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2022essay翻译美国essay指导需求:美国奇科大学大学预科作业 Christmas Day

By August 22, 2022essay代写

2022essay翻译美国essay指导需求:美国奇科大学大学预科作业 Christmas Day

2022essay翻译美国essay指导需求:美国奇科大学大学预科作业 Christmas Day

论文题目:Christmas Day论文语种:英文您的研究方向:大学预科是否有数据处理要求:否您的国家:美国您的学校背景:美国奇科大学要求字数:7页论文用途:预科作业是否需要盲审(博士或硕士生有这个需要):补充要求和说明:不需要很专业这是大学预科的一篇论文 大概4.5个小时能写完 我能发给你一篇我们以前的论文 照那个格式写 然后需要在我们学校网站查点资料插入正文 我可以提供账号密码 还有具体要求可以QQ联系 8小时以内要论文EFL students study problems Listening and speakingAbstract

The article is talk about listening and speaking problems when you study EFL. I will from study ways and psychology to solve EFL study problems. In addition, I will give EFL student some good adviences. As a EFL student, I have learned English for 9 years. I know that listening and speaking is the most basic in English. If we have a good foundation, EFL will not become a difficult problem. However, in the study ways, some students learned very well, but some is bad. I choose the topic as my research goals, because I want to it can help more EFL students to improve their communication and listening skill.

Zhang2Introuduction Why do more and more people study English? “For the vast majority of the world’s workers, proficiency in the English language has become both challenge and opportunity, yet another job requirement to be met but at the same time a key competitive differentiator for individual workers, corporations and entire economies. Many global market watchers assert that for people in the non-English speaking world, English language proficiency means opportunity, better jobs, higher salaries.”(Egan 2004) Why do we need to learn a second language. Nowadays, business becomes international. If you know one more language, you will get more chances than others? There is stronger computation on society. In addition, it becomes a popular about learning English in China. As a writer said, “English will bring more opportunity, better jobs, higher salaries.”(Egan 2004)

Backgroud of the problemNowadays, there are many EFL classes or schools in China, because more and more people know that EFL will become a popular studying. First, English calss become a majoy calss in high school and university. If you want to go to a good university, you must have a nice English grade. Second, English has become a useful tool of finding job. As we all know, nowadays, bussiness has become form a country all world. Then, English as a international language, it has become a good tool of finding jobs. #p#分页标题#e# Zhang3Third, many young students want to go to developed countries, such as American, England, Austrilie and so on, therefore, they must pass IBT, GTE of SAT and some other language exams. Therefore, we can’t gice a cold shoulder EFL.It plays a important role in our dailylife. I made a survey about my topic, table 1 is part of my survey Results. (table 1)

From the table we can find that almost EFL students want to find some ways to solve the EFL study problems.

Listening problem

For many EFL students, listening is a big problem, however, listening is the most Zhang4important part in the EFL study, because listening can lead all EFL education system. For example, when a EFL student sit in the English classroom, if he can’t understand teacher said, of course he doesn’t know that teacher’s requirments. From students’ experience in their high school. Students listening grade is the most bad compary with otheir English exam apart. In English class, Students couldn’t understand teacher’s meaning, so students always sleep, Although students will take many practises,but students always failed.Therefore, how to solve the listening problems? I believe that good study way and agile methods.

Good study way can improve your listening skill. As we all know, woning has a right study way, which will help us to improve our study effective, In fact, studying English, we also need find a right way, In my middle and high school times, my English teacher usually like arrangeing a lot of listning test for us. If a student get bad grad for many times, he will want to give up learning Enlish , because he lose his confidence.” Too often teachers only use listening activities to test the listening ability of their students, which leads to anxiety and apprehension. This is not a context favorable to the acquisition of useful listening strategies.”( Vandergrift 168)。 Being test is not a good study way for study improve student English listening skill. As Vandergrift said, testing the listening will leads to anxiety and apprehension. In addition, this way not can real improve their English listening skill, they shouldn’t only listen test. Wheath make test will help EFL student improve their English skill? I #p#分页标题#e# Zhang5make a survey about do you feel ilstening test ( TOEFL ) is easier than listening American Speaking. Picture 2 is aobut my resout. ( Picture 2)From the picture, we can find that test can not realy improve students’ listening skill. Morover,for different student, they have different hopy. We can use their hoppy to help them improve their English. For example, some guys like playing football, so we can suggest him that listening English news about sports. It will not only stop their hoppy but also improve listeing skill. So, choice the right way is important to help students improve their English.

We need learn EFL with agile method.Every student want to improve their English skil and every student want to their listening like American ‘s ; However, they do not want use their free time to learning English. For different kinds of difficulities , they will lose their interesting a littler by littler. In Korea , they use mobile phone to Zhang6help students learn English. “A WAP site was designed and used as the instrument for the experiment. This study found that the language learners expressed positive attitudes towards the use of the WAP site. It also found that the WAP site can be美国essay指导effective for learning listening skills and for student-centred and collaborative learning. Based on the findings, it is clear that WAP sites can be effective for learning listening skills, since they can enhance opportunities to learn language skills, and encourage language learners to participate actively in the learning process.” (Recall 2008)The resoure showed that WAP will improve students listening skill . Why? Because students use telephone, just speaking and listening . In addition , when you calling telephone, you can notyou’re your body language to you’re your express. Using telephone speaking English , the way is very nature, we need not pay attention a special time to learn your English speaking and listening skill. For students, they like send messages or calling each other, so , using this way to study English , they will not feel boring. And it will encourage students to speak more English.#p#分页标题#e#

Zhang7Speaking (communcation) problems

The other diffculties is English communcation. Communication looks like a people’s cloth. Good communication will be very important for your future, because it is the first impression for anyone. According to my survey, I find some communication problem. I list them: nervous, shay, none confidence. “Learning to speak and communicate are major reasons for learning Englishworldwide (Bassano and Christison 1987; Nunan 2003; Richards andRenandya 2002). Communication is often a basic factor that employersconsider when evaluating job applicants (Osborn and Osborn 1991; Huckinand Olsen 1991). why we need study one more langulage. It will become a skill in our future. For example, In China, many greaduated students find job, if you know English , and very well , the company must first receive you. This is why learining to speak and communicate are major reasons for learining English worldwide. Communication is a basic factor, good express will left a good impression. In adiition, the good communicate is a a half of success. In fact, learning communication well for our other future. It will buite good foudation for our living.

Don’t worry about your communication. For many EFL students, they haven’t enough confidence to communicate their English. EFL students are attending intensive English class or English camp to improve their English skill. However, it still can not Zhang8speak English loudly. “Second language anxiety has a debilitating effect on the oral performance of speakers of English as a second language”(Lindy 2006)and “Anxiety experienced in communication in English can be debilitating and can influence students’ adaptation to the target environment and ultimately the achievement of their educational goals.”(2006) . Almost students have Anxiety experienced in communication in English. Depending on research of Lindy, we can find that one of the most important affect students communicate is their anxiety. If we can solve this problem, we will get a success in study English.#p#分页标题#e#

Pulic speech will help EFL students.As we all know, communication is a difficult problem for EFL students. They have no good confidence to speak English. Almost of them is very shy for worry other people will laugh at it. In my opinion, the public speaking is a good and useful way to solve their problem. “The major benefits of public speaking can be divided into the following three areas: (1) personal and social benefits,(2) academic benefits, and (3) career benefits.”(Sun 2008). For personal benefits, public-speaking skills enable a person to communicate more effectively. The public speaking is a useful way to help EFL students overcome the psychological hinder. In addition, its effect and benefit will you’re your image. Why? Because A good public speaking will improve your academic grade. Teacher will leave a good impression for your good expression. At the same time, you will improve your communication confidence. This also is a process about know and correct Zhang9yourself negative points. This is the benefit points when you in the University. The other one is the career benefits. A good communication skill is a half of success. For EFL students, if you more afraid your English communication, you should receive more challenges.

Coclusion For EFL study, our study ways and psychology is very important. If you walk a wrong way, you will spend more time on studying. If you are lack of confidence, you will never speaked English well. So, in the long study way, we need sum up ourselve unceasingly. Wheather or not we have choose a right way to study EFL.

Zhang10Works cited David, Egan. "The Many Opportunities of EFL Training." Academic Search Premier Jan. 2004: 54-61Lindy, Woodrow. "Anxiety and Speaking English as a Second Language." Academic Search Premier Dec. 2006: 308-28.ReCALL “The potential of using a mobile phone to access the Internet for learning EFL listening skills within a Korean context.” Academic Search Premier , Sep2008: p331-347SÁNCHEZ–LÓPEZ, LOURDES “The Art of Teaching Speaking: Research and Pedagogy for the ESL–EFL Classroom by FOLSE, KEITH. ” Academic Search Premier Summer2008:p334-335, 2p#p#分页标题#e#Gregory, Sawin. "HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE WHO SPEAK ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL)." Academic Search Premier 2000: 7-140. Vandergrift,Larry “Facilitating second language listening comprehension: Acquiring successful strategies.” Oxford University Press / UK 1999 : p 168-176Yu-Chih, Sun. "The Toastmasters Approach: An Innovative Way to Teach Public Speaking to EFL Learners in Taiwan." Academic Search Premier Apr.-May 2008: 113-30.

EFL students study problemsListening and speaking

Table of contentsAbstract 1Introduction 2Background of the problem: we need learn EFL 2-3Listening problem: For many EFL students, listening is a big problem。 3-6Solve: 1. Good study way can improve your listening skill. 2. We need learn EFL with agile method.Commucation problem: The other diffculties is English communcation. 7-9Solve:1. Don’t worry about your communication. 2. Pulic speech will help EFL students.As we all know, communication is a difficult problem for EFL students.Conclusion 9Workcited 10Appendix1.Interview Questions 11#p#分页标题#e#2.Answer to the interview questions 123.survery-Academic 13


Confidential Survey AboutEFL students study Problems

We are Chico State Students, and we are conducting research about EFL students study problems. I’d lile to hear your experience about EFL study. I’d like to hear your experience about EFL study. Your answear will help us to improve our EFL study skill. Please answer the questions below by circling or filling in your response.

Directions: Cirle One Answer Year in school: feshman sophomore junior graduates student Age :17-19 20-22 23-24 other Country : China Taiwan Korea Japan Turkey Saudi Arabia Kuwait Portugal What is your gender: male female What is your first language: Chinese Japanese Korea English Arebiac Other languge ( ) Are you learning a second language: yes no

1.Do you feel nervice when you communication in English?A B C D

2.Do you feel listening test more easy than listening American Speaking?A B C D

3.Do you try to solve the EFL study problems?#p#分页标题#e#A B C D

4.How are your teacher help you to improve EFL study?5.Do you feel listening test ( TOEFL ) is easier than listening American Speaking?A B C D

Zhang11EFLInterview QuestionsTopic: EFL students study problemThesis Statement: Learning the second language has become more and more students’ goals.It will wide your job range in the near future; However, EFL students will meet many problem in their studying process. In addition, the communication and listening are almost EFL students to worry.Interviews: ALCI office Elaine Smith (American language and culture institute teacher)Questions: 1.what is the most difficult to improve when EFL students study English. 2. If EFL students go to Chico University, what will you worry about? 3. When EFL students begin to make speech or communication, what problem they have? 4. What is the best way to improve their listening skill?5. What is the best way to improve their communication skill in your opinion?

Zhang 12

1.writing and listening2.homework and understand what professors say in the class because professors’s speeking speed will more quickly than ALCI’s teachers3.slang and vocabulary and listening4.listening english music, watch american tv show, watch movie5.when you didn’t understand what your partner say, you should ask more.


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