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Ding Ling was born in a family of generations of feudal official, fatherless, widows and orphans, she and her mother at home in the position and experiences can be imagined, mother and daughter in a family that has been in the feudal bullying Among situation. Ding Ling most fortunate life is that she has a great mother, but fortunately she met a great era. Ding Ling's mother is undoubtedly the great women of that era, she and her daughter reading together, knowledge, open to new ideas, and even started his own career, the founder of a new school. Ding Ling childhood by his mother against the feudal ethics, advocating women's independent thinking self edification, she proudly calls his mother "is a great mother." Created in the early 1930s novel "Mother" that is her mother as a prototype.丁玲出生在一个世代为官的封建大家庭中,幼年丧父,孤儿寡母,她和母亲在家中的地位和经历可想而知,母女二人在那个封建的家庭中一直处于被欺凌的处境之中。丁玲一生最大的幸运是她有一个伟大的母亲,同时幸运的她又遇到了一个伟大的时代。丁玲的母亲无疑是那个时代的伟大女性,她和女儿一起读书,学习知识,接受新的思想,甚至开创了自己的事业,创办了新型学校。

Ding Ling this unique life experiences, as well as her mother enormous impact on her, deeply influence and determine the Ding Ling's life. When the "May Fourth" horn resounded through the land of China, when its unique spirit Ding Ling became the first woman awakened by the times. Ding Ling deeply know that Chinese women in China's position in social life, it is a kind of oppression for women and even mutilation, wake Chinese women, calling for the emancipation of women, safeguarding women's rights, dignity, personality and status as Ding Ling conscious literary tendencies. Ding Ling's work, conscious of her liberation for women thinking of this into one, thus shaping many vivid, true, vivid image of women.丁玲这种特有的生活经历,以及她母亲对她产生的巨大影响,深深地影响和决定了丁玲的一生。当“五四”的号角响彻中华大地的时候,丁玲以其独特的精神成为首批被时代所唤醒的女性。丁玲深深地知道当时中国女性在中国社会生活中的地位,那是一种对于女性的压迫甚至是残害,唤醒中国女性,呼吁妇女解放,维护女性的权利、尊严、人格和地位,成为丁玲在文学上的自觉倾向。

A female writing is the witness of Chinese women's liberation一、女性写作是中国妇女解放的见证

Early last century, Chinese women have experienced a magnificent, massive women's liberation movement. With the development of society, "54" campaign to introduce a large number of Western thought, from the "Mr. D" and "Mr." to the introduction of a variety of Western thought, also attracted intellectuals concern for Chinese women and thinking. Breaking the feudal imprisonment, the majority of women emancipation is increasing. So far, China began a long and difficult women's liberation movement. Ding Ling as a new era of knowledge of women, naturally assume this mission. Ding Ling is their outstanding representatives.Second, the tragic fate of women truthfully write the historical inevitability of female consciousness is profound Ding Ling and uniqueness of recordsDing Ling fully aware and truthfully write tragic fate of women's historical inevitability. In the male-centered society, women are always low in the sky darkened, women's revolt can only be based on the true position of women on their own self-reliance, the fate dependent on men or self-love can not really get attached to women's liberation . Ding Ling itself is a truly female consciousness of women. In the May Fourth Literature Revolution tide, she first saw the "fingers leakage from the clutches of the 'people' light ', so very bravely readers opened their feelings in the world, created the" Miss Sophie's Diary " . Sophie is the May Fourth spirit of liberation came with a new female personality, the pursuit of love and courage she showed a strong possessive: "Yes, I know myself, but a woman full of women, women only put their minds She put him to conquer the men, I want to possess him, I want him to offer his heart unconditionally, gave his knees and begged me to kiss it. "Ding Ling to writer's unique way of thinking, viewing angle, creative personality, depicting the Chinese women's Female Consciousness trajectory. Her Sophie image of women take drastic a completely self-centered, self-aspiration departure, for men and patriarchal thoroughly subversive rebel and protest gesture, the performance as a "person" and the presence of women dignity. The early feminist consciousness than fifty-four to Yuanjun, Lu Yin generation of writers represented in the works express the love of women should strive for freedom, marriage autonomous feminist consciousness more profound and unique.Third, the men and the patriarchal system is completely rebel Ding Ling feminist consciousness and uniqueness profound testimonyWe said above, Ding Ling's female consciousness more than other writers have a profound and uniqueness. Her uniqueness lies in her men and the patriarchal system completely rebellious, her independent personality self-awareness and spiritual strength to hold in their hands the destiny, not dependent on men nor of love, is no longer a subsidiary of enslaved , but rather the spiritual ruler of men. Is written with the awakening of female consciousness, the pursuit of individual liberation, Lu Xun's "Sorrow" and Ding Ling 's Diary "and two female heroine consciousness are different. We might as well put them to make a comparison."Mourning", the sub-Jun initially as a grown woman in a traditional feudal families, ideologically deeply feudal tradition ideas. But when she met with Juansheng, Juansheng new ideas greatly stimulated the child king of the world, like the dark saw a glimmer of light, is so desire. The desire for a new life, took on all the sub-Jun, when there is this desire Zijun with courage, Zi Jun exchanges with Juansheng just six months after it resolutely traditional feudal family break phase, which kind of force, entirely from the desire for a new life. Son Chun courage to break with the traditional family, ridicule and contempt she despised everything. These are derived from a woman yearning for a new life. Zijun bravely and Juansheng began living in sub-king to achieve their dreams, longing for a happy new life begins. Two people start immersed in bliss, but the next two people to how to live, where the direction of the future? Two people have not thought about. After the passion, everything inevitably attributed to flat, monotonous and tedious housework, plain and simple life, day by day, the two men in the killing of passion. In this sub-Jun Gradually the days become numb and empty. They appeared on the economic issues, economic oppression and social oppression emotional relatives, eventually shattered the dream of the child king. Once eachother Juansheng finally no longer love child king uttered the words. Thus completely shattered, the once full of dreams, and have gone through untold break the shackles of feudal ethics established home. At this time, all the good Zijun, all this shattered dreams, everything disappeared so clean, nothing was left, as described in the text, in front of her is that even the tombstones are not grave. fate, has decided she Juansheng given real – "loveless world" Simie it. So what Sophie characters do? "Miss Sophie's Diary", the Sophie is a sick recuperate female students, writers boldly, carefully describe her pursuit of love and personal liberation in anguish anxious mental process. She did not like traditional women passively waiting for the attention of men and sympathy and affection. She thinks that she and the man in the spiritual personality, social status are completely equal, there is no stack up issue. Therefore, in the pursuit of love, she is always in the process of dominance: reed her beloved brother pure and selfless, but she despised reed brother's weakness, the lack of manliness; pretty wealthy Ling Jishi suave appearance made her crazy generated love, sexual impulse, but once recognize its gorgeous appearance is nothing but a cover vulgar, vile heart, she would be decisively rejected. Sophie's image shows the May Fourth Period knowledge women do not rely on men independent personality consciousness and spiritual power, in this sense, the image of Sophie its meaning is far different sub monarch, she always put the control in their own destiny hands, deep down there is a deep sub-Jun feudal thinking ghosts: When after a hard fight to win the love suddenly disappeared, sub-Jun misfortune in love is like being a gale blew out the flame. In a family with Juansheng after her small world as the whole world, the nuclear family as whole life, becomes vulgar, empty, timid, love is so faded. And Sophie in love does not depend on any man, craving is highly mental and physical harmony and unity of love, is the spiritual and emotional human noble realm. Sophie pursuit and resistance more progressive than some sub-Jun. Visible, Ding Ling autonomous self-reliance of women more aware of Lu Xun more profound and unique.In the history of modern Chinese literature, Ding Ling is the most sympathetic of women, women are most concerned about the fate of the revolutionary writer, is the furthest along the road to the emancipation of women is the greatest fighters for the Chinese women's liberation from a woman to make a non- indelible contribution. Ding Ling female literary creation, is the status of Chinese women's survival, spirit reflected in their minds crystallization. Ding Lingzhong field reflects the characteristics of Chinese women's liberation movement, and fully affirmed this contribution to the current healthy female consciousness enlightenment and educational. Her historical merit and literary achievements are the pride of Chinese women.#p#分页标题#e#


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