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2022美国人代写Essay plan

By August 20, 2022essay代写

2022美国人代写Essay plan

2022美国人代写Essay plan

Essay plan Title: An analysis of the application and the effect of the Internet technology in marketingIntroduction:As internet technology become more and more popular ,it is applied in many fields. What is definition of Marketing and whether or not Internet technology could applied in 指导essay Marketing are the topic of people interest and concern. It will certainly have effect apply one thing to another. But what kind of influence will make the internet with marketing together is worth for people to pay attention. The argument of essay: Internet technology is applied in many aspects of marketing. In addition it makes large effect on marketing. Internet technology could make much more benefits and it really play an important role of marketing nowadaysFocus area: 1,The definition of marketing2,Explanation the relationship between marketing and internet technology and the different about Marketing with internet3,Which sides did the Internet technology be applied and how could it be applied.4,The influence of application of internet technology in these sides of marketing5,The advantages and disadvantages of these influence 指导essay Main body:Sub-topic 1:The definition of MarketingDefined Marketing and InternetExplanation the relationship between marketing and internet technology and the different about Marketing with internetSub-topic 2:The application of the Internet technology in marketing _____ apply internet technology in marketing environment _____ apply internet technology in marketing planning _____ apply internet technology in B2B exchanges Sub-topic 3:The effect of the internet technology in marketing ______ effects of the marketing environment _______effects of the marketing planning _______effects of building B2B relationships指导essay Sub-topic 4:The advantages and disadvantages of applying Internet technology in marketing

Conclusion:Basis topic to get the conclusion about whether or not internet technology make a good influence of marketing.

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