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指导英国手足口病essay "Foot-and-mouth disease" to the harm of human beings should not be neglected in Britain, from the two states appear "foot-and-mouth disease" speaking of _ biological papers

According to the national broadcasting company and British Reuters reported recently: Britain have two states the cases of the disease in cattle, the British ministry of agriculture asked the two states will all the disease cattle slaughtered, and will spread of foot-and-mouth disease to the range of all cattle, sheep, pigs isolation and quarantine, once a infection case, will immediately killed and destroy all the organs. And according to this morning’s Taiwan’s radio report: Taiwan’s southern three counties have found six cases of pig foot-and-mouth disease medical record, and has killed destroyed, "Taiwan’s ministry of agriculture" immediately instructed the animal husbandry and veterinary medical tube personnel seal off the area, the isolation destroy all of new infections a quarantine.

We know: "foot-and-mouth disease" is no less than "mad cow disease" kind of epidemic and infectious diseases of animal husbandry and plague extremely fast, spread to a short time, the more damage to the point of appalling, so, a country or region as long as there "foot-and-mouth disease" a cattle, sheep, disease such as disease, so, the country or region foot-and-mouth disease viral disease will spread to the whole region or the whole country of the animal husbandry industry.

essay By the end of 1996 to 1997 between late spring, Taiwan, once a popular outbreak of pig foot-and-mouth disease, at that time began in tainan county, tainan county first only discovered that a quarantine confirmation of the pig mouth hoof cases, but less than 16 days, immediately diffusion spread to the whole Taiwan 16 counties, and finally to the Taiwan island in Taiwan, and slew 600000 head of cattle, a disease, a direct economic loss of 2.5 billion new tablecloth, indirect economic loss of nt $4.8 billion. The Taiwan’s pork exports to Europe and the United States and other western countries were prohibited, European and American countries talk about "pig" color change, and affect southeast Asia, China and global animal husbandry industry.

Case 2: the United States in the spring of 1997, began in dirk in southern gaza two animal husbandry and farm once appeared two cases of a disease and sheep "foot-and-mouth disease" infection case, less than a week, it spread to south Texas fangyuan 400 kilometers of the area, the alert not only moved to the United States department of agriculture, and make the then President of the United States Clinton frightened to disgrace, immediately issue orders, the Texas all animal husbandry and farm closed and quarantine. All of the foot-and-mouth disease killed immediately a cattle, sheep, disease disease, direct killed 17000 head of, and immediately destroyed…… , beauty (reproduced since China’s education abstract , please keep this mark.) Kingdom of action fast, biology, medical method developed, to put a stop to this is big popular American together "foot-and-mouth disease" from spreading.

Through the above two cases, we found, "foot-and-mouth disease" is a viral infection fast animal husbandry and disasters, it is the direct consequence of: one, and infection of a disease, cattle, sheep in 20 days commonly disease die within. And the viscera and accessories can’t eat meat and bone meal, otherwise it will cause harm to human body and livestock (causative agent meat meal tankage) after the second infection; Second, every spreading infection source of outbreaks of regional or national general fear eating its slaughter pigs, cows, sheep and meat products in 1997, when Taiwan was mostly with destruction is given priority to, because exports also go unattended (all the nations were given the import the above "foot-and-mouth disease cases of popular meat products restraining order), eventually animal husbandry, the farmer loss. Three, "foot-and-mouth disease" disease of popular, is not limited to the pig, sheep, cattle and still all DaShengChu for British recently appeared sheep, cattle, "foot-and-mouth disease", Taiwan is offering the pig "foot-and-mouth disease", vary. Four, chain reaction-foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, will immediately affected to feed, namely the corn, soybean meal, feed raw materials such as combination by bran combat power demand, sales get great impact. General half a year, maybe even a year will show its disastrous results: animal husbandry industry driven by the decline of feed processing falling demand.

We can review, began at the end of 1996-1997 chun xia in Taiwan, United States of the spread of foot-and-mouth disease spread, was enough to put the breeding, feed, global demand greatly reduced, and the emergence of a year and a half in the recession.

Through the above analysis, the author thinks that at the moment, the southern sheep, cattle and Taiwan "foot-and-mouth disease" pig "foot-and-mouth disease" initial found that will give the country and region and the world as a negative consumption demand’s influence, if once spreading popular, can make soybean, corn, soybean meal and related feed by-product of the impact the demand, the demand by using small, short term because of the human popular foot-and-mouth disease outbreak after, to all meat consumption greatly reduced desire might form a "fear meat disease" chain of western capitalist countries, in particular, so, at the appointed time, the price of feed there will still continue to the impact of the traders. Of course, if the country or the area early hands-on and stop "foot-and-mouth disease" spread, the feed on the impact of the animal husbandry breeding is greatly reduced, visible human can still evading the animal husbandry and disaster. This paper the "foot-and-mouth disease" to the harm of human beings should not be neglected in Britain, from the two states appear "foot-and-mouth disease" speaking of _ biological essays et.


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