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2022留学生essayResearch Method Course work

By August 18, 2022essay代写

2022留学生essayResearch Method Course work

2022留学生essayResearch Method Course work

Research Method Course work

CourseworkYou are required to submit a research proposal. The research proposal will consist of a literature review, research objectives and a description of the proposed research methodology. literature review will present a scholarly discussion of existing knowledge about your selected research topic. The research topic must be hospitality related. The objectives will have to be clearly phrased and be feasible to implement within the constraints of an undergraduate dissertation. The proposed research methodology has to be in line with the stated research objectives and, again, have to be feasible to implement within the framework of an undergraduate dissertation.

Please note: you are NOT required to research this topic for your Dissertation.Your review at least twenty (20) peer reviewed and refereed journal articles and these must be listed in the reference list attached at the end of the proposal.

The word limit is 2500 words.Submission deadline:12 June 2012Submission: Printed copy to the LibraryFor your reference please keep an electronic copy of the assignment


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