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2022美国作业代写英国MBA essay指导:Individual Organizational

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022美国作业代写英国MBA essay指导:Individual Organizational

2022美国作业代写英国MBA essay指导:Individual Organizational

(MBA水平论文)Individual Organizational Study题目:Individual Organizational Study—-Tesco ( organizational study must be comprehensive and well researched. There is no page minimum, but it should not exceed 30 pages of text (appendices and exhibits may be extra, and should follow the 英国MBA硕士论文指导text) prepared in the APA format noted below in this outline.The paper must include the following elements: Introduce and describe the organization, its history of operations and business outcomes over identified periods of its existence. Depending on where it has been in the organizational life cycle at different periods, what strategies did it undertake to grow and/or change the business? How successful were these?  Analyze how the organization is structured (type of structure) and governed (its board and senior management), with a critique of whether this structure and governance approach fit its mission and strategy now.  Analyze the industry sector(s) in which the organization operates, using Michael Porter’s competitive forces model. What are the key conditions in the external operating environment of the industry and of this organization? How are they changing (or not)? What is the organization’s market share, and is it increasing or decreasing? Provide argument and evidence for your views. This portion must include comparative analysis (including key data points) with principal competitor companies.  What has been the financial performance of the organization over time, with particular emphasis on the past five years? What have been its revenues and profits (or surpluses), and what have been the trends in its stock price or donative giving? Has either financial indicator been affected by changes in products or services by the organization, or by other strategic changes by the organization or in external operating environment? Have similar factors affected their principal competitor companies?  In terms of its operations today, conduct both a detailed SWOT analysis and generate alternative strategies using a TOWS matrix. What are the organization’s directional strategies, and why have they chosen these? Where do its products and services fit on the BCG Growth Share Matrix? What are the advantages and limitations of your analysis?  What are the organization’s marketing, financial, and research & development strategies? Do these fit well with its operations strategy? How would you assess and rate the organization’s leadership? What is your evidence for your opinion?  Has the organization engaged in joint ventures or strategic alliances, or valuechain partnerships? What has been the effect of these? How does the organization measure its own performance? Do its documents and reports indicate the methods or benchmarks and external measures to which they subject the organization?#p#分页标题#e#  What changes, if any, would you suggest to their strategy or structure in order for them to be more successful in fulfilling their mission? When and how should these be implemented? Your recommendations and timelines should be displayed in a GANTT or PERT-type chart and discussed in text. You must provide supporting evidence for your arguments.  Your paper must include a proper title page and Executive Summary. Figures and Tables must be numbered and labeled and sourced, both in the text and any You are not limited to the above items (feel free to include other things you think may be important to understanding the organization and its strategies), but each of these items above MUST be covered. You must also relate this information to key ideas and frameworks covered in our text and class discussions.Also, note that internet-based and other research must be referenced in footnotesand bibliographies of your paper. Believe it or not, the instructor can usually tellwhen you have “cut and pasted” without attribution. This is academicallydishonest and is called plagiarism, and can result in you failing both the paperand the course, as well as other academic penalties in extreme cases. Seesection on “Academic Regulations”, above.

The papers should be prepared in APA (AmericanPsychological Association) format, which is the most widely accepted format foracademic papers. The basic guidelines include: The left-hand margin of the paper should be 1.5 inches (4 cm), and the top, bottomand right-hand margin should each be 1 inch (2.54 cm). Left margin line justification with a ragged right margin is traditional, but fulljustification may be used. Hyphenation of words is permitted only with full justification. Do not break words at the end of a line in a ragged-right margin document. Double-space the main text of the document. Single-spacing may be used for tabletitles, captions, indented quotations, footnotes, and references (BUT double-spacingis required BETWEEN references).Other details on APA format, including how to organize the paper and referenceresearch materials, can be found at or If you need to cite sources you foundon-line, consult the citation guide at,looking under the heading “Using APA Style to Cite and Document Sources”.英国MBA硕士论文指导Remember: Proper spelling, punctuation and other grammar will not get you extrapoints on written papers – the expectation is that, of course, it will be well-written andproof-read. However, if spelling, punctuation and grammar are poor and the paper has clearly not been proofread, you can lose up to 20 points out of 100 on the assignment, regardless of how brilliant the content is. #p#分页标题#e#PDA文件是论文要求的材料


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