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I. Summary of grassroots performance monitoring一、基层效能监察综述

Recently, an emphasis on grass-roots 22 units of the fuel management approach performance monitoring. Monitor the content of material supply station fuel supervisory job performance of their duties, frontline grassroots team's fuel distribution and transfer case grassroots team cycling (EMU) procedures for control of fuel, fuel consumption publicly situation, fuel consumption of rewards and punishments, fuel management case of violation of discipline. Monitoring is the primary means to take: to the gas station refueling site tracking to monitor the situation, to the construction site of the front-line view of oil delivery team handover procedures, to the grassroots level view fleet fuel management and control information.近期,重点对所属基层22个单位进行了油料管理办法效能监察。监察的内容是物资供应站油料监督岗位人员履行职责情况、前线基层队的油料配送和交接情况基层车队单车(车组)加油手续控制情况、油料消耗公开情况、油料消耗奖惩情况、油料管理中的违规违纪情况。监察的采取的主要方法是:到加油站现场跟踪监察加油情况,到前线基层队施工现场查看油料配送交接手续,到基层车队查看油料管理、控制的有关资料。

By holding seminars, on-site inquiry, track record and other forms of grass-roots units can be based under "issued on fuel management and supervision measures for implementation of the notice" requirement, the fuel distribution ledger on ("fuel distribution site transfer record") Fill fuel type, quantity and signed; duty squad, small diesel driver, an employee representative on-site check documents and the actual distribution of the number of refueling correct, respectively, in fuel distribution and endorsed ledger.通过召开座谈会、现场询问、跟踪记录等形式,了解到基层单位都能根据根据《关于印发油料管理监督实施办法的通知》要求,在油料配送台账上(《油料配送现场交接记录表》)填写油料种类、数量并签字;当班班长、小班柴油司机、现场一名职工代表核对加油单据和实际配送数量无误后,分别在油料配送台账上签字认可。Since last year, cost of living of workers paid by carrying out the oil consumption of materials, supplies procurement grassroots performance monitoring for enterprises to avoid or 1.46 million yuan in economic losses, and discover clues to some disciplinary problems, timely investigate a number of disciplinary offenses, effectively plug the loopholes in the management, and promote clean government.

Second, the primary performance monitoring Thinking

Analyze the situation, to see the work of some units in the actual economic situation is poor, an important reason why management is weak, ineffective implementation of rules and regulations, the individual leading cadres can not perform their duties responsibly. The management gave a lot of loopholes in the gap can be drilled corrupt elements. As a business discipline inspection and supervision departments are responsible for the production and operation centers around, play their own advantages, and actively carry out performance monitoring, from the source to prevent and control corruption. Monitor the effectiveness of the work of recent years, I believe that performance monitoring to be combined with the following aspects.(A) To monitor the effectiveness of the combination of production and operation managementProduction and management to be carried out on the cost effectiveness of monitoring, highlighting the importance of cost management, establish a "always, everywhere, everything is the point of cost management" concept, to monitor the effectiveness of the cost involved in the management process, not only to pay attention and control production costs , operating costs and other explicit costs, but also to pay attention and control due to inefficient, information distortion, such as the formation of idle assets hidden costs. For primary production cost is an important factor, fuel consumption, performance monitoring is a long-term project, not seeking to achieve comprehensive monitoring, select a representative to the team, in the different timing can be monitored to detect , feedback, solve problems in the construction process, plugging loopholes in cost management, reduce costs and expenses earnestly work. Through the implementation of management measures to monitor the effectiveness find good experience typical, but there are problems yet to be corrective and strengthened. For example: monitoring of individual grassroots team found the fuel delivery to the construction site, there is no timely completion of the transfer of records; appear individuals, the card does not match the refueling phenomenon and so on.(Two) to monitor the effectiveness of workers concerned with the combination of hot and difficultEnterprise performance monitoring both increase economic efficiency, improve staff efficiency and ensure the integrity of the staff positions important way, but also to protect the vital interests of the masses of workers effective means. Independent oversight should work with the fair, just and open manner through a combination of grass-roots team (station) go public with the workers concerned about a major decision, production and management, involving the vital interests of workers, through participation and supervision of the program promote maximum disclosure, to avoid black-box operation, so as to achieve close cadre, rallying public role.Last year, through the payment of living expenses for a grassroots performance monitoring. Grass-roots units in the implementation of the management process are able to live on a compliance regime, accounts clear, open and transparent, the majority of workers support and favor. However, there are still some management problems, such as: purchase items not accounted for, IOUs and more, there is no proof of signature, some cadres also purchase production materials with living expenses, some public information and practical do not match. These are the system operation is not serious, not serious, are not implemented due. By monitoring and reporting, rectification problem, improve the management system, perform an action program that allows employees to use cost of living has been strengthened management and embarked on the path of the formal management to ensure that the fundamental interests of the masses of workers. Rationalize the relationship between cadres and unite the hearts of workers, in order to improve production and management foundation. (Three) monitor the effectiveness of the combination with the performance appraisalCarry out performance appraisal is intended to enable individuals, teams, business and corporate objectives closely, strengthen management, corporate teams and individuals to achieve continuous improvement in the joint responsibility, its essence is to improve the efficiency and management level. Performance monitoring work carried out, which can effectively block some of the holes in the operation and management, and improving the quality of management. In practice, you can create hierarchical classification performance evaluation system, such as the debriefing report system, the middle quarter of efficiency evaluation, monthly general staff evaluation system and so on. Focus on individual and team performance evaluation, performance monitoring team-oriented and business management, both only interactive, performance monitoring to find its foothold. At the same time, adhere to the cadre evaluation system for cadres annual performance appraisal have been warnings and weed out unqualified cadres, the cadres assessment, quarterly evaluation, staff appraisal and evaluation combine spiritual civilization, and promote the work style of cadres changes over the years through assessment and evaluation has fired four grass-roots cadres, adjusted the three section-level cadres.(Four) monitor the effectiveness of anti-corruption education to be combined with style"Implementation Outline" clearly states that "to strengthen the leading organs and leading cadres, especially leading bodies at all levels is mainly responsible for the supervision," "strengthen the key areas and key parts of the right to exercise supervision, so play to monitor the effectiveness of prevention, monitoring , service efficiency and clean government must combine education each year, carefully organize the clean government inspection activities, sum up a good grass-roots level, representative experience, the grass-roots units and self-correction and rectification of the problem plugging organizational situation to check the effectiveness of the implementation of corrective institution.Clean government education department to carry out the job since the grass-roots leadership team members to participate actively. First, the construction of spiritual civilization quarterly checks carried out, focusing on checking the implementation of Clean and Honest situation; Second, leading cadres to carry out each quarter and spouses warning education; three is to carry out activities leading cadres honest conversation will; four is to organize cadres to study oil management system and violation of discipline cases readers. Through these activities, and further enrich the connotation of honest government and substance.


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