparations, the rule is vague, both buyers and sellers participating in the events with great feeling of speculation, the seller deliberately shill bidding, the buyer countless random acts of evil film quite how much the seller of goods to be photographed After no one is interested, but a large number of landing fees and transaction costs for debt again no one to turn, some buyers have been slow to no response after remittances, have suffered losses buyers and sellers in the eBay forum make strong statements. Was originally paid to promote an activity pass, but just the opposite, security and reliability is seriously challenged to pay pass. Evidence?3. Involvement in the global harmonization of EBAY business model. (1) The payment of tools for the global advantage frustrated. EBAY has a right-hand man — payment PayPal, PayPal enormous impact worldwide, 42% worldwide market share. It is the biggest advantage is to support the multi-country currencies to pay for the cross-currency payment is very convenient. However, because of China’s foreign exchange control policy, making PayPal the delay could not enter the Chinese market. PayPal to enter the Chinese market, we must carry out major transformation of the system. PayPal enter the Chinese market, but dragged on until July 2005 PayPal (PayPal) before docking with eBay, and business. However, this an either PayPal PayPal, PayPal lost the advantages of global payments, reduction in rank for the domestic common payment instruments. (Douglas 2009)#p#分页标题#e#(2) It can not adapt to market changes. In September 2004, EBAY with eBay to achieve full docking to form a unified model and a unified interface, and servers are all moved to the United States. This is the advanced international management operations, sophisticated management techniques into the web site to eBay, while eBay also puts on a layer of chains. Slow down not only makes country visits, but also makes the most of the college students can not visit, no doubt lost the most potential customers — students. Meanwhile, the U.S. interface, the use of U.S. Internet users may not be suitable for Chinese user’s habits, because of China’s Internet users younger, lower purchasing power, and the taste is in the development and change. eBay’s CEO Meg Whitman later admitted: "This initiative is a big mistake." eBay employee could only stand and saw this problem himself powerless, even if it is to modify a small label. Because the system and the server are in the United States to the headquarters in order to modify the system, which requires a long wait to be completed(Emily 2009).Although some evidence (i.e. references) are used in this section, it is often unclear how much of the referenced work is being described. A literature review should critically analyse the literature, to build a picture of the body of evidence in a given area, from which you can build your research case, rather than simply giving a detailed description of it.

MethodologyResearch MethodThere are two research methods such as qualitative and quantitative methods. The former is to seek to quantitative data and to adopt some form of statistical analysis. NO! The last is often used to define the problem or find ways to address the problem. NO! The paper will take qualitative and quantitative methods together Data Collection DesignSecondary data designSecondary data is the process of project-related information. We can focus our attention on those who should be focused on the investigation of certain factors by the second-handThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment information on the investigation. In order to research the EBay(Geoffrey 2009), we need to select a lot of places to get materials, so second-hand information research can help research staff does not rule out the ideal market and look for the most promising market and to further lay the foundation for the field survey. But what are you going to do with the information you find – how will you analyse it?Primary data designThe primary data refers to the subject and text material, digital material.. Not really, that would be secondary data. Unless it is archive evidence for a case study. The survey questionnaire strategy is adopted as the primary sources of the research. In generally, questionnaires can be mailed or administrated personally, or electronically distributed. This research adopted the EBay questionnaire. What was the questionnaire designed to find out?Data SamplingThe target number of respondents that this research will gather is around 500. And the snowball random selection has a significant role to play in the gathering of information for the study.#p#分页标题#e#Analysis and fingdingPopulation and sample 600 questionnaires are issued, 500 are recovered, and the recovery of the questionnaires was 83.3%.Table 1 the population census of samples Categorystatistical variables the samples Number(N)Percentage (%)gendermale28456.8female21643.2ageLess 18yr 11019yr-22yr19823yr-29yr14230yr-39yr3240yr-49yr1650yr or above2

The demographic profile of the respondentsAge

Figure 1 Age of the RespondentsFigure 1 shows the age range of the respondents. 41% of the respondents were 19-22 years old. 28% of the respondents were between 23-29 years old. 21% of the respondents were between 30-39 years old. 22% of the respondents are less than 18 years old.. Gender

Figure 2 Genders of the Respondents

Figure 2 shows that the male respondents are 57%, and the female is 43%. education: a □ high school and below, b □ University, c □ Institute and over

Figure 3 education Figure 3 show that 60% of the respondents’ education is university, and 27% of the respondents’ education is institute and over, the high school and below is only 11%. . Career: a □ information industry , b □ manufacturing , c □ financial sector , d □ mass industry. e □ services , f □ soldiers civil servants , g □ students , h □ Education , i □ Other

Figure 4 careers Figure 4 shows that the career of the respondents are the students , and education, the total of the students and education is 78%,the total of the information industry, manufacturing , financial sector ,mass industry, services The Assignment is provided by UK Assignment is 22%. From the figure, we can see that the education of the respondents is relative to EBay.Do you have had the experience of online shopping?Figure 6 shows that 90% of the respondents have the experience of online shopping. Only 10% of the respondents have not the experience of online shopping. This means that the online shopping is very important for the people life in the mordent society.

Figure 5 experience of online shopping Which the following trading platform have you ever used for your online shopping?We can see that 78% of the respondents uses Taobao for their trading platform of online shopping, but only 22% of the respondents uses Ebay for their trading platform of online shopping,which means that Taobao is more important that Ebay in China.

Figure 6 trading platformDo you think which of the following factors of online shopping among is important to you ? Table 2. factors of online shoppingStatementStrongly importantimportant Neither important nor not importantNot important Strongly not important#p#分页标题#e#Abundance of goods38.50%47.10%5.40%5.60%3.40%Web Design36.30%46.40%6.30%5.60%5.40%Web Product search function35.50%45.10%7.40%8.60%3.40%Safety and security of payment transactions37.50%49.60%5.40%5.10%2.40%Instant messaging tool for buyers and sellers35.50%39.10%10.40%8.60%6.40%Buyers and sellers of credit evaluation system38.10%48.10%5.40%5.20%3.20%Community33.50%46.50%8.90%5.60%5.50%

From Table 2we can see that, 38.50% of the respondents thinks that Abundance of goods is strongly important,and 47.1% of the respondents thinks that Abundance of goods is important,the important and strongly important account for the 85.6%;36.30% of the respondents thinks that Web Design is strongly important,and 46.40% of the respondents thinks that Web Design is important,so the important and strongly important account for 82.7%;35.50% of the respondents thinks that Web Product search function is strongly important,and 45.10% of the respondents thinks that Web Product search function is important,and the important and strongly important account for 80.6%;37.50%% of the respondents thinks that Safety and security of payment transactions is strongly important,and 49.60%% of the respondents thinks that Safety and security of payment transactions is important,so the important and strongly important account for 80%;35.50% of respondents thinks that Instant messaging tool for buyers and sellers is strongly important,and 39.10% of the respondents thinks that Instant messaging tool for buyers and sellers is important,and the important and strongly important account for 74.6%;38.10% of the respondents thinks that Buyers and sellers of credit evaluation system is strongly important,and 48.10%,and the two account for 86.2%;33.50% of the respondents thinks that Community is strongly important,and 46.50%% is important,and the two account for we can draw an conclusion that the scores of following factors of online shopping is 85.60%, 82.70%, 80.60%, 87.10%, 74.60%, 86.20%,80.00%.the important factor is Safety and security of payment transactions ,Community, Buyers and sellers of credit evaluation system, Abundance of goods, Web Design, Web Product search function, Community.Do you think which of the following sites are more abundant in the goods?Figure 7 shows that 54% of the respondents thinks that Taobao is more abundant in the goods than Ebay.

Figure 7. abundant in the goodsDo you think the following Web site design, including color, page style, whether it can attract you to browse its website ?We can see the that from table 3, 30.0% of the respondents thinks that Web site design, including color, page style of Taobao is Strongly attractive, and 45.60% of the respondents thinks that Web site design, including color, page style of Taobao is attractive , Strongly attractive and attractive account for 75.6%,but the Strongly attractive and attractive of Ebay account for 72.6%,this means that the Taobao is more attractive than Ebay on the Web site design, including color, page style.#p#分页标题#e#

table 3. Web site design, including color, page styleStatementStrongly attractive attractive Neither attractive nor not attractive not attractive Strongly not attractiveEBay28.00%44.60%9.90%8.60%8.90%Taobao30.00%45.60%8.90%8.60%6.90%

Do you think the following website search function of goods and whether you can achieve a satisfactory result?We can see the that from table 4, 37.50% of the respondents thinks that website search function of goods of Taobao is strongly Agree, and 42.90% of the respondents thinks that website search function of goods of Taobao is agree , strongly agree and agree account for 80.4%,but the strongly agree and agree of Ebay account for The Assignment is provided by UK Assignment 77.2%,this means that the Taobao is more agree than Ebay on the website search function of goods.table 4 website search function of goodsStatementStrongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeEBay3.60%9.90%9.30%41.50%35.70%Taobao1.90%9.70%8.00%42.90%37.50%How do you evaluate the following Web site electronic payment system, the level of safety factor? We can see the that from table 5, 51.10%% of the respondents thinks that the level of safety of Web site electronic payment system of Taobao is very high, and 30.20% of the level of safety of Web site electronic payment system of Taobao is high , very high and high account for 81.3%,but the very high and high of Ebay account for 78.6%,this means that the Taobao is more high safety factor than Ebay on the Web site electronic payment system.

table 5. Web site electronic payment system, the level of safety factorStatementVery highhigh Neither high nor lowlowVery lowEbay49.40%29.20%9.30%9.40%2.70%Taobao51.10%30.20%8.00%9.20%1.50%Do you think the following two sites, which site is more trustworthy seller ?Figure 8 show that 56% of the respondents think that Taobao is more trustworthy seller, 40% of the respondents think that Ebay is more trustworthy seller and 4% of the respondents think that Sellers of credit has nothing to do with the we can draw an conclusion that Taobao is more trustworthy seller than Ebay.

Figure 8 more trustworthy sellerHave you a community forum on the following Web site satisfaction?We can see the that fromtable 6, 38.70% of the respondents thinks that community forum of Taobao is strongly agree, and 30.20% of the level of safety of Web site electronic payment system of Taobao is high , 47.20% of the respondents agree that community forum of Taobao is satisfaction. strongly agree and agree account for 85.9%,but the strongly agree and agree of Ebay account for 81.6%,this means that the community forum of Taobao is more satisfaction than that of Ebay.#p#分页标题#e#table 6 satisfaction with community forumStatementStrongly DisagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeEBay4.10%5.90%8.40%45.20%36.40%Taobao3.10%5.20%5.80%47.20%38.70%

status quo and of problems of eBay market development As the pioneer of China’s C2C e-commerce, eBay shoulder to create a market and the dual task of nurturing the market. On the one hand, due to nearly 4 years after the establishment does not have enough time heavyweight rivals, eBay is like the wind and the innovative marketing firms, which had not been encountered strong(Geoffrey 2009). On the other hand, as a result of e-business environment in China is still very weak, lonely before that eBay spent a great deal of capital and energy to cultivate online auction market, buyers guide network’s spending habits, guiding the network’s operations shop skills, they assume not only the responsibility of the competitors was TaoBao, one need not take into account network, and created a competitor. When international standards and eBay, the eBay and walk in front of the Chinese e-commerce, but also must bear the pains and trials. Therefore, eBay marketing study of the status quo must be connected to such a background, which is a pioneer in the industry is bound to experience the cost and commitment.experience EBay in the United States1. To create the extensive and reliable brand awareness, and solidify a huge loyal customer base According to statistics the annual CNNIC2004, eBay is one of the most well-known Chinese Internet companies. In participating in the survey o, more than 30,000 netizens voted in 76% of Internet users to eBay for online trading platform for the selection of the preferred site. January 17, 2005, eBay exceeded 10 million registered users mark, of which more than 400 million people through mobile phones, identity cards or through other reliable means of user authentication, network transactions as a high degree of integrity of the core group , tens of millions of registered users to make breakthroughs in eBay online auctions in the domestic market leader status, the value of a landmark(Heilbrunn 2008).2. To create trading platform for stunning high-quality volume According to statistics, the eBay online sellers sell an average of 1 minutes of a phone every 30 seconds to sell a pair of sports shoes, every 10 seconds to sell a T shirt. Only in order to create a network platform such as the speed of transactions. In 2004 the volume of transactions that occurred in eBay platform more than two billion Yuan. This data will be provided with the relevant authorities in 2004 commercial retail enterprises to compare the statistics, eBay is not difficult to find the volume of transactions has been the equivalentThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment of five Wangfujing department stores, 10 Wal-Mart’s domestic stores, 145 7-11 convenience store at home full-year turnover(Herb 2009). #p#分页标题#e#3. To cultivate a more mature business model Although eBay started online auction platform for transactions of second-hand computer parts and, the company always pay attention to customer needs to expand their business and innovative mode of operation in accordance with these requirements at any time in the operating direction of the field. EBay launch personal e-shop services in its first anniversary of the establishment, and in addition to the introduction of a bidding auction "Buy It Now" transaction mode, a large number of new products in the rise of the Internet mushroomed to log in and sold in shops, it is fast, on-line auction house eBay is no longer operational, replaced by a new "online Wangfujing" model: a variety of businesses to pay a fee as long as you can rent one on eBay, mass consumer goods, a variety of Monopoly, a number of petty household, and even calligraphy, antiques, etc. can be found in it, or even the sale of QQ, MBA courses, games and other virtual goods points. EBay’s business thinking can be summed up as "one center and three basic points", that is, in good faith as the central building of the network services, to enhance marketing efforts, improve the user platform, and improve customer service(John 2009). EBay now in order to complete a comprehensive image of the Internet market has in people’s eyes, a sound credit system, network, safe and reliable means of payment, with the endless stream of promotional tools and 20 categories, more than 400 categories of goods creating a huge kingdom of goods online.4. a steady flow of international capital input and a broader international market EBay U.S. control eBay after injecting a substantial capital 3 times, the eBay take outside the United States as the most important potential market to develop, not only for eBay to introduce a more in line with international trends in e-commerce business model and continuously for the eBay "blood" of millions of dollars on the importation of units to enable eBay to expand capital advantage, all kinds of business innovation with a more adequate room. September 17, 2004, eBay completed docking with the eBay platform, the instant sitting on the eBay e-Mart the world’s largest market for the majority of the unprecedented resources, eBay users and from the Americas, Europe and Asian countries the success of user transactions, a number of first time sellers overseas customers on-line transactions has become the international buyers as a "world factory" in China, an important channel for the procurement of goods(Jonathan 2009).However, the problem of the Chinese mainland e-commerce environment is not eBay to solve, most of the upfront investment into a credibility-building and promote the concept belong to the industry as a whole to contribute to online auctions, but it has not been able to achieve profit. While a loss of face shrinking profits in sight seeing at the time, Taobao, a network, such as making a strong competitor to join the resistance of the eBay profits up, with eBay’s competitive strategy and a number of docking failures also lost eBay many excellent business opportunities. It has continued to rise to the operating conditions of the 2004, which eBay is still a loss of 6.5 million U.S. dollars recorded. Evidence?#p#分页标题#e#Problems of EBay in the United States1. The institutional environment of online transactions and credit mechanisms are not sound enough Where has this finding come from? Secondary data or the questionnaire? It is not at all clear.Despite eBay clone the eBay’s business model, but the Chinese market and are very different from the U.S. market, China’s response to e-commerce laws, regulations and institutional building construction is still in the initial stage of the legal system to protect online transactions, and individual citizens is in a credit mechanism for the budding stage, although China’s evolving online trading market climate, but facing the eBay auction market, it is still immature external environment. With online transactions increasing the number, then the occurrence of fraud, such as the quality of endless disputes, online trading platform for market access, information security, intellectual property, privacy, tax collection and management, and digital certification, and many other legal issues an urgent need to define the relevant laws and regulations(Jones 2009). However, due to serious lags behind China’s e-commerce legislation, only a few general rules are not able to reach out into all areas of network transactions, so that the networks businesses of these disputes can only rely on self-rule to the system of supervision and treatment, but because law enforcement does not have the qualifications, not mandatory, which can not effectively contain a variety of network a breeding ground for negative behavior, undermined the people actively involved in online transactions, and slow down the pace of development of the network economy. Network in a virtual trading platform, the platform relies on a good credit market environment. However, due to popularity in China, it has yet to establish national information sharing and evaluation of the social credit system, even if the business environment in the real transactions took place in the absence of credit reference system, not to mention the virtual world of online trading is even more the lack of the necessary protection. Part of financial institutions in China through the establishment of local mechanisms for the personal credit file to ensure the financial security, but the eBay e-commerce businesses share these resources such as credit evaluation(Laurie 2008). there is no certainty to determine trading platform in the network, the transaction whether or not a party to the other party to the transaction in accordance with the agreement, because of a lack of credible reference system, which leads to the psychological basis of network transactions severely shaken, the network is not conducive to the healthy development of trading platforms.2. The means of payment is imperfect Again, where has this come from?As a result of the network across time and space limited, so the logistics system and means of payment was particularly important. Since 2000, mainland China’s logistics network has greatly improved the delivery and development, express delivery services throughout the country. EBay is the base camp in Shanghai; there are more than 1000 members express. However, the nationwide level of development of the logistics industry is still far from being able to meet the needs of modern economy, especially e-commerce needs(Megan and Nikki 2009). Logistics is a network service "to customer-centered" concept of the ultimate guarantee that the two sides no matter how smooth online smooth transaction, if the lack of modern logistics, network transactions to consumers convenient shopping is still equal to zero, consumers would not be aware of online shopping compared with the traditional shopping attractions. China’s logistics industry at the initial stage, due to the lack of economies of scale, resulting in high costs, little dots of goods lost, which is much too slow and other shortcomings, has constrained the efficiency of network transactions. Means of payment and settlement network modernization is one of an important condition for the transaction. Only dealers able to use safe and reliable means of electronic payment through the network itself or the transfer of funds to pay money in order to make online business a convenient feature fully. In fact, however in 2004 occurred in the number of eBay transactions 1,000,000, 70% of the transactions of the postal remittance or bank transfer ways, many buyers or sellers for a variety of concerns means abandoning the use of the electronic payment, domestic e-business applications is still in the lower level. Although the vast majority of state-owned banks and commercial banks have the technical realization of a secure online billing, payment and authentication means, but because of integrity constraints and institutional inadequacies, the electronic payments are often set up a high threshold, together with hackers everywhere in the network affecting the Internet use of the active means of payment, network transactions can not be optimistic about the financial environment(Mylene and Vanessa 2008). #p#分页标题#e#3. The concept of the network of consumers is mature and act not stabilize Ditto the last onewhile the number of users of China’s Internet growth has been very impressive, but the vast majority of Internet applications on the Internet is still relatively low, access to information, send and receive e-mail is more than 90% of Internet users preferred access to the Internet motive of 94 million Internet users participated in online shopping genuine shortage of 10 million people, the absolute number of looks, but the proportion of the international level and there is still a big gap. Transactions occurred in the proportion of GDP through the Internet accounted for the extreme in the United States of 12.7, reached in Germany 23/10000, in China, less than one ten thousandth. EBay head repeatedly and openly admit that the current network of domestic transactions in long-term guidance, develop the market stage, the network concept to the people there is still a long way to go. Anonymous characteristics of the network system in the lack of good faith under the negative lead more easily(Nate 2008). CNNIC report shows that the current domestic network site consumer brand loyalty is low, swing trading. This reflected in eBay’s auction site, to participate in malicious auction, blind bidding frequent consumers of the networkThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment , network fraudsters often weeding; disturb the normal order of the network market. Immature network created instability in the consumer Internet transactions; this is eBay the initial stage of e-commerce in China must face up to one of the macro-environment.4. EBay’s international expansion of the network value lags DittoShortly after EBay creating the network value, it helps EBay gain a competitive advantage strategy in the following areas to: First, it can concentrate on dealing with human issues and consumer-related market opportunities for rapid response; Second, to realize the fixed assets investment of the smallest; Third, maintaining a streamlined organization and the response sensitivity. All these advantages result is a simplification of the operation of the company, you can rely on the value of more than 100 staff to deal with billions of dollars in commodity trading. In addition to personnel and management layers, the company can quickly make a decision, which in the fast-changing environment is absolutely necessary. the scientific value of the network does not transplant Asia with the eBay brand overseas expansion(Nick 2009). In the Asian market, eBay rely more on technical, financial and brand, while ignoring the company has interests in the United States the value of the network construction. In the Asian market after the spate of adverse experiences, eBay have learned from the perspective of the global market value of building a new network. PayPal and Skype on the eBay acquisition shows that starting from a user reflection to build the value of the network. Figure 5 vividly demonstrated the C2C platform, Paypal, Skype mutual collaborate between the values of the network together. The three formed a strong mutual complementarily and, more importantly; this value is a global network of users, not limited to the United States. EBay made payment in the network; the network communication between two users is very concerned about the links to provide users with a first-class service. However, this remedy is too late to reflect on and change their experience in Asia, the reality of defeat. In China, eBay’s largest competitors have to pay early Taobao. Two key tools such as Taobao Wangwang Bao greatly facilitate users in China, Taobao has become the market share for several years beyond the important reasons for eBay(Peggy Edersheim 2009).#p#分页标题#e#5. It doesn’t succeed in establishing a regional-type model to promote the site dittoTo increase, such as cars, furniture, washing, dehydration and other types of commodities traded at high prices is the interest in eBay, but the transport and transfer of these commodities transaction makes more than baseball cards and collectibles, such as transaction records, so that users face greater challenges. It is for this reason, these products primarily through local or regional classified ads for deals. In order to conduct this type of traditional transaction into online trading, eBay established a regional auction site eBay. These sites in the main eBay site and a site at the same time large urban areas are listed in the auction, such as the Chicago site eBay. In January 2000, the company opened 57 regional sites, the greatest possible coverage of the U.S. market. Regional auction sites have proved to the buyers and sellers as well. Will be able to purchase first before deciding to buy the actual commodity to view the situation, and can pick up directly to save time and cost of transport. On the other hand, the seller also saves the trouble of packaging and delivery(John 2009). To establish a regional-style site from the technical and financial requirements of almost non-existent barriers, but the concept has greatly increased the volume of high-priced categories. On eBay, the success of improved efficiency, and also the impact of it in the United States have become broader. Unfortunately, the best business model to be used only in the United States, other countries in several cities, only scattered sites, most countries have only one eBay site. Comparison of China and the United States, the United States there are 50 Island and one directly under the Special Administrative Region, with a total area of approximately 9.3 million square kilometers, according to eBay’s count the number of regional sites, with an average for each State or Territory 1.2 SAR regional site ; China has 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities, with a total area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers, but only eBay is located at the Shanghai site, with an average less than 0.03 in each region. Let us imagine a number of buyers Chengdu appliances, automotive-type category of high-priced products, it will be difficult through much in Shanghai to meet the needs of eBay, and the Shanghai local buyers and sellers can rest assured that the transaction compare various types of products at high prices.6. Strategic Cooperation failed in Asia dittoEBay is indeed the expansion of branding and aspects of the transaction category for its tremendous benefits in the United States with a number of large media and entertainment companies in the strategic cooperation. America Online is still the highest rate of the United States views the portal, the company’s large number of traditional media on eBay under the branding of the line provides an effective channel for long-distance. Co-operation with Disney, eBay has increased visibility and has the powerful attraction of new users. Disney is one of the world’s most famous brands, and more importantly, it is interesting to engage in sexual activity and family-friendly company (although it also branch distribution of films through the film). With Disney World and its far-reaching communication channels to establish contacts will certainly bring a large number of eBay sellers and buyers. In addition, Disney souvenirs in eBay’s transactions and unusual hot and quickly. EBay on almost any day there are tens of thousands of pieces of Disney memorabilia. And,, Toyota’s cooperation to help U.S. companies successfully enter eBay’s online auto market transactions, including the pricing of new and used car sales transactions. In December 2004 in cash plus stock eBay acquire a real estate company, transactions worth 415 million U.S. dollars, and then entered the real estate market with the Yahoo, Google, the global network of resources to help eBay brand advertising to reach more large groups of Internet users. eBay’s use of external resources and collaboration eBay reflects the core elements of the following strategies: (1) the size of the expansion of users (2) strengthen the eBay brand (3) by adding new product categories and the classification of publicity to widen the trading platform (4) nurturing community affinity (5) to enhance site features and functionality(Mylene and Vanessa 2008) #p#分页标题#e#However, this strategic intent to achieve in Asia, but it is not obvious. EBay is few of the strategic cooperation, and limited in scope in Asia. Restrictions as a result of information, where only eBay in China as an example of strategicThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment cooperation. October 13, 2004, eBay and online games operator Shengda Interactive Entertainment Limited (Nasdaq: SNDA) announced a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, Shengda will choose eBay gamers as part of its designated e-commerce trading platform, while eBay grand and technology development through the two sides will jointly verify the validity of trading products to protect the interests of each player. EBay and the eBay network in the grand game advertising platform. March 16, 2006, eBay launched eBay and McDonald’s strategic partnership. The two sides will take advantage of online trading platform in the retail and restaurant areas, complementary resources, the establishment of integrated marketing channels(Nate 2008). November 8, 2006, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu and eBay announced that eBay, the two sides will establish in the Chinese market for multi-year strategic partnership, covering text ads, online payment, co-branded toolbar to promote three aspects to better for the Chinese Internet users, businesses and advertisers to provide services. Under the agreement, Baidu will become the exclusive text-based advertising eBay provider, to provide all search eBay text links online advertising; Baidu will put on its Web site as Baidu PayPal personal payment instruments business promotional priority. In addition, the two sides will also strengthen the exchange of technologies, including the establishment of co-branded toolbar, eBay pages to improve search engines to crawl, the efficiency of the Internet users visit eBay to enhance the flow of eBay. Cooperation is more than three times the author of eBay can be found in the Asian market in China, the most important strategic cooperation. In the United States and its strategic partners, these partners are the same industry or the traditional enterprise companies. Cooperation between each other is limited to the promotion of brands. With eBay in the United States compared to the strategic partnership, the role of a little single, for the strategic elements of eBay’s other demands are not very helpful. Category of products such as transactions demands of this important strategy to help did not play a direct role(Ray 2009).6. it fails to address the United States and Asian markets for a differentiated marketingin the United States, online shopping has become a way of life, the festive holiday period the volume of online shopping is popular, people buying goods online not just low-priced goods, including real estate, cars and so on high-value goods. Nielsen / / NetRatings Inc. December 22, 2006 in New York announced that 18 holiday online shopping index compared to the same period last year increased by 20% in the December 17 ending weeks of Hill 459.5 million the same period last year increased to 5.516 times billion. In 2006 the most concentrated network of four years, the number is more than 3 0000000. Jewelry is the index of orders to one of the fastest growing category of goods. Holiday season at the end of eight weeks, the jewelry of the order quantity has increased by 221 percent. The second flowers and gifts, since the fourth week in October has been 143 percent growth. The third is consumer electronics, 19-year growth of 107 percent(Ray 2009). #p#分页标题#e#Taking China as an example, the largest buyer of goods purchased on-line for clothing, decoration category. EBay users in China focused on the age of 18 to 30 years old, and eBay in other countries and regions most Internet users between the ages of 28 to 40, compared with China’s Internet users younger, lower purchasing power, they the site is also more sensitive to fees. And the purchasing power of users is a direct impact on trading a key factor in the success rate. Apart from outside the United States, eBay’s international business mainly in Europe and Asia, including Germany and the UK sub-station is eBay’s most successful operation of two international Web site. In Asia, despite the eBay acquisition of South Korea in 2001 after Internet Auction, had relied on the quite, but with the withdrawal of 2002, eBay shut down the Japanese market and branch offices in Japan, eBay to enter the Chinese market to high-level vision. Soon, eBay M & A 9.5 million U.S. dollars to China Taiwan’s largest auction site Chuan-edge information (NeoCom), 2003 years, eBay once again through the acquisition of eBay, get a head start in the Chinese market. With the end of the year, eBay launched the Hong Kong sub-station. In 2004, eBay spent another 50 million U.S. dollars to buy the India’s largest online auction site, which largely completed the strategic layout of the Asian market. In 2005, eBay had a market segmentation in accordance with the geographical, demographic, customer behavior and other elements of its 1700 users in China, targeting the mainstream customers in a well-educated, familiar with the network, the monthly wages of 3,000 Yuan in more than 20 years of age to 40 year-old asked the crowd. EBay customers encourage them to join the mainstream of global transactions to C2C. In 2003, Taobao has spent 4 months to analyze the domestic C2C market, decided to positioning in the 20-year-old to 30-year-old asked the crowd. Taobao CEO said: "people who buy things online is not a matter of fact the city is relatively developed, but in the economically underdeveloped regions."(Riefa 2008) In 2005, Taobao begun to consider the older crowd also included in the target customers. Clearly, eBay and Taobao concerns the target market is different. Although targeted at the younger generation, but eBay customers who are mainly the workplace, and Taobao’s customer base of more grass-roots, a greater range. Strategy in the media, the two sides have taken a variety of sources. eBay pay more attention to online media, and more emphasis on Taobao traditional media. More importantly, the decision Taobao free policy implementation in 2008. This is the best way to meet China’s Internet users at this stage of the decision-making mentality(Ryan 2008).In order to meet the needs of local customers and trade preferences, the development of the localization of Taobao, and operational products lively. When China found that most customers will be more willing to buy prior to bargaining with the sellers, the rapid development of an Taobao users online communication tools, "Wangwang Taobao." EBay of the software than SkyPe put into use as early as two years. Taobao online good faith for the payment of foster security system than the year before eBay launched a similar system. Taobao use the web interface and more pictures, with border arc angle, the main background to orange. This design is very friendly and Taobao. Taobao also encourages users to join the product design and services to the proposed. In fact, in terms of market positioning or media strategy, the choice of Taobao reflects more accuracy, because it is better to meet China’s national conditions and characteristics of consumers. In fact, through all kinds of signs we can observe, eBay attaches great importance to the Chinese market(Savitz 2009). In 2005, eBay on the additional investment of 100 million U.S. dollars, trying to open a new situation in the Chinese market, but a year later, eBay is clearly the influence did not meet their expectations, Taobao’s market in the next press, eBay’s thinking more and more difficult allocated. Under the forced helplessness, eBay in the Chinese market, have adopted a policy of only free to try this way to maintain market share, from May 1, 2005 began, eBay lowered the eBay listing all the transactions costs , followed by 4 months, eBay shop or even free registry fees and the abolition of commodity(Sawyers 2009).#p#分页标题#e#Again, this section is quite good, but does not have a logical link to the rest of the work…where has it come from? How does it link with the questionnaire? How have these findings been derived?conclusions and recommendations Conclusion To comprehend EBay’s history of the development and loss in China, I believe that can be broadly grouped into the following four reasons. 1, the value of the network expansion of eBay does not keep up with the pace of globalization eBay’s own process of globalization are mostly used to buy shares of financial investment, although highly efficient, easy to operate, but the issue left over from the businessThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment model is difficult to fully transplantation. In the United States to improve the value of the network to the overseas market environment subject to the restrictions and their own strategic approach to or can not find it difficult to set up adequate structures, the advantages of eBay which makes it difficult to give full play to the characteristics of the market and more familiar with their local rivals in lost its edge. 2, to establish a regional-type site model is not implemented in Asia Basic coverage of all major cities in the United States District site has not been extended to both population and geographical markets in China no less than the United States, in other words, eBay, at least in one direction does not make the best use of their capital and technology, but struggling with TaoBao fighting, such as advertising and promotion in more general areas of primary competition. Placed its own does not create a blue ocean in the near future might not gain an advantage over other competitors(Sharon 2008). 3, lack of a wider range of strategic cooperation In the Asian market as a result of the strategic cooperation relatively late start time, the scope of cooperation is also very limited, there is no loss of the three markets in the give eBay a strong complementary and supporting role. This makes eBay alone gives a sense of competition with the opponent’s strategy looked simple, too. 4, eBay is lack of understanding of the market in Asia at the beginning of the localization of the low level of slows the last and most important reason. From eBay in Japan, Taiwan and mainland China markets lost three of view, the greatest similarity in this. In the analysis of the market which is still a lack of local consumer behavior research. Due to the strong East-West cultural differences, the Asian people’s spending habits and preferences are still in Europe and the United States and other Western countries there are some differences between Internet users. Level of economic development and the maturity of e-business environment has led to charges the consumer-price factors such as lack of sensitivity. In the United States, most buyers of high-value collectibles, the use of eBay has become a way of life, but buyers in China has become the largest apparel merchandise, apparel. the expansion of eBay’s model of globalization is through the acquisition of most of the site to carry out, in the process of expansion is too firmly believe that the technical, financial and brand strength, management, less localized, and then the three key markets in Asia with local competitors the counter in the majority of multinational companies often have the problem – move slowly, which is almost all about the strategy of global multinationals disadvantages. eBay in terms of instant messaging, web payment, B2C, etc. Taobao than a step slow, the user selects in the large number of very high conversion rate of the Internet industry, which has become an important factor in the success or failure of the decision(Simon 2009). #p#分页标题#e#5. to expand market share by taking itself advantage. . Despite the rapid rise of Taobao and a thriving film network formed on eBay strong competition. But look at the current market share, eBay C2C network is still the market leader with 10 million customer base and experienced more than two billion Yuan, it not only scale far greater than the sum of all other rivals, but easy Fun Net is still a wealth of management experience, capable management team, strong technical strength and market development is more complete and higher level of service. Challenger is just not take lightly the more volatile the market competition strategy, must be sure that the status of market leader, based on the hold our ground, continues to introduce new market share in the protection of the original basis to continue to expand the total market demand C2C the amount of new growth through the capture of the customer base and trading volume and grow their own, at the same time expanding their own market share, run the opponent’s living space. Long as they do not follow the pace of the opponent’s blind obedience slavishly adhere itself as a market leader in operating strategy, it should be said that eBay still has a larger advantage of the first. Taobao also can not always free, as far as it will be expected to charge an annual fee in the form of business; eBay from the sale of each product in the management of the sales. EBay emphasize that the realization of the intrinsic value of goods, and Taobao emphasize the efficiency of the sales, there has been no absolute better or worse. From the face of aggressive challenges spoiler, eBay need to do is first of all, stability and development in regulation, safety, convenience and social advantages reputation, has introduced innovative features of the new business, continue to develop 80 million that had not been involved in online transactions huge market potential users, from the opponent’s personal struggle to get the new boundaries to develop their broader business. Only the reality of their competitive position have a clear understanding in order to develop operational strategies to their own development and growth, and with distinct operating characteristics, without fear of any opponent will be challenges.I expect the conclusion to reflect the findings of the primary research that has been carried out and this still doesn’t – you MUST address this as otherwise I can’t see how you have come to these conclusions.

Recommendations 1, it is for a local user to adjust business strategy As Warren J. Keegan, reference? "global marketing" is in the interpretation of globalization: a successful global marketing officer should have the "mentality of globalization, localization operations" capability. Understanding of local users is the key to success. According to China Internet Center ", in 2006 China’s C2C online shopping survey" results of the Census and Statistics, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Taobao users in comparison with eBay, both buyers have the most satisfied and most dissatisfied with the local . Which charges a website, eBay has been forced to free Taobao pressure on fees and charges made tremendous changes? A communication tool in the network, eBay buyers are most dissatisfied with, and most users satisfied with Taobao. But I believe that eBay and Skype will be integrated gradually resolve. Why? Buyers of the two sites are not satisfied with the handling of the dispute, although a similar auction site in terms of such third-party intermediaries with considerable difficulty, but eBay is able to differentiate remodeling, and regained a large number of one of the ways buyers(Stephanie 2009) Web site user community is the establishment of the early days of eBay users used to attract a major bright spot, but users in China has experienced a lower rating, eBay users should re-examine the needs and preferences, to create markets for local community culture and style. In the fierce competition to win a headThe Assignment is provided by UK Assignment start. #p#分页标题#e#2, to establish a regional site to promote high-value traded goods. In China and Asia, the rapid expansion of the volume of online shopping today, in the face of the area in terms of scale or are not meeting with a potential market for the United States, which can improve the site’s operating efficiency, while at the same time, sooner or later, user-friendly model will be increasingly strong local competitors used. If eBay is not the application of their own early experience in the technology and advantages, may be encountered and were killed before the risk of a head start. The author believes that China is at least in Beijing, Shanghai and other major capital cities have a need for the establishment of a regional site and feasibility. Chinese users of online transactions can be directed to high-value commodity trading. Popular since 2002 in fact, the real estate market led to a great online shopping space. At present, buyers have been the main force to accelerate the younger age, in other words, they are also the main users of the Internet and networks to the target customer base. Such as furniture, appliances and even the value of items such as decoration materials may become the most popular online shopping categories. 3, to integrate external resources. eBay in the rapid development of the Internet industry, the growing maturity of the business environment in Asia should actively promote the integration of third-party service, you can take the initiative to guide the development of traditional industries and enterprises and service capabilities, from the user point of view, the creation of a sound service system, the only way to in the fierce competition in an invincible position.4. to play network features, open up marketing channels.Marketing channels promote products or services is used successfully or consumption of a set of interdependent organizations. Traditional marketing system is heavily dependent on building distribution channels, and in eBay’s C2C e-commerce on behalf of the field and powerful advantages of the Internet is not just a media, but also the quality of products or services channel. In the circulation of commodities of the four elements: information flows, business flow, capital flow, logistics, in addition to the physical logistics elements other than the three channels are available through the Internet to complete(The Associated 2009). For some intellectual property rights as the main selling point of virtual products, circulation of commodities of all the links have been included in the Internet marketing channels inside the. In recent years, eBay marketing channels for innovation, it is the focus of the development is as follows: First, based on IT industry, to develop their own advantages. The first step in the design of marketing channels is to understand the target market of their choice in what products consumers buy, where to buy, why buy, when to buy and how to buy. EBay’s IT industry has its core customer base, the industry of C2C businesses and individuals have a strong business identity and an urgent need. EBay is the year of second-hand computer parts from the online auction started, not only in this industry has a wealth of marketing experience, and IT products, eBay transaction has been an important part of the turnover. Therefore, eBay marketing channels in the building to continue based on the IT industry, the continuous development of their own advantages. ASUS, Netac, Logitech and other IT giants have chosen through the eBay platform release of its new products, and processed in the quarter here, and inventory products. IT industry marketing channels open to the eBay network plays a key role(Tom 2008). Second, moved into the new field, open up new channels. In October 2004, eBay announced a partnership with the nation’s largest online game operators Shengda formed a strategic alliance. EBay grand choice of gamers as part of its e-commerce trading platform for designation, at the same time grand and eBay co-operative network technology development, product co-verify the validity of transactions, to protect the interests of each player. And eBay will be a grand platform for online game advertising. Note eBay gateway to the domestic rise of the online games industry, the transaction will be online games as a new distribution channel to develop, will be crowned with handsome gains. Beijing and Shanghai to promote eBay’s largest operators of karaoke OK "till" in the eBay platform to sell their karaoke room’s reservation OK business, the entertainment industry’s marketing channels and potential business opportunities should be fully aware of eBay, excavation depth(Vito 2008).#p#分页标题#e#Again, with the recommendations, I don’t see the link between the research you have done and where these have come from.Overall, you still need to improve this in 2 significant areas: Evidence – you make numerous statements / assertions (particularly in the beginning) which are not evidenced with references. I am particularly concerned that you seem to paraphrase other work without referencing them, which could lead to a charge of plagiarism.Logical progression – there is no coherent argument which links the literature review to the research methods and explains why the research you undertook was necessary. There is also no logical link between the research (i.e. the questionnaire) and the findings / discussion of the research, which seem to discuss completely different results which bear little or no relation to the questionnaire. This continues in the conclusion and recommendations, which are also not linked in any coherent or logical way to the results of the questionnaire research you undertook.It is important that you address these issues before submitting the final project. You also need to correctly format the project and thoroughly spell and grammar check it before submission.


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