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This work counts for 5% of your overall Dissertation grade.You must hand-in a printed copy to Park Campus SAO and an electronic copy via the module’s NILE site.Word limit: 1000 words

IntroductionThe essential purpose of writing a detailed proposal is to set out the "what, why, and how" of your Dissertation.This means explaining what area(s) you wish to research, why those areas are important, and how you intend to research them. ?The process of writing the proposal also helps to ensure that some serious and structured thought has been given to the Dissertation.StructureYou should adopt the following structure for your proposal.Remember must discuss the areas listed below with your supervisor before including them in your finalised piece of work.TitleYour first title will be a working title and may change – in fact it almost certainly will change.Keep it short! The title doesn’t have to explain everything that your dissertation covers…Hypothesis or Research QuestionA hypothesis is a statement that provides a basis for your investigationfor example: Multinational corporations always exploit the countries in which they investA research question has the same purpose, but is phrased differentlyfor example: Do multinational corporations always exploit the countries in which they invest?BackgroundAn brief outline of the contemporary business issue that you want to explore. This should let the reader know where the idea has come from and demonstrate why the Dissertation is worth doing.It should demonstrate that you know something of the area in which you are intending to research.You have to show that your work relates to previous theory and analysis – this should only be an overview of key sources not a full critical literature review which you will undertake later.

Aim and ObjectivesThese should be written as clearly as possible and should work like action points for the Dissertation itself.The successful completion of the research and may well depend on the clarity of the stated questions and objectives!These should set observable outcomes not vague statements of intent.But… remember these are intentions – and intentions may change as the research process develops over the coming months.Overall the proposal should demonstrate:-considerable background research in respect of the current business issue chosen.a case for the “do-ability” of the proposal, ie the title and research question match well with the proposed research method.that all sources are referenced using Harvard referencing.

AdviceGetting started with a Dissertation is often the hardest part. Make sure you discuss your ideas with your supervisor before finalising this piece of work. In fact, you should make sure you ask your supervisor for advice on a draft of this assignment.Although the proposal is an important part of the Dissertation, it is worth noting that it does not commit you to following a direction that later proves to be inappropriate. Changes of detail and direction are likely, and even inevitable, as your research progresses.ReadingSaunders M, Lewis P and Thornhill A (2007), Research Methods for Business Students, 4th ed, FT Prentice Hall.


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