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By August 16, 2022essay代写




On the one hand, the Americans emphasize on independence for everything. That is to say, you should solve the problem on your own. In China, the children have a weak independence capacity. They excessively depend on their parents. While studying in America, I am going to try my best to improve my independence capacity, which will be used in my study life and study frequently. the privacy has been respected by the American. In their daily life, some questions on age, salary and marriage and so on can't be mentioned. If so, it will be regarded as a bad manner. Nevertheless, in China, people may ask the above problems sometimes regardless of privacy. The American is very open and direct. While under discussion, people will put forward the different ideas directly. But in China, it is opposite. Therefore, while studying in America, I will learn to take part in the discussion and raise my ideas directly. On the other hand, the individualism is very common in American society. But in China, people emphasize the family and class levels. The excessive individualism will hamper the individual success. by gathering more ideas from your family and peers, you can access to the success easily. The expenditure concept is very different between China and US. In America, the consumption is always beyond the budget. But in China, the expenditure is very conservative. Therefore, the excessive consumption will bring a lot of financial problem in US society, which has resulted in the outbreak of subprime crisis in America.


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