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2022留学生代写指导英国留学生essay需求Owner of Skála Group Company

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022留学生代写指导英国留学生essay需求Owner of Skála Group Company

2022留学生代写指导英国留学生essay需求Owner of Skála Group Company

Interviewee: Mr. CAO Heping, Owner of Skála Group CompanyPlace: 1191 Budapest, Áruház köz 1-3.1.How many employees are there in your company?1,100.2.What proportion do the Hungarians and local Chinese account for?6 Chinese and the rest are Hungarians.3.What are their main positions?In management level there are mainly Hungarians and the 6 Chinese are family members.4.How do you take into account the employment of local Chinese and Hungarians? Is good Hungarian/Chinese or English language skill a must?On the basis of local policy, professional background and at least college degree are required. For Hungarians good knowledge of English and German are necessary and for Chinese fluent Hungarian is a must.5.What is the main difference between Chinese and Hungarian employees? Did it bring any difficulties into your management?Actually there’s not much communication between Chinese and Hungarian employees, so I’ve not told the difference.6.Are there any differences in compensation and benefits of local Chinese and Hungarians? If there are, what are the main reasons?No.7.What role does IHRM play in the whole operation of your company?It’s as crucial as marketing. The company’s operation and development are connected tightly to IHRM.8.What kind of quality do you think an owner of a multinational company should have? Have you ever received any training for this?Good management skill, accurate judgment of economic and political tendency in this modern society, goal-achiever, localization, risk awareness and a charitable heart. I learnt business management by myself, since I was a doctor. (haha) 9.What’s your viewpoint of cultural diversity?I think every culture should be treated equally and especially local culture should be respected.10.What does cultural diversity bring into IHRM? Is it an opportunity or challenge?It’s an opportunity, because IHRM could be improved if you successfully solved problems caused by cultural diversity.11.Do local Chinese and Hungarian staff working in harmony or conflict? If there are conflicts sometimes, what are the main reasons?In a harmony, but due to different ways of thinking, conflicts also happened sometimes.12.Could you illustrate some typical examples of conflict caused by cultural diversity in your company?One is that in Logistics Department the Hungarian employees always feel that Chinese co-workers don’t do things in a Hungarian way and Chinese might replace their positions. Another one is between Chinese investors and Hungarian managers: Hungarians like doing things strictly according to rules, but Chinese think sometimes it’s not that feasible in real life. 13.What do you think is the principle for solving these?#p#分页标题#e#In the case of obeying the local law, we communicate first and even give up some profits. 14.Could you tell me some general business data of your company?Yes, but only something very general. In 2004 we made the acquisition of Skála. From then to 2007, we kept an increase of profits at a speed of 10 percent per year. In 2007 and 2008, under the pessimistic economic environment of this world, we are still enlarging our investment.15.Do you think there is any connection between IHRM and your business profitability?Yes, the connection is direct. Good IHRM will save costs and raise efficiency.



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