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1940 to ofcontemporary design (war)

Post-war reconstruction design: 1. Technical, Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland 2. Artistic-Italy, Britain, Scandinavia, one of the country’s

Post-war design theory discussion: 1. Value innovation-such as of a planned commodity abolished the 2. Appropriate design, such as good design

Scandinavian countries:

Design the efforts of organizations–Scandinavian design show

The 1950 s social and economic life force

In terms of style, Scandinavian design is the functional view, has been described as "organic form"

Han ningsen that-PH lamps and lanterns

Denmark’s wiener–" chair ", China’s chair, chair of the peacock

Denmark jacobson–ant chair, egg chairs, swan chair, is hot pressing molding of whole plywood, sculpture version of aesthetic feeling

After the 1960 s, a Danish industrial design began to reflect cubism art and so-called the hard edge art effects, such as the design of the cylinder series jacobson tableware and toilet appliances

B&O company-the only system solving design problems of the company, concise–the hard edge art-high technology high interest

Modern socialist development

20 century 40 ~ 50 s, the U.S. and European design mainstream is in the Bauhaus theory developed on the basis of modern socialist, its core is the function socialist, emphasize practical items shall be made by the beauty of the practicality and the material, structure to determine the true reflect

The United States:

The New York museum of modern art in the post-war period, the promotion of modern socialist made a contribution-the new standard, namely the design of the product to suitable for its intended purpose, to adapt to the use of the materials, adapted to the production process, the form to function-established industrial design department, praise highly is good design

Commercial design: the design is completely as a kind of business competition means, don’t consider the retrofit design of the product function or internal structure, only after a vision of the new and exciting

Noyes kaufman, in promoting the modern doctrine as a function of the design of the efforts of the aesthetics, the most important and the most effective means of the museum of modern art is held in the design competition

Iraq, eat chair- ‘s early research results–an easy chair and plywood legs stool

Sand-often occur in the design of temple organic form, this marks one of the modern development has broke through the orthodox Bauhaus style and began to soften, "child" chair, works tulips chair, is the model of organic design-" must not to pursue the bizarre"


British modern socialist development plays a key role in the organization was established in 1944 the British industrial design association

Ismail godot-nice car brand morris

Contemporary socialist: is the 1950 s appeared on furniture, interior design a design aesthetics, to office machines, design also has great influence on, it is still the basis of function, but because of the effect of the Scandinavian design and flexible and organic characteristics, it has been called the new international modern socialist, originated from the United States and Scandinavian countries, 50 s in Britain got great development

The representative of the British contemporary socialist-les–" andropov "chair-at a robin-can put chair, TV set

Not only pay attention to product the appearances of the emphasis on technology and structure and practicability, the British industrial designer is the important characteristics, such as freeman dyson design of the vacuum cleaner

America’s commercial design.

英国essay指导 Commercial design is the essence of formalism, he stressed that form in the design the first, the second function. The core of the American commercial design is of a planned commodity abolished system, its three forms: 1. The mind type abolished 2. Functional abolished 3. The latter to be abolished

El after the war play the important role of auto industry, his car on the specific design again there are two important breakthrough, consciousness in the 1950 s style of the party from the glass plate into a large glass arc the whole, thus strengthening the car’s integrity; Two is to change the original to chrome plated components used forms, from just the sideline chromium plating on the rim of, become to chrome logo parts, line act the role ofing, lamps, reflector, etc, this is called the chrome plated parts sculptural use. El caudal fin with the works of Cadillac’s "al DuoLaDuo" car.

Put forward MAYA refers principle, namely "innovation but also can accept". His works have coke retail machine, mail valuation stamp machine, miniature button a TV set, as air force one plane colour design, the spacecraft internal design

The 1950 s on, American commercial design to decline, industrial design more closely with many modern course combined.

The Italian style and personality

The development of the postwar Italian called modern Renaissance, as a whole, the design characteristics of Italy is due to the innovation of the form as a result of the special style and personality.

Le pen’s take charge of ", had "plays a large role

By the influence of the Italian design, including the following two aspects: 1. The influence of excellent design 2. Commercial design especially the influence of streamlined

Italian design center is milan


Typewriter, implement, Moore’s sculpture design, KeLunBo of removable table and plastic furniture assembly, thapa work desk lamp, office furniture system, ferrari, George our bikes and logic sewing machine munchie

The federal Germany technology and analysis

英国指导essay Germany in the post-war development in order to emphasize the performance characteristics of the technology for industrial design style

In 1947 the German league was again

1951 industrial design council established, the council of concise advocated form for good products has developed a set of standard function creed

In 1953 he founded ur modelling institute

Markov donoghue think: a typical product designers can modern industrial civilization again in all the key work in the department

Braun company product three general principle: the law of the order, harmonious law, economic law. Works-the Snow White princess of high-end stereo system, magazine, house

The federal republic of Germany in the history of design another milestone is the spread of system design method and the promotion

Design the geek cora, the design has the aerodynamics and characteristics of bionics the experimental aircraft

Japan’s traditional culture and high technology

Japan’s modern design features–traditional culture and high technology balance

LiuZongLi design butterfly stool

The company plans to identify

After the war the industrial design a important progress is a company recognition the rise of the plan

The company recognition program: is the enterprise as a design objects for the overall design, set up enterprise clear recognition characteristics, comprehensively and correctly manifests the enterprise the visual image

IBM-rand design

The shell oil-refers

The development of the human engineering

Introducing the experimental psychology, physiology

Sweden man-machine design team-disables staff humanitarian

New technology, new material

The invention of the transistor in 1947 marked the electronic technology revolution, along with large scale integrated circuit, the emergence of the 20 th century by 60 ~ 70 s the miniaturization of rapid, form following function creed the electronic age there is no real meaning.

The Italian bellini the earliest realize one of the architects of this change, it is considered that the development of mechanical parts were almost replaced electronic circuit, the appearance of the products is the traditional, aesthetics, man-machine project integrated to decide

For the overall design pan molding glass fiber reinforced plastic chair


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