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2022simpletense代写怎么样澳洲留学如何写好performance appraisal留学作业

By August 17, 2022essay代写

2022simpletense代写怎么样澳洲留学如何写好performance appraisal留学作业

2022simpletense代写怎么样澳洲留学如何写好performance appraisal留学作业



2 本文内容








1 员工绩效考核形式

1.1 简短的评价形式:


1.2 评价形式的最终目标


1.3 实际的评估形式



1 Summary

In general, the importance of performance appraisals shows in the following aspects: the productivity and competitive force of the company; working achievement of the employees; the working performance; the attitudes of workers (Sackett and Devore, 2001). The following will present the Staff performance appraisal form and procedures in order to make the appraisal go well and achieve satisfactory results.

2 Table of Content

(1) Summary. 1

(2) Staff Performance. 1

(3) Staff Performance Appraisal Form.. 1

(4) Appraisal Process Chart 4

(5) Performance Procedures. 5

(6) References. 10

Research & investigate staff performance appraisal.

1. Staff Performance Appraisal Form

1.1. The Brief of the Appraisal form:

Staff performance appraisal form includes the forms of senior staff, technical staff and ordinary clerk. The focus of performance appraisal is different according to the content of staff performance. The following is taking the example of senior staff.

1.2. The final goal of the appraisal form

The appraisal form is intended to improve company’s operation situation through the method o enhancing strengths and avoiding shortcomings of senior staffs

1.3. The Actual Appraisal Form

Senior Staff Performance Appraisal Form

Appraisal Object:_______The Management Level:___________ Appraisal Date:___________

2. Appraisal Process Chart

According to Dalal, R. S. & Hulin, C. L., apriority mental block means that many HR have ambiguous knowledge of premise of having performance evaluation (Dalal and Hulin, 2008).

2.1. The goal of Appraisal process chart

The appraisal process chart is intended to give a clearly process to improve the efficiency of appraisal.

2.2. The actual appraisal process chart

3. Performance Procedures

Research & Develop

3.1. Employee grievance Procedure flow chart

3.1.1. The summary of employee grievance procedure flow chart

Employee grievance procedure flow chart is intended to protect aggrieved employees’ reasonable rights. It mainly made up of grievance hearing and appeal hearing. The aggrieved employees have two chances to show their unfair treatment. The subject of supervisors also has the chance to show their opinions to resist the grievance.

3.1.2. The actual flow form of grievance statement

Grievance Statement

1. Aggrieved staffs give reasons to grievance and the way to solve it

2. Aggrieved staffs put on the statement to manager and human resources department

Usually within 10 days of grievance affair happens

Invitation to Grievance Hearing

1.Human resources department should invited the staffs who are aggrieved to a grievance hearing

Usually within 10 days of receiving grievance statement

Grievance Hearing

1. The grievance hearing should be conducted by manager based on human resources’ advice

2. Aggrieved staffs show their opinion about the grievance they met

3. Relevant supervisors who are subject of the grievance show their opinion about the staffs’ grievance

4. Clerk who are witnesses should attend

Notification of outcome of Grievance Hearing

1. Manager will declaim and advise the result of grievance hearing and the decision about the grievance affair

2. Aggrieved staffs have right to appeal

Appeal Statement

1. Aggrieved people give appeal statement on grievance and give more detail evidence.

Invitation to appeal hearing

HR will have an appeal hearing and invite the relevant individuals

Within 5 days after grievance hearing

Within 10 days of receipt of result of grievance hearing

Manager’s response to the appeal statement

1. The manager will have to prepare a statement that respond to the aggrieved employees’ appeal statement

Within 5 days of receipt of appeal statement

Within 5 days after grievance hearing

Within 10 days of receipt of response to the appeal

Conduct appeal hearing

1. Aggrieved staffs attend

1. Employees who are subject of the grievance should attend

2. witness should be invited to attend

Notification of result of appeal hearing

1. The senior manager will confirm the result of appeal hearing, it’s the final result.

Within 5 days of ending the appeal hearing

Within 5 days of ending the appeal hearing

2. Employer Disciplinary Procedure flow chart

2.1. The brief introduction of disciplinary procedure flow chart

The disciplinary procedure is intended to improve employees’ action through giving warning or advice. It includes verbal warning, written warning and dismissal. Verbal warning happens when the disciplinary offence is not serious, while written warning happens when the offence becomes more serious. And the dismissal happens when the disciplinary offence is not irreconcilable.

1.2 The Actual Form:

4. Employer Termination Procedure flow chart.

4.1. The brief introduction:

The employer termination procedure happens after the company decide to dismiss the employees.

It is intended to protect the company’s benefit after the procedure. It is mainly conducted by human resources department.

4.2. The Actual Form

5 Conclusions

All in all, career performance appraisal is vital to a company’s success and through the appraisal results, HR managers can take effective measures to motivate employees. And thus, the appraisal procedures are seriously required and should be followed so as to make reasonable and fair performance appraisal.

6 References

Sackett, P. R., & DeVore, C. J. (2001). “Counterproductive behaviors at work”. Handbook of industrial, work, and organizational psychology,vol. 1, pp. 145–164 London, UK: Sage.

Dalal, R. S. & Hulin, C. L. (2008). Motivation for what? A multivariate dynamic perspective of the criterion. New York: Routledge. pp. 63-100


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