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With the establishment of the socialist market economic system and advance work in grass-owned enterprises are also facing new environment and development, requires grassroots party workers with tight pace, abandon old ideas and ways of working, trying to make state-owned enterprises grassroots party building era of the times that some creative and innovative, so that grassroots party-building work better for business development needs.随着社会主义市场经济体制的建立和推进,国有企业基层党建工作也面临着新的环境和发展方向,要求基层党建工作者跟紧时代的步伐,摒弃旧的思想和工作方式,努力使国有企业基层党建工作体现时代时代该有的创造性和创新性,使基层党建工作更好的适用于企业发展的需求。

First, the current business problems faced by grassroots party building一、目前企业基层党建工作面临的问题

1. SOE grassroots organizations working mechanism unreasonable, and at this stage incompatible. One is incompatible with the way of working. In the new system established, state-owned enterprises grassroots party building work has not yet by the inefficient transformation to adapt to efficient operation of the new system, there is no way of thinking from a simple ideals of selfless attention to grass-roots party members into the mentality and Employee ​​up. Two are incompatible with the party work system. Today's value orientation gradually diversified enterprise management flattening compared tedious, can not meet the needs of modern life. Therefore, companies need to build grassroots organizations to implement a new system of work organization work specifications to run. Three is incompatible with the production and operation. Some of the lack of specific methods of work of party organizations, goals are not clear, but also the lack of modern, way lagging behind and the pursuit of high efficiency, fast-paced production and operation mode are incompatible, and the exchange of a single way, lack of cooperation and communication, so makes the party building work closely with the production and management difficult.1.国有企业基层党组织的工作机制不合理,与现阶段的不相适应。一是与工作方式的不相适应。在新体制建立起来之后,国有企业基层党建的工作方式还没有由低效型转变为高效性来适应新体制的运行,思想方式也没有由单纯的无私奉献等理想转变为关注基层党员的心态和员工价值取向上来。二是与党组织工作制度的不相适应。现如今人的价值取向逐渐多元化,企业扁平化的管理方式比较冗繁,不能适应现代生活的需求。所以,企业基层党组织需要建立新的工作制度来落实党组织工作规范运行。三是与生产经营的不相适应。有些党组织的工作方法缺乏针对性,目标不明确,同时也缺乏时代感,方式比较滞后,与追求高效率、快节奏的生产经营模式不相适应,且交流方式单一,缺乏合作与沟通,这样使得党建工作与生产经营难以紧密结合。2. Enterprises work in grass lack of innovation. Some state-owned enterprises grassroots party building work of thinking is still stuck in the traditional old-fashioned theory, unwilling to accept new ideas and new methods, reluctant to innovation, a lot of work is done step by step, following the beaten track, is now suited to the development of a common group.3. SOE grassroots party political education personnel is relatively weak. In recent years, the party grassroots party building staff gradually profound lack of political party system, professional education, and for the political education of the general staff is also weakened, making sense of responsibility of staff and party spirit is not strong, not reflected in the work of party members advanced.4. State-owned enterprise party job evaluation is not clear. Enterprises lack grassroots party building a fair, impartial, scientific evaluation criteria, many companies have not established a clear and enforceable deployment, inspection and punishment and so improve the reward system. This is to some extent against the enthusiasm of the staff, a certain lack of interest of the driving force.

Second, innovative companies work in grass, to stimulate the vitality of enterprises

To stimulate the vitality of grassroots party building, solve a lot of grass-roots party building work unreasonable phenomenon, given the work of party building times, we must resolutely make innovation work, and strive to develop staff work plans. Innovative enterprises work in grass, from the following aspects need to be cut.1. Grassroots party building innovative ideasFirst, in conjunction with the international and domestic form of a clear grassroots party building new goals and practical significance, the development of new theories and knowledge of learning, from reality, identify and combine breakthrough point, define the idea of ​​grassroots party building, to promote party-building work constantly adapt to the new requirements of the new forms of change with the times. Second, give full play to party "political core" role. The party's main task is to serve the people wholeheartedly, so grass-roots party building work in the production and operation of enterprises should also give full consideration to the interests of the masses, to the fundamental interests of the masses as the main entry point to draw people's plans for the enterprise to achieve interests win. Third, establish scientific and standardized work in grass-evaluation system. Party-building work across the enterprise production and operation which has played the role of guiding ideology, but also for enterprises to create indirect labor value, also requires certain criteria and to encourage or promote certain. Establish reasonable and effective evaluation system will enable staff to work in the system of rules will passionately active in the work on the front line. 2. Grassroots party system of innovationGrassroots party building under the new situation work in the new corporate issues is to adhere to the principles and democracy within the party cadres, grassroots democracy and people's democracy and effective combination of problems. Its implementation method can be based on the same principles cadres of grassroots party leaders to take the people vote. Mass public vote, the full exercise of democratic rights selection of new leadership. Of course, in the exercise of voting, while the masses, party government must be open and transparent, to achieve people's right to know, so that the elected government is the people who really trust and reliable "public servants."3. Building activities in the form of innovationFirst, the party-building activities can effectively stimulate the inherent vitality of party-building work. Active and innovative forms of party-building activities, and strive to do before the event evaluation activities adjusted after the event concluded, so as to clear objectives and far-reaching. Second, the enterprise party activities should be for the enterprise production and management problems, rational and effective use of the advantages of party and ideological and political work, to carry out various activities to make science into party-building resources to the development of enterprise production and management advantages. Third, building activities should follow the mainstream, with the tight pace with the times. Within the enterprise to achieve the committees and various functional departments of network information communication and clarify the employee's state of mind and a tendency to establish business situation and exercise our powers to state of mind of a complete system.

Third, strengthen and improve the Party Building Measures SOE

1. Establishment of a market economy to adapt to the working mechanism of the environmentFirst, the grass-roots party building work to adapt to the characteristics of the times. State-owned enterprises have advanced grassroots party organizations theoretical guidance, how to put this resource advantages into effective ways of working, is the focus of corporate work in grass. State-owned enterprises work in grass flat management features require its working mechanism must keep pace with the times, at this stage, mainly focusing on improving corporate culture, improve the management level, to promote technology development and other aspects, to create working groups, cluster associations to adapt organizational form requirements of the times, and enhance the activities of party-building work space and permeability. Second, the grassroots party-building work to adapt to the needs of production. In a market economy conditions, the grass-roots party building work must be integrated into the center around the center, there are obstacles to the development of the enterprise's hot and difficult problems as the activities of the carrier to make reasonable scientific work of party building configured into the enterprise. Third, the organization of large-scale systems. Work in grass-scale system needs to be carried out on the grass-mandatory code of conduct for staff and education, while establishing supervision mechanism so that there is an internal investigation done, there are rewards and punishments, with responsibility for business development provide an institutional guarantee.2. Adhere to the people-oriented as the main line of workPeople are always the main party building work, only people with vitality, vibrant grass-roots party building work will be. Therefore, enterprises should adhere to the people-oriented work in grass as the main line. Enterprises work in grass adhere to people-oriented is to emphasize to employees the fundamental interests as the starting point and end point, meet the staff's reasonable request, provide a higher spiritual and cultural needs, the importance of staff of their own development as well as employees in the enterprise development subjectivity.3. Improve party building work evaluation criteriaAny job should have the appropriate evaluation criteria, grassroots party building as well. State-owned enterprises have a strong political ideology do support, but should have a sound scientific evaluation criteria. Scientific work established evaluation criteria, the first to abandon the old weight form, weight the results of the evaluation criteria, and weight change of the specific content, the overall effect of the use of re-evaluation criteria. The specific evaluation criteria should first grasp the political direction and service safety, member harmonious business environment, the last and most important is the ideological and political work standards.As a grass-roots party workers of state-owned enterprises should first think of innovation, innovative work in grass only to keep pace with the times, put ideas into energy, services to enterprises serve the people. In the specific measures, the grass-roots party workers should be established with the market economy to adapt to the working mechanism in the system to ensure that the work of scientific rationality; adhere to the people-oriented, to meet all reasonable requests of staff, respect for employees, so that employees can feel that he is in a group, to establish a harmonious working environment and human environment; improving Party building work evaluation criteria, in part to urge and encourage grass-roots party workers to make effective use of human resources.


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