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1. IntroductionThis report will go through every stage of the project. From the initial ideas, designs to buildingof the project and handing over to the client.As the report will track the progress of every stage of the project, it will be written in a series ofentries at the time of that stage. The entry will be more accurate if done this way s it will befresh in the mind. It also allows a recap on the events of the project when writing the finalevaluation.

2. Before the First Client MeetingDate: 01/03/2012 Entry by: JeremyWe received the brief a week before our scheduled meeting with Kate from ArtSpace. It isquite vague, so leaves a lot of space for creativity and ideas. We have been asked to make a'promotional multimedia tool' to promote Yorkshire ArtSpace's new studios at a site calledSOAR Works.We decided to each come up with ideas for a different format of 'multimedia tool'; Greg willcome up with ideas for an advertising banner for their website, Matt will develop ideas for avideo project of the studios, Dave will work on ideas for a virtual tour of the studios and I willcome up with ideas for a poster campaign to advertise the studios and the new site.

3. After the First Client MeetingDate: 02/03/2012 Entry by: NicolaDuring the first meeting with Kate our client we discussed her ideas for the project. Sheexplained how she enjoys the Pivot and Lego animations her 12 year old son watches, andwould like it if we were able to create something like that.As we are creating an advert to promote Soar Works Artspace’s newest site, we asked if wecould visit. Kate agreed and she said was available Monday the 5thof March at 12pm for us tovisit Soar Works with her. We are also able to take our own photographs whilst at the site.Bowen our Venture Matrix representative explain how a risk assessment would have to bedraw up and said would email everyone before the visit with the details.Dates for the Design Ideas meeting and the Final Handover were agreed between us and theclient. These dates will now be amended on the project timeline and incorporated into the finalproposal.We will now prepare for the site visit and start to gather ideas and design by watching existingadverts and animations ready to show Kate on the 19thMarch 2012.

4. After the Soars Works Site VisitDate: 05/03/2012 Entry by: MattWhen we arrived at Soar works, we were given a guided tour around the building. The mainfocus points that we looked at were the meeting rooms and studios that are available. Thestudios where very interesting as their layout was very dynamic and some were vast in size.As these were the main focus points, most of the images we took were of those aspects of thebuilding as we believed we could advertise the space that is available with those images.After the tour of Soar works, we began to discuss the possibilities of what we could createwith the images we had taken. We had a range of ideas, from stop-frame animation to a flashbased animation with the images as a scrolling background. However, we have not yet settledon a design/idea to take forward into the creation process.

5. Before the Design Ideas MeetingDate: 18/03/2012 Entry by: GregBefore the design ideas meeting we created a proposal with all our different ideas in it fromour virtual walkthrough to our virtual advertisement. We had several different meetings todiscuss our ideas and allocated which idea to each member of our group to who will create itfor the design proposal. The group also created some questions to which we wanted to askKate to see if there were any changes or modification to our design ideas which she wouldprefer to her end goal product.

6. After Design Ideas MeetingDate: 19/03/2012 Entry by: DaveThis meeting was a very short but also very successful meeting. Before the meeting we hademailed Kate our design proposal so she could have a look at the designs beforehand, thisproved to be very beneficial for both parties as she had already made a decision on whichdesign she would like to use. This meant that we could spend the meeting discussing the finerdetails instead of trying to present the ideas.Kate said, she would like to have a slogan placed within the animation as well as making itclear, where the studio is. With this, as a group, we feel comfortable with this decision.

7. Final Design ConformationDate: 26/03/2012 Entry by: MattThe final design was confirmed by Kate, our client when we had a meeting with her shortlyafter the design ideas meeting. We came up with a plethora of ideas that were all veryachievable and based around a stick man character.Kate instantly liked Gregg's idea in which the stick man runs around Soar works causingmayhem and using ceiling fixtures as monkey bars. After Kate chose this idea, we discussedthe possibilities and options for the elements that would be included in the animation, and alsodiscussed the technical side of how we would create such an animation.Now, as a group we are going to decide the best was to approach and create the animationand then begin the building process.

8. Building of the ProjectDate: 27/04/2012 Entry by: GregThe best way we thought to create our virtual add, was to separate the advert into 6 differentscenes, and allocate each scene to a different member of the group. We when took it in turnsto animate the stick man around the different pictures of the site, then pulled each of thedifferent animations into one single file, so we could order them and make them into themovie.We had some problems during the actual animation, due to the program we used to createthe stickman animation, which was Adobe Flash Cs5.5. On occasions when we had toanimate rotations, the program would rotate the image in the opposite way around a full circle,which made the build very difficult and frustrating, eventually we found a way to fix this bug,but It did take a lot of time.Once all the scenes were put together in flash, the stickman ran smoothly throughout thescenes and we were really pleased with the end result, to finalize our animation, we addedsome rolling credits to the end of the animation and put a piece of music over the top of theanimation to make it a bit more effective

9. Final HandoverDate: 10/05/2012 Entry by: JeremyWe presented our final animation to Kate at ArtSpace in a meeting today. Whilst it was notfinished (due to issues with file format) she seemed happy with our end result. She suggestedthat we add a couple of things to our animation before we sent her a revised, finished copy;some credits that said we had created it and a happy music track to add to the atmosphere ofthe animation.When we finished these additions and sorted out the issue with file format, we sent thefinished file over to Kate via email for her to put on ArtSpace's YouTube channel.

10. ConclusionDate: 10/05/2012 Entry by: GregWe met Kate for the last time to hand over the advertisement to her, we didn’t manage tocomplete the rendering onto a disk in time for the meeting, but instead we brought alongDave's laptop, and showed her on the laptop, also sending her a copy over email with a briefsurvey to try get some feedback from Kate. showing her the advert she seemed really impressed with the advert, and gave us somefeedback on the spot of a few minor changes we could make to the advert to make it better.After the meeting we immediately updated the advert and sent it straight back to Kate, weoffered to upload it to YouTube and create an account for Artspace, but ArtSpace already hada YouTube account and we didn’t need to upload it. Overall Kate said she was very happywith the advert.


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