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2022澳洲作业代写美国essay指导:What qualities make a person influential

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022澳洲作业代写美国essay指导:What qualities make a person influential

2022澳洲作业代写美国essay指导:What qualities make a person influential

论文题目:What qualities make a person influential论文语种:英文您的研究方向:英语是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:美国您的学校背景:美国。前五十。要求字数:800论文用途:本科考试题目是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):否补充要求和说明:Exemplification essay.至少三个例子。至少五段。introduction.thesis.conclusion请写的吸引人一些。谢谢。1.0Introduction

There are some people who are not in brilliant appearance, but they still many people around them. There are some people who are not in high social status, but they make people do things in accordance with them with consciousness or unconsciousness. Why? It contributes their great influence. The famous American president Abraham Lincoln once was mocked by his ‘hick’ appearance and demeanor and satirized as ‘gibbon’, but he succeeded in presidential election and become influential in American history. Martin Luther King is a Black. In the most serious period of racial discrimination, he struggled for and fought for the equality of black people and not only gained the support of black people but also many white people. It strikingly shows the great power of an influential person.

Outline1.0Introduction22.0Three Key Qualities Make Person to Be Influential22.1Owing a Dream22.2Making a Commitment to Everything They Do32.3Optimistic Attitude33.0Conclusion4

2.0Three key Qualities Make Person to Be influential

The power of influence refers to ability which uses an acceptable way to change others’ thought pattern and behavior. Different from the power which uses ‘gun’ to force people, influence is a kind of non-mandatory one. Every person owns influence, difference existing in its effect. The statesmen use it to win election; businessmen use it to sale goods; even your families and friends play their influence on you. An influential person always surrounded by many people, because they are always attracted by him consciously or unconsciously. Success never lacks chance but method. To become influential is the start.

2.1Owing a Dream

A man's dreams are an index to his greatness (Zadok Rabinwitz)Any influential person in every career, including men or women, old or young, they are in different job, different position and different background. While there is a common point within them: they have a dream. Great influence is not born with, but a combination of nature and nurture. If you have a dream, then you eager to achieve it or positively influence the world, you will struggle to become an influential person. For instance, the Wright Brothers, they created one of the most wonderful and meaningful miracles in the world to send human into the sky. Before them, there is no one imaging that human can ‘fly’ in the sky like a bird. Dreams make Wright Brother become great and influential. In fact, influential dose not equal to famous. In other words, every common and ordinary person can have a dream; and his or her dream can make him or her influential to some degree. Take my grandfather, for instance. In his childhood, he did not have some ‘great’ dream, but only dreamed to live without hunger and illness. This dream is so ordinary compared with famous people like Wright Brother, but just because of my grandfather’s dream, he devoted all his life to make the whole family away from hunger and illness to achieve his dream. He is not famous, but he is influential enough in my family.2.2Making a Commitment to Everything They DoThe quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor (Vincent Lombardi).A person want to be influential, he must commit to work harder at everything they attempt to do. It is well known that there is no short path to success; it is also applied to be influential. In the story of Born Mildred Norman, who was an excellent and influential peace activist, she was the first women to walk the Appalachian trial in one season and spent 28 years to walk through America to advocate peace, walking over 40,000km for peace. No influential man can easily to be, and nothing can easily be achieved without paying and pain. In everyone’s daily life, people make all kinds of commitments. Among these commitments, they including some relate to trifles and some relate to life-and-death matter. But no matter the commitment is the former or later one, people should and must consider it as a promise to follow-up or a importance commitment to perform, because this is the way trust is built and maintained. Performing the commitment may be the hardest thing in the course to be an influential person.

2.3Optimistic AttitudeA pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty (Winston Churchill).A key quality of an influential person is optimistic attitude. They always think a glass is half and that everything is possible. For most people, if they think that someone is active, reliable and optimistic, then they will choose that person to be the influential people in their lives. Thus optimistic attitude is essential. The striking example is Helen Keller, who fought with hard of hearing and seeing. She was not only a writer but a political activist for Women’s Suffrage Workers Rights and Socialism. With her great optimistic attitude, she faces and solves many difficulties in all her life and to be the great influential person in the human history. Her story constantly influences many people of different generation. In the course of becoming influential, there is full of difficulties and challenges. That is why not every man can become influential. If one always sees the negative side or have pessimistic attitude, it is merited hard for him to overcome these problems and eventually to be an influential person. Thus, an optimistic attitude is no doubt of vital importance.3. 0Conclusion

No one is born to be influential; no one is born to be successful. Everyone has a dream to become an influential people. All things you do to become influential is based on this. Without this foundation, there will be no influential person. Commitment and influential person, each of them walk hand in hand and in simple words to say if there is no commitment, then people will not be real influential. A commitment has to be steadfast promise to it that under no condition person is prepared to fail, it has to be unwavering. Meanwhile, Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing be done without hope and confidence. Thus these three key qualities are of vital importance and cannot be eliminated. Based on these qualities, people grow to be influential is that well gun is half done.


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