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2022留学生essay指导英国essay定制:Managing Director of Tiens Hungary

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022留学生essay指导英国essay定制:Managing Director of Tiens Hungary

2022留学生essay指导英国essay定制:Managing Director of Tiens Hungary

Interviewee: Mr. Nagyfejeö Attila, Managing Director of Tiens Hungary KFT.Place: 1072 Budapest, Rákoczi út 42.1.How many employees are there in your company?13 (11 active).2.What proportion do the Hungarians and local Chinese account for?There are no Chinese, 10 Hungarians and 3 other nationalities.3.What are their main positions?In this regional level, Hungarians are in management, but in EU level, Chinese are.4.How do you take into account the employment of local Chinese and Hungarians? Is good Hungarian/Chinese or English language skill a must?Minimum college degree, English (another European language is a plus) and essayrelative experience in the business field (esp. customer service).5.What is the main difference between Chinese and Hungarian people? Did it bring any difficulties into your management?The way of thinking. Yes, esp. when making decisions.6.Are there any differences in compensation and benefits of local Chinese and Hungarians? If there are, what are the main reasons?No.7.What role does IHRM play in the whole operation of your company?It’s not so important in our business industry.8.What kind of quality do you think an owner of a multinational company should have? Have you ever received any training for this?Good communication skill, experience to handle people and ability to motivate people. Yes, I wan a secondary school teacher and now I’m learning Chinese. (haha) 9.What’s your viewpoint of cultural diversity?If you can accept other cultures, it will help.10.What does cultural diversity bring into IHRM? Is it an opportunity or challenge?As long as following the guidelines, there won’t be any problem.11.Do local Chinese and Hungarian staff working in harmony or conflict? If there are conflicts sometimes, what are the main reasons?90% in a harmony. Not enough information will lead to conflicts.12.Could you illustrate some typical examples of conflict caused by cultural diversity in your company?Yes. European people like making decisions immediately or at least in a short-term, but if a Chinese boss says “I’ll tell you the decision tomorrow”, it means 3 days later. They just wanna make everything sure and clear, but Europeans are not willing to wait a lot.13.What do you think is the principle for solving these?Communication, including teleconference and personal contact. 14.Could you tell me some general business data of your company?Yes, sure. Tiens Global was founded in Tianjin, China in 1995 and this Hungarian headquater was in 2002. In the past years, our sales was increasing very fast year by year at 100%, 150% and even 200%, but this year our budget is 40-50%. We have been the 8th biggest company in multilevel business all over the world.#p#分页标题#e#15.Do you think there is any connection between IHRM and your business profitability?No, it’s not that obvious.



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