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The Student Experience Journey: A Con-ceptual Model学生体验之旅:一个反面的概念模型

The students experience can be conceptualised as a system of sub experi-ences which take place at different levels. The four layers of the experientialonion interact with each other and together form the overall experience (Fig-ure 3.1).


The sociocultural context from which the students come from is part ofthe student experience and influences the experience outcome. Ambition,professionalism and the recognition of the importance of gaining knowledgeand expertise in a specific field have been identified as the sociocultural characteristics of the students. The culture of independence within which students grew is also an important characteristic since both families and students seem to be comfortable to live for a long time separately.


A general belief in countries increasing interdependence and in the glob-alisation of the work market is also a key element since perspective studentsare in the beginning of their experience very optimistic about their increasedchances to work in Britain or in other European countries as well as in theircountry of origin. A survey (Placzek-Neves, 2008) conducted by the univer-sity marketing department supports these assumptions, 85% of the studentssaid one of the reason they had chosen the School of Management was toimprove their employability opportunities.

Regarding International and EU students only, there are other importantsociocultural characteristics such as the belief in the myth of British cultureand high quality education and the historically glamorous image of Londonas business and financial capital as well as willingness to experience “westernlifestyle” and improve their English skills.

The usage and consumption situation is that of students or young pro-fessionals who are willing to take a year off to specialise in a particulardiscipline and experience life in a different country. The product category,against which the students compare their own experience, is their previousHEI experience as well as perceptions from other masters programs and uni-versities which they have considered. The core experience with the Schoolof

Management services and brand depends on the outcome of some keyexperiences in the student journey which are specified in Figure 3.2. Thetotal experience of the students will depend on the interplay of the factorsidentified in the experiential onion (Figure 3.1).


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