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In the work of Lewis (2005) he is of the view that when there are increases in the private income of the people which is a direct results of economic growth additional resources are generated which is used to improve social services including healthcare, safe drinking water etc. “By generating additional resources for social services, unequal income distribution will be limited as such social services are distributed equally across each community; benefiting each individual (Deardorff, 2009). Anand (2000) thus summarizes the relationship between human development and economic developments are at three different levels. First and foremost he sees the first level to include an increase in average income leading to improved in health and nutrition, known as Capability Expansion through Economic Growth (O'Sullivan, Arthur et al, 2003). Second, it is believed that social outcomes can only be improved by reducing income poverty known as Capability Expansion through Poverty Reduction( O'Sullivan, Arthur et al, 2003). Thirdly, known as Capability Expansion through Social Services, defines the improvement of social outcomes with essential services such as education, health care, and clean drinking water (Hla Myint et al, 2009).刘易斯(2005年)的工作,他认为,当有增加私人收入的人,这是一个直接结果,经济增长产生的额外的资源用于改善社会服务,包括医疗保健,安全饮用水等“产生额外的社会服务资源,收入分配不均等将被限制为平均分布在每个社区等社会服务;惠及每一个人(迪尔朵夫,2009)。因此,阿南德(2000)总结人类发展和经济发展之间的关系是在三个不同的层次。

In the midst of the discussions above, other researchers have focused on what is considered to be growth models or the things that elucidate growth. In that regard four schools of thought have emerged while Conteras (2003) and his disciples are advocates of economic growth that hinges on production. Others such as Lewis (2005) have also emphasized on savings function as a focal point of ensuring growth. In the third category, O'Sullivan, Arthur et al (2003) have also asserted that the best way for achieving growth is the labour supply function while others have also suggested that increases the exploration function is a panacea for economic growth. Hla Myint et al (2009) classify economic growth of the model of Jiaozuo community to belong to the fourth. By exploratory model of economic growth, he mean was referring to the ability of a community or a people to explore and discover new or recycle old resources which can be developed in such way that it is economically significant or relevant to the lives of the people.HLA敏等人(2009)分类焦作社区的典范,属于第四经济增长。通过探索性的经济增长模式,他的意思是指一个社区或一个人的能力去探索和发现新的或回收的旧资源,可以开发这样的方式,它是经济的重大或相关的人的生活。

Hla Myint et al (2009) asserts that when a community sit on large oil deposit yet lacks knowledge of it and resorts to hunting of game for livelihood, any attempt that is aimed at discovering the hidden oil and developing structure and mechanisms to ensure that they are useful to the community is a form of an exploratory model of economic development. In the same way it is his view that when a community is able to develop an alternative use for a commodity which was usually worthless to the extent that it impacts significantly on its economic wellbeing then it is an exploratory model of economic growth.

In the study of exploratory model of economic growth in West African Cameroun (2005) was of the view that it is one of the most difficult model or modes of economic development since it comes at a usually great cost. He say that such a venture must come from years of serious researches and trail to find out how useful a particular option may be in boosting the economic activity in the area.在西非喀麦隆(2005年)的经济增长模式的探索研究认为,它是一个经济发展最困难的模型或模式,因为它是在成本通常很大。他说,这样的企业必须来自多年的研究严重落后找出特定的选项可能是有用的,扩大在该地区的经济活动。

In such instances it is not only the direct form of increases in income that is used as a measure of assessing its wealth but the extent to which its impact affects other economic indicators such as the extent to which to which the exploration can create jobs and protect the environment to a larger extent. In studies related to Switzerland, Lewis (2005) sought to bring to the fore the stimulant of economic growth by exploration. According to him there are a number of factors that makes individuals look out for the ways to make economic progress. The first of this which he talks about is directly linked with the case of Jiaozuo. According to him when a community is faced with an obvious challenge of having to find an alternative to economic development due to the fact that its resources which has been depended upon is facing extinction there is an obvious inner motivation to commence the discovery of other sources to boost economic development.在这种情况下,它不仅是直接的形式,用于评估其财富作为衡量收入的增加,但其影响在何种程度上影响到其他经济指标,如勘探,可以创造就业机会和保护的程度在更大的程度的环境。

For example in some parts of the world people had hitherto depended on charcoal burning as their foremost economic activity and by which employment is created for the large majority of its people. In an age where deforestation is seen as a social canker such a community has no option than to explore other opportunities by which it can survive other than charcoal burning. A typical example of this is the people of the Gambia whose major export commodity and major source livelihood was the mining of coal. According to Conteras (2003) coal mining in Gambia lasted for a period of fifty years and after the expiration of the time there was intense hardship for the citizens. It is this situation that began the political instability in the small West African State that saw the ousting of the then president Sir Dauda Jawara who was seen to lack the requisite ability to lead to the exploration of other areas. In the aftermath most of the people who lost their jobs working in the mines took to the cultivation of groundnut, making them one of the world’s leading producers of ground nut.

According to the studies of O'Sullivan et al (2003) another major factor in directing exploratory economic growth is the advent of conditions that are natural but have debilitating impact on the community. In parts of Ghana and Ivory Coast their dependence on Cocoa as the leading source of income, employment and development has persisted for more than a century. In 1981 the two countries faced their worst economic conditions when drought and the Swollen Shoot disease lead to the virtually negative productions in the Cocoa sector. According to the latter these situation compelled a number of persons to leave the Cocoa growing industry creating a heap of unemployment conditions that affected the economic wellbeing of the people significantly. It was in such a situation that people saw the need to develop permanent irrigation dam to overcome some of these difficult and unpredictable natural occurrences.据奥沙利文等人(2003)的研究指导探索经济增长的另一个主要因素是条件,是天然的,但对社会的影响衰弱的来临。在加纳和象牙海岸的部分作为收入的主要来源,就业和发展的依赖可已经持续了一个多世纪。 1981年,两国面临的最严重的经济条件在干旱和肿枝病导致可可部门几乎负面的制作。根据后者,这些情况迫使一些人离开可可种植业失业情况的人显着影响经济健康创建一个堆。正是在这样的情况下,人们认为有必要制定永久性的灌溉水坝,以克服这些困难和不可预知的一些自然现象。

Other researchers on the issues of economic development and the extent to which it contributes significantly to the level of development have focused on what they consider as areas that provides quick opportunity for development while others have also examined what a particular form of investment should be able to deliver in order to advance economic gains. According to Hla Myint et al (2009) the major emphasis is the ability to create employment and provide income to its people. There is reasonable evidence to suggest that tourism has contributed profusely to the creation of employment and generation of income as well as others which are discussed in subsequent sections of the study.经济发展问题上,在何种程度上有助于显着发展水平的其他研究人员都集中在他们认为什么领域,提供快速发展的机会,而其他人也研究一种特殊形式的投资应该能够提供以推进经济收益。根据HLA敏等人(2009)的主要重点是创造就业机会的能力,并提供其人民的收入。有合理的证据表明,旅游业作出了贡献大汗创造就业和产生的收入,以及其他的研究在随后的章节中讨论。


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