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2022coursework代写法律essay指导专家告知您:如何根据导师意见修改thesis?Bangor University Summative

By August 21, 2022essay代写

2022coursework代写法律essay指导专家告知您:如何根据导师意见修改thesis?Bangor University Summative

2022coursework代写法律essay指导专家告知您:如何根据导师意见修改thesis?Bangor University Summative

法律论文指导,School of Law Bangor University

Law for Non-LawyersSummative Assignment 2010/2kan011“We sit here to find out the intention of Parliament and carry it out, and we do this better by filling in the gaps and making sense of the enactment rather than by opening it up to destructive analysis.”

Lord Denning, Magor and St Mellons RDC v Newport Corporation (1950)With reference to the extract above, critically discuss the approaches taken by the judiciary to the interpretation of statutes.

Word limit: 2,000 words

Please ensure that you submit your assignments electronically through the Turnitin software on Blackboard and a paper copy to the College Administrative reception ‘assignment collection box’ by 4pm on the stipulated submission date. Your assignment should be appropriately referenced and should contain a full bibliography of all sources consulted in undertaking the work. You should also be aware of the University rules concerning unfair practice. For further details please consult the School of Law Student Handbook.

assignment导师意见:Dear Paul Jackson,I am sorry to say, but at this moment your MBA thesis is NOT SUFFICIENT.The reason for this has mainly to do with the English language, or in the words that I received from the assessors: “I cannot assess Jackson’s thesis. His language is that unclear that I cannot assess whether (e.g.) his hypothesis make sense, whether they fit to his proposed model etc.” “So: main conclusion as I cannot assess it: it is insufficient, but this mainly due to me not understanding what he wants, what he is aiming for, his description of the model, his description of methodology etc.”I have asked you before to improve the text and the use of English language, and gave you an EXTRA chance to improve the quality of your work. I am sorry to say, but regarding the thesis as it is now including the various assessments and feedback from the assessors, this work does not meet the required level for finishing the programme.Possibly what you need is help with writing in English. You could consult a native speaker or somebody like that to help you to improve the text. In fact, you should have done this before submitting the last 指导essay version of your MBA thesis so that you were certain about the readability and understandability of the text. As the MBA programme Manager I cannot help you with this any further.Please inform me of your reaction, and possible proposal.With kind regards,Heico van der Blonk


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