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美国留学生法律ESSAY指导-儿童权利模板研究-children’s rights module 全世界192个国家批准了关于儿童权利的联合国公约,只有两个国家已经签署但尚未批准:索马里,和美国。正如许多其他国家,美国进行全面检查和审议。

children’s rights module ascm37

Assessed Essay Topics

choose one of the four topics belows . think carefully about all parts of the topic leading to the question(s) then choose your own title for you essay.Each of these topics will be included in the course however some of them may extend over two or more sessions. you essay should notexceed 4000 words

essay topic 1 Thus for 192 nation states have ratified the UN Convention on the rights of the child (see: only two ststes have signed but have not yet ratified:Somalia,which has not had an effective government for several decades,and the USA. As many other nations,the USA undertakes extensive examination and scrutiny of treaties before ratification.This includes evaluation of the degree of compliance with existing law and practice in the country at stse and federal levels but can take several years,perhaps longer if the treaty is portrayed as controversial or if the process is politicised. There have been objections on grounds of possible erosion of the status and authority of the family and certain insitutions having their anthority undermined by rights bearing children.

do you think it possible that the opponents of ratification in the USA are right and that this convention undermines the ststus of family or institutions that work with children and if so are children’s rights a realistic proposition?

think about this topic in terms of a choice of :a . Wales,b . the UK generally,c . you own country if you are not Welsh, ord . global implications.

Essay topic 2

"it must be time that we all stopped being afraid of the r-word":from the children’s Rights Alliance for England website (see : critique of the English Children’s by parliamentarians.

The Children Act 2004 established a Children’s Commissioner for each of the four legislative areas of the UK. The Commissioner for England as powers to deal with non-devoloved matters in Wales,Northern Ireland and Scotland even through children in those countries already have their own, much stronger ,Commissioners, The UK-wide model has been criticised strongly by the commissioners in Wales,Northern Ireland and Scotland and by the Welsh Affairs Select Committee.

In England the word "rights" (the R-word ) and all reference to the CRC are conspicupus by their absence .The other three regional cpmmissioners have the CRC as part of their mandate and some #p#分页标题#e#美国留学生法律ESSAY指导degree of inclusion of children’s right .

Are Commissioners, Ombudsmen or even people in high government office such as Ministers for Children the means by which children will receive their rights, if so how ? Optionally you may use the example of any single commissioner, especially the Commissioner for Wales,to deal with this question.

Essay topic 3

Look Specifically at Wales , choose one or more of the following 1. children’s right to participation and children’s citizenship.2. The relevance of rights to children’s lives, to include:i. Children’s rights and disability.ii. Children’s rights and culture.assignment3. Children’s rights and ‘best interests’.4. Children’s right to welfare ad protection and protection versus patticipation and the role of children.

美国留学生法律ESSAY指导Have recent developments such as the creation of the Commission for Children and the Welsh Assembly’s ambitious policies for childre created a distinct Welsh enviroment in which they genuinely enjoy a full set of rights?


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