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2022report格式留学生指导澳洲essay:Ethnographic Techniques 需求

By August 22, 2022essay代写

2022report格式留学生指导澳洲essay:Ethnographic Techniques 需求

2022report格式留学生指导澳洲essay:Ethnographic Techniques  需求

Ethnographic Techniques Choosing a presentational role and participating and observing in the field

Participant ObservationParticipant Observation is the main method of ethnography and involves taking part as a member of a community while making mental and then written, theoretically-informed observations.

OutlineLearning through first-hand experience. Initial stages of awkwardness and strangeness, and living a ‘multiplex life’. Becoming a more active seeker of knowledge. From distance to immersion, and how far to take participation. Participant-observer positions: being covert or overt; gaining an insider role; asking what you aim to achieve; and practical considerations.

Learning through first-hand experience. What is participant observation?Both participating and observingBecoming an insider (or adopting an outsider perspective)Getting involved, and writing about itGaining access

Initial stagesGeneral gatheringGetting in/ RecruitmentChoosing a roleGetting on with the jobFeeling strangeAvoiding a case of ‘Pyles’.

Becoming more activeHow far to participate What to do in the fieldWhere to go and who to talk to What data to collect and how

Distance and immersionThe participant observer oxymoronParticipant observation includes: Access, rapport, asking questions, While avoiding ‘going native’Observation aims to be detachedParticipation is involved

Relations in the fieldMaking friends and building relationshipsIssues of reciprocityKey informantsConfining one’s work in time and placeNegotiating relationsEmotional labour

Participant observer positionsthe complete participant, participant as observer, observer as participant, complete observer

Participant observer positionsbeing covert or overt; gaining an insider role; asking what you aim to achieve; and practical considerations.

The participant observation continuumRemember your aims for participationFor accessFor immersion and empathyFrom full immersion to minimal participation


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