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People are social fundamental, are the creators of history, but also to promote social progress and decisive force. Modern enterprise management requirements is fully affirmed the human creative achievements, all to the people-centered, all people-oriented, all to human purposes, give full play to people's creative talents, to stimulate people's entrepreneurial passion, so that everyone become the subject of a positive attitude to start businesses and their own prospects.人是社会的根本,是历史的创造者,也是推动社会进步的决定性力量。现代企业管理的要求就是充分肯定人的创造成果,一切以人为核心,一切以人为本,一切以人为目的,充分发挥人的创造才能,激发人的创业激情,使每个人都成为企业的主体,以积极的态度来开创企业和自身的美好前景。A people-oriented modern enterprise management the need for economic papers published

1 现代企业管理以人为本的必要性

Good basis for the work of modern enterprise management and the premise is to adhere to the people-oriented. Enterprises to achieve a people-oriented modern management is determined by the socialist nature of the decision is to ensure that enterprises in the increasingly competitive market economy thrive key is to improve the corporate control market power and enhance the vitality and vigor of magic, while the dominant position of the majority of employees are also an important manifestation of enterprises. Therefore, we must fully understand the modern enterprise management of the importance of people-oriented. The traditional concept of development to physical and chemical based, namely to object to the center of Heroes, ranked second; while the scientific concept of development is people-oriented, ie, human-centered work, the people, talent first, as the "first resources, "respecting the, off the subject, relying on the real development of the people as a measure of whether or not the speed of the core elements of the development. All the work, especially the management of all aspects of work, bit by bit, and truly reflects the people-oriented, people in a relatively free state, rather than the mechanical equipment that was completely controlled, and thus motivate employees demonstrate maximum vitality, burst enormous potential. The management of a particular task, not only causing a "production unity" so this "unity" productive than its various components of the sum of greater productivity, but in order to better incentives, command and organization of production "unity" of the employees to do their work, manufacturing the best quality, lowest cost products and services, and to make the most of the market demand for rapid response. That is to be achieved through their own efforts, consumes less time, manpower, material and financial resources, manufacturing a minimum of defective products and services to meet customer needs.做好现代企业管理工作的基础和前提就是要坚持以人为本。企业实现以人为本的现代化管理,是由我国社会主义性质所决定的,是保证企业在竞争日益激烈的市场经济中茁壮成长的关键所在,是提高企业驾驭市场能力、增强企业活力与生机的法宝,同时也是广大员工企业主体地位的重要体现。所以我们要充分认识到现代企业以人为本管理的重要性。传统的发展观以物化为主,即以物为中心论英雄、排名次;而科学的发展观则是以人为本,即以人为中心开展工作,把人、人才放在第一位,作为“第一资源”,尊重之、关受之、依靠之,真正把人做为衡量发展与否、发展快慢的核心要素。一切工作,特别是管理工作的方方面面、点点滴滴,真正体现出以人为本,使人处于相对的自由状态,而不是像机械设备那样完全被控制,进而激发员工彰显最大活力、迸发巨大潜能

2 Strengthening of modern enterprise management strategy

2.1 of modern enterprise management should pay attention to people-oriented thinkingTraditional management theory is based on object-centered, profit maximization as the ultimate goal, completely ignoring the human element in the management fascinated by iron discipline, absolute obedience, and supreme authority, between labor and employment into a purely is an employment relationship. 21st century technology and business competition is the talent competition, in the building of enterprise culture, people want to invest in energy, strengthen the "people" of the building. Great companies always give top priority to human values, and material in the second. Should respect people's thoughts, in an enterprise, to be able to hear different voices, business leaders should be able to accept the impact of new ideas, so as to allow the enterprise to maintain their vitality, but also to continue to inspire people to create force. HP's culture has often been called the "HP way" (HP Way). Believes that respect for the individual, respect for employees is on the top position. Motorola's corporate values ​​are: respect for each employee as an individual human dignity, openness, so that each employee directly involved in the dialogue, so that they have the opportunity to work with companies share common goals, to play out their greatest potential. Meanwhile, enterprises should conversion system, the real focus of the management by the "thing" to all aspects of business, especially the production site. To motivate, care for the heavy, respect their values ​​and ability to tap their inherent potential and maintain employee labor practices and practical ability of sustainability, thus truly the times, so that employees can abandon the enterprise in the past that high material and energy consumption, low output and emit large quantities of wastes characterized by the traditional production process, turning low consumption, high output and waste reduction using the eco-technology, to achieve a real sense of social production by resource type grab to the deep-level transfer of renewable resources. Employees in good faith to achieve a high degree of care and strict management unity.2.2 The establishment of modern enterprise management system to adapt to corporate compensation system to retain corporate useful talentsGradual establishment of market mechanism, enterprise independent distribution, democratic participation of workers, the government pay system monitor corporate guidance. On the outstanding contributions of experts and professionals, on the one hand through a variety of media widely publicized their deeds, to raise awareness and expand social influence, and vigorously to create respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create a social atmosphere; the other hand, actively coordinate and effectively solve their practical difficulties exist in the work, relieve worries and help them feel at ease to work hard to create to encourage people to pursue their careers and support personnel as dry as the cause, helping professionals Ganhao Shi industry with only environment. In some companies, for example, to improve the overall quality of personnel, stimulate learning culture, learning technology, learning the business of enthusiasm, the growth of talent flow channels to create a respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create a good business environment, the Companies adhere to the "performance-oriented," according to "performance pay distribution to key positions, hard-line positions tilt" principle, the development of "pay and performance assessment linked to the implementation details," "crude oil production assessment Implementing Rules" and other systems from the assessment methods, assessment indicators, reward factor, to honor their ways have been adjusted. Encourage the production units to develop a practical assessment of the unit implementing rules, good performance pay redistribution, forming a plant, work area, well area three evaluation system, front-line employees significant growth in revenue, has been grass-roots support, the staff continued enthusiasm for production high; take networking, media, pictures and other forms, widely publicized technology leaders technological achievements, multi-channel technology leaders to improve visibility. Aspects in the development of incentives for outstanding technology leaders, prioritizing title promotion, job promotion, training and other benefits to go out, and as a reserve for future technical experts recommended candidates to broaden technical talent development channel; improve production team of highly skilled jobs treatment perfect career path, motivating skills taught to go on the road. Also, set up a "stable and harmonious Award", "production Organization Award", "artificial Efficiency Award", "Quality Enhancement Award" and other individual awards, by carrying out normalization, cyclical contest contest promotes the professional post production skills enhance the overall quality of personnel, stimulate production skills staff knowledge, practice skills, than the level of initiative and enthusiasm.2.3 people-oriented, comprehensive evaluation method for enterprise employeesFirst, the use of scientific and rational evaluation methods, the introduction of new assessment tools for staff to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Assessment is divided into the annual assessment and routine assessment. Annual assessment once a year, routine examination once every quarter. Performance appraisal of the staff positions directly responsible for their immediate supervisor, Human Resources, in accordance with the regulations to provide technical support and services. Individual job descriptions in advance by a superior formulation, work in practice under specific circumstances to be constantly revised, amended the terms attached to the original document, signed by both parties and report to HR record. Evaluation subjects in direct supervisor's guidance, according to job requirements and the higher authorities of the annual work plan objectives and tasks of drawing up a "personal annual target plan", signed by the immediate supervisor approval to become post an important basis for the annual performance appraisal. "Individual annual target plan" should include budget content. Assessment in accordance with the "personal annual target plan", according to the different periods of work priorities and tasks change drawing up a "personal quarterly target plan", signed by the immediate supervisor approval to become an important basis for routine assessment. "Individual quarterly goals plan" should include budget content. In the assessment period, if any, significant changes in tasks and objectives, assessment objects shall be promptly recorded in the plan to change the situation inside. Meanwhile, to further optimize the environment for qualified personnel. Development of enterprise management personnel evaluation mechanism, deepen the reform of income distribution system. Establish and improve the re-performance, heavy contribution to the talents and the allocation of key positions tilt incentives. According to the actual situation of enterprises can take the Ownership, risk management and security of stocks, options and other incentive allocation is allocated to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprise managers. A good grasp of enterprise managers health project implementation, and further strengthen the spirit of motivation.

3 Conclusion

In short, the modern enterprise management, we must be people-oriented, treat employees is to treat yourself, so that employees and businesses grow together, common development.


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