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British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard system introduced work instructions

Guide for Introducing British NVQ Administration Standards System

1. NVQ administrative management and the introduction of secretarial standard system

(Introducing NVQ Administration Standards Systems)

1.1 administrative and professional secretarial category

British administrative management and secretarial standards committee in making administrative, and secretary of the nature of this occupation standard made a definition, namely the administrative management and secretarial work main responsibility is: "by establishing, implementing, maintain and evaluation management system, working procedures and service activities, to effectively promote the realization of the target of the institution itself."

This brief definition contains three meanings: one is the professional activities, nature and all kinds of organization management system and procedures related; 2 it is the category of this activity involves from low to high levels of all management of work or services; Three is engaged in the professional work aim is to constantly improve the efficiency of the group’s own or place, to achieve the organization’s social or economic goals.

According to the characteristics of the professional work way, British NVQ administrative and secretarial standards committee secretary personnel administration and pointed out that the task of: is mainly to undertake administrative management routine, that is, in the existing system within the scope of the provisions, according to the established procedures to handle affairs; In addition, but also in the administrative management activities within the scope of dealing with various kinds of unforeseen affairs, constantly in order to promote the efficiency of the organization to go to work.

We introduce British NVQ professional standards system in the so-called "administrative management and secretarial", the original English is: Administration. In Britain the standard system NVQ it professional concept is administrative or affairs management includes the entire content of the. The standard of the foundation of system of the description of the main responsibility is to carry out the work of sexual affairs, including reception, security, file transfer, information processing, filing, document preparation and office equipment use etc. Because these tasks and our Secretary professional skill standard to the provisions of the basic consistent, we used to have Administration professional concepts for Secretary, Secretary of the English is a Secretary, so we use this term, translated it for Secretary. But the so-called "secretary" the name no matter from language and professional definition cannot be explained we introduced all this career with, so we used administrative management and secretarial the name. Because, in the British NVQ Administration this part of the work and career foundation secretary, and in this career similar high level of category, is itself is all kinds of administrative work.

In our country the professional qualification system of the secretary and British NVQ administrative management and professional secretarial basic parts of similar standards. In 1997, China’s original labor organization experts formulated the secretary professional skill standards "in the country and the issue. In this standard text on the secretary of the profession do is defined as the specialized in the office work, help leaders to deal with procedural government affairs and daily routine and for leadership and its implementation service personnel decisions.

British administrative management and control of the comparison of secretary professional definition, from the professional development of itself to the development of the law and talents to see, we are to the secretary of the professional definition and skills of standard content are limited to service and routine work. On this basis, China’s secretary professional should also develop a senior management position to the channel.

In the traditional labor personnel system, managers at all levels all is according to the cadre identity treatment, and return to the administrative management of certain level, not for this administration to determine a united career definition or category. With China’s labor personnel system reform, workers and cadres of the identity between basic eliminate barriers, social and economic institutions of various forms of ownership to the movements of people among frequent, in administrative or affairs management personnel in various properties of widely distributed organization, with the original administrative management cadre’s level and standards have already can’t explain or describe their work status and identity. In a market economy of the environment, urgent need for these staff determines a unified, scientific job category and standard system.

Through the introduction of British NVQ administrative and professional secretarial standard system for our own will set up administrative management and professional secretarial experience and technology to provide standard system. China’s current secretary professional skill standard system also should according to the present situation and the professional traffic international practice and administrative management professional standards and axle system.

1.2 administrative management and secretarial standard system is established

Britain’s administrative management and secretarial standard is the national professional standards and qualification system in part, it’s set up wide social basis. British administrative management and secretarial standard system is set up, one of the most basic principle is:

"The industry to develop

"For service

"Employers and unit of choose and employ persons recognised

British secretary of standard system development mainly rely on British administrative management and secretarial industrial guidance institutions. The agency by all sorts of state-owned and private enterprises and the relevant industry organizations, trade unions, and education training institutions in the person of the industry represents about aspects of the interest. The agency to develop administrative management and secretarial standard tenet is: "through the development and promotion of administrative management and professional standards and promote secretarial organization efficient".

British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard in the development process, had widely solicit opinions from people of all walks of life, and organize experts and practicing personnel for a comprehensive system of research and revised, through repeated pilot and inspection, just the official by the British national vocational qualification committee officially issued to the society. And other professional is different because the British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard content of coverage, and a standard scale extended to a high level of administrative management work areas, so, the British administration and secretarial industrial guidance agencies involved a broader range of industry, education and training and more connected with government agencies, the standard to establish the system of the whole British NVQ certificate system of more far-reaching impact.

1.3 administrative management and the characteristics of the secretarial standard system

British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard system has not only NVQ the basic characteristics of the standard model, also reflect its industry special nature.

1.3.1 scientific job function guidance, can reflect the actual work staff requirements of ability.

British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard system based on the actual work of the function of the post as the foundation, the actual work need basis. It is a measure of what people can do, and not just because he know what. This is the British NVQ system core and soul. Britain since 1986, in 150 industry and professional setting thousands of professional standards. Because employers to each profession or post needs what skills most say, so these standards are employers mainly comprised of industry guidance of agency establishment. This standard system to establish the professional need as the guidance, and not subject to the needs of the development of the education training goal oriented, thus fundamentally changing the traditional education training heavy theory in the tendency of light practice, vocational training and qualification tests to adapt to the production and business and technology development request.

For example, in the administrative management and secretarial standard system, improve work efficiency ", "the establishment of an effective working relationship" basic skills such as listed in the standard system, this is NVQ administrative and standard system of secretary of a worthy of note. It objectively reflect the reality of this occupation and the actual needs. Although we can open a lot about "efficiency" and "public relations" course, but these skills are not in the classroom can be learned, but must through repeated work practice can experience and master.

Ability to work on the basis of administrative and secretarial standard system decides the assessment mode and traditional test very different. British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard system for not on the surface of the test scores, their concern is your ability to work and in the work performance is in accordance with the requirement. To work site assessment in place of the traditional classroom exams, the actual work instead of test scores, this is executive NVQ administrative and secretarial standard basic requirements. This assessment rarely Settings written examination, and never make the examination questions worthless. Their assessment always help you in your own work practice to know this position requirements to target, and through the constant efforts to meet the goal. The evaluation of the NVQ insist on the requirements of the professional standards for scale, real effectively tact actual work performance. It is completely devoid of the modern exam system the most unreasonable factors and talents training and assessment started new way.#p#分页标题#e#

1.3.2 complete professional level system, for the development of talent can provide a promoted step by step and high level position to the channel.

In the standard British NVQ level setting minimum of system level to grade 1, the highest level for 5 levels. All sorts of professional differ in thousands ways, they are not quite as the level setting. Administrative management and secretary of the standard system level setting is complete, it has 5 levels standards. In this level system most of the foundation is the retention and service of secretarial work, top that gradually extended to schedule affairs management and various kinds of resource allocation, project planning, implementation and evaluation, internal and external relations coordination, and even great affairs decision-making and supervision in the high level of the administrative activities.

British NVQ administrative management and secretarial national grade 1 standard is the professional entry level, it has nine units, it includes administrative management and secretarial staff a necessity, the most basic vocational skills. The nine units are necessary to complete unit, not only just coming into the profession must be familiar with this new in nine professional standards of behavior standards, and reach the standard, all levels of management personnel to master this standard, this is the internal organization of personnel management basic conditions.

British NVQ level 2 to 4 national level standard will choose a unit (7-8), and several optional unit (three or seven). These BiaoZhunJi other set according to a management position gradually to increase the progressive relationship between the responsibilities of the job, difficulty and scope, but also to the organization in different departments within the special requirements of post larger with choices. In general, these levels of management personnel already have a position requirement for basic skills, and very familiar with this position of the professional requirements and standard, because have these standards guidance, make them more clear this position and high level position of the relationship between the progressive, easier to accept and master the high standard of standard and requirements, it is for their high position and position to lay a good foundation.

British NVQ level 5 national standard has six will choose unit, these units stipulated the senior management personnel must have the ability and the quality, including organization strategic decision making, implementation and evaluation, and to realize the strategic objective need all development and management. From the content to see, the standard unit of the request is very high, to reach the standard requires not only a rich practical experience, still need to be approved by senior management education and training of commerce and industry. From the continuity of the standard view, from grade 1 to grade 5 although span is very big, but the highest level of standard is not unattainable, it is a low level standard logic development, progressive asymptotic the inevitable result. In addition, to the highest level of management personnel general is also passed the assessment standards don’t at all levels, have all kinds of basic skills and qualities, only to have the solid foundation of practices, ability as a competent and responsible for overall organization of the operation and management of the top executives.

As British NVQ administrative management and professional secretarial definition mentioned, no matter you are in this profession of the level, and everyone’s work purposes are the same, and everyone in a management system and working procedures in, every man’s work activities are all connected, gradually extended. Each level no insurmountable gap between, along with the scope of the work involved more and more wide, more and more heavy responsibility, difficulty is more and more big. In this level system, everyone can see their own development channel and work target.

1.3.3 extensive industry range, but for all types of administrative affairs management establish a uniform code of conduct and qualification authentication system.

British NVQ administrative management and secretarial standard system it corresponds to a professional group, the standard system in Britain NVQ, also have some of the characteristics of the industry with the administrative and professional secretarial. Such as Business management (Business Administration), Office affairs management (Office Administration), financial affairs management (Bank Administration), the Secretary affairs management (Secretary Administration), and so on. British NVQ administrative management and secretary of standard system contains the career of some common content, therefore, it for industry area is more widely some other classes.

British administrative management and secretarial standards committee proposed a slogan is: "secretary is everyone’s business." In the UK in administrative management and the number of secretarial work of social public sector and private enterprise employment population 31%. About half the engaged in management and administration, the other half for routine work or private secretary’s role. Administrative management and professional secretarial wide adaptability and makes it as a particular job, most people become an important content in the profession. In Britain the issue 1 to 4 levels of national professional qualification certificate, the state administrative management and professional qualification certificate secretarial occupies more than 30%. So far, Britain had nine certificate issued by the administrative management in institutions and secretarial occupational qualification certificates.

The administrative management and professional secretarial from the current situation, the major design organization is: people from all walks of life enterprise, institution; All kinds of administrative departments (including government, army and community), education training and welfare institutions, and so on. These administrative management and secretarial staff’s main jobs is mainly: administrative affairs management personnel, all kinds of affairs assistant, secretary, and commercial service management personnel, and so on.

Such a industry wide distribution, post type complex career, as a result of a unified standard system and behavior standards, to fully promote administrative management and talent development, secretarial flow and use.

1.3.4 flexible post function module, but according to actual condition and need to determine or adjust the employee training and performance evaluation plan

British NVQ standard system of the professional function is formulated the analysis, the professional unit the description of the module type, not only is the ability to work as a benchmark, and, each unit module is relatively independent work assignments. Therefore, in the professional training and skills can be independently identified as a unit, even the certificate issued by independent units.

This flexible post function module to all sorts of organization of human resource development work is especially clear advantage. In making enterprise staff training and test plan can by introducing the standard system NVQ, with a batch of or the quality condition of all employees, compared to determine which employees in what unit also has the disparity, need in what unit training or education, to reduce the blindness of training. Staff in their workplace can also control standard unit, and find out the gap, flexible according to their progress and appraisal of training, one by one to raise their professional skills and qualities.

This post function module flexibility to promote vocational training and assessment to adapt to the need of the actual production. International Labour organization of related organizations to countries all over the world with this post recommended function modules of experience.

1.3.5 strict quality management certificate, can be in the whole society to establish national vocational qualification authentication of the authority and credibility

NVQ system of standard system and the evaluation method is to get social acceptance and ultimately reflected in its certificate, so is the quality certificate. In order to establish a strict quality guarantee system, ensure assessment procedure and a certificate to the unity of the process and seriousness, Britain’s all certificate agencies are strict examination system of zadok. The British national vocational qualification certificate commission host formulated the certificate organizations to agreement "and" the national qualification certificate rules and guidance ". These files on all kinds of certificate of organization of management, implementation agencies NVQ standard principle and method of zadok, the examination and test procedures, the examination and the examination personnel qualifications and zadok training, and so on, all have strict regulations. All through the implementation of such provisions, made clear in the quality guarantee system of the duty division, to set up the national vocational qualification certificate is scientific and authority.

British NVQ administrative and issued the certificate of secretarial nine agencies are strictly follow the quality guarantee system of the rules and regulations formulated the respective, therefore, whether a certificate institutions, where and what time can guarantee certificate issued by the standards of consistency, the examinee in standard of assessment before the equality, the fairness and qualification certificate authority.

British NVQ quality control system as below:

1.4 administrative management and secretarial standard system structure and content

The structure of standard system 1.4.1

Administrative management and secretarial standard has 5 levels, and each level by some independent of the standard unit constitution#p#分页标题#e#

Unit set in secretarial (administration) the career of the specific areas of personal ability of the request. Every unit specified the administrative management and professional secretarial contains a certain aspects of the job function, it concludes the work involved all content, and reflect the responsibilities level. The setting of the unit must take account can separately training, the examination and certification, and other NVQ professional system to transfer to get approved.

By unit of the elements.

Elements should be determined individuals can do, it is very specific information on this job in the actual work environment will happen in a certain specific tasks and activities. Elements of the description activity should be a results, not process, and can be performance and the assessment. The element that should include: very clearly activities, objects of activity and the activities of conditions.

Each element includes the following content:

Behavior standards–with clear terms that the completion of one task contains various operations or requires action, examinee should control it to complete their work and performance of his ability. Standards of behavior that should include: determine the results and specific requirements

Applicable scope–clearly stipulated the complete a certain a specific task involves the function scope, working environment and equipment conditions, etc. Different levels of content close unit and elements, usually based on applicable scope to reflect the level difference.

The knowledge and understanding-usually by oral or written examination, and added that you cannot see the ability of performance, with information of candidate has the ability to make changes in the conditions when the same performance, and can handle unexpected and unpredictable events. It is to confirm whether the individual behavior effectively necessary means.

Each element also accompanied by:

Evidence to confirm that ability performance requirements-collected evidence must meet the provisions of the conditions and requirements, such as the number of evidence and may obtain evidence of range, etc.

Assessment guide-detail can collect the channel behavioral evidence, sometimes also can give other channels.

1.4.2 will choose and optional unit Settings

In Britain NVQ administrative and standard by two major in secretarial parts:

Will choose unit

Will choose NVQ unit is the main part of the standard, contains the main function of the profession and the basic characteristic; And will cover the industry employment should have all the ability. Candidates must complete all these units to get NVQ certificate.

Optional unit

Optional unit reflected NVQ structure of universality and flexibility to adapt to the examinee of the reasonable requirements; Avoid unnecessary ingredients make provisions unit more desirable combinations; The examinee may according to their own or unit of choose and employ persons needs in the provision of optional choose any one of unit training or evaluation. For example, administrative management and secretarial level 2 unit 7 for file preparation. According to what data for document preparation? And the corresponding also should have an optional unit. This optional according to their respective units unit from the particularity of the unit 13 (according to provide data compilation and has made files), unit 14 (according to write and record material production documents), unit 15 (according to the written material and making dictate file) choose one.

NVQ administrative management and the hierarchy of the secretarial standard will choose unit and optional unit as follows:

Standard level will choose the unit can choose unit

Level 1 1-9 unit no

Level 2-1 8 unit 9-15 units

Level 3-1 8 unit 9-15 units

The level 4 1-7 unit 8 to 10 units

Level 1-5 6 unit no

1.4.3 standard content abstract

We select administrative management and secretarial standard grade 1 unit of five elements of the 5.1 as example to administrative and secretarial standard the content of a profile.

The following is the standard of the official text a sample:

Administrative management and secretarial national standard grade 1

Unit 5: processing information

Element 5.1: dealing with telephone or cable

[behavior standards]

A) use approval organization format timely, clearly going to respond to communication.

B) correctly identify the call and accurately determine its needs

C) within the scope of their functions to the other party’s request or reply to relevant personnel

D) properly complete themselves or others outside the hit to represent phone

E) polite to get information and review

F) timely, accurate and relevant personnel communication related information

G) in time report to the relevant personnel fault

H) if need be, should press organization program for communication and information recorded

[applicable range]

Communication include: internal communications, external communication

The remote communication include: voice, data and text transmission

[the knowledge and understanding]

The remote communication equipment and the type of use

Effective communication

Establish friendly with often the goodwill atmosphere

The composition of the news

The information to listen to, translation, refining and record

The structure of the organization, products and services

The organization USES communication style

Program confirmation

Safety, security and emergency aspects of policies and procedures

Record or reporting procedures

[evidence requirements]

To comply with all behaviour.

Evidence must be able to prove assessment to have included within the scope of all variables.

To have all kinds of evidence to prove that the performance of the ability to act in a certain period

Is consistent.

Performance of the obvious enough, to obtain a list of knowledge and understanding

The evidence.

To have evidence for their candidates and representatives of other people use remote communication asher

For receiving information communication

[assessment guide]

The following is the evidence may be getting a source, the examinee and can also pointed out that other/right source:

Train observed work performance, such as:

-receive, transmit and record the internal communications from the news

-receive, transmit and record the news of the external calls out

To pull out-for the phone

For others, the phone to pull out

-processing wrong Numbers and unrelated to the telephone

-send and receive information

-keep processing equipment failure process

Train the work product, such as:

-receive and convey information records

-answering the recording and news

-a faxed copy

-internal memo

Accidents related witness (such as competent) proof

Train the ability of the individual has

To answer questions of the accidents

Train performance obviously from other proof enough when the source of knowledge and understanding obtained evidence

1.4.4 administrative management and secretarial standard 1-tier 5 unit names and content

This section of the British NVQ administrative management and secretarial all level standard text unit names and content for a brief introduction.

Administrative management and secretarial standard grade 1 (the examinee should complete all units)

Unit 1 promote work efficiency

This unit in the work requests the examinee can improve the overall work efficiency and finish the task assigned by superior. In the guidance and arrangement, the examinee may try to improve personal work behavior, organized their jobs programs, coordinating the relationship between himself and his colleagues and maintain the normal order of the work, in order to effectively improve the work efficiency.

1.1 self organization and work elements arrangement

Elements of the ability to work 1.2 ego and improvement

1.3 the order of the elements "keep and operation

Unit 2 keep working site health, safety, and security

This unit is requests the examinee to keep working environment health and safety of the ability (although limited) and master should take security measures (such as safety equipment and care of the system, etc.).

Elements of the dangers of 2.1 work of prevention

2.2 in accidental element emergency or endanger the when we control

2.3 keep working site and its elements all items to secure way

Unit 3 equipment operation and maintenance

This unit is demanding the operating equipment (as part of its activities) ability. It asks according to equipment operation instruction to set the program. It also asks according to instructions to keep equipment (such as: the keyboard and screen) clean, and adding all kinds of consumables.

According to the instruction element 3.1 operating equipment

Elements of clean and keep equipment 3.2 normal operation

Unit 4 the establishment of an effective working relationship

This unit has the requests the examinee in harmony with other people’s ability to work effectively. It also requires the students can receive visitors, within the scope of their functions in understanding and meet their needs, or introduced to other relevant personnel.

Element 4.1 establish and maintain and other staff of the effective working relationship

Elements and help the visitor reception 4.2

Unit 5 information processing

This unit is about the various methods of processing information. It requests the examinee can use communication equipment, according to own the purpose and the representative others sending and receiving information. It also requests the examinee to be able to in the provision of time in an appropriate and feasible (such as the original, photocopy or oral) way, according to the requirement of the buyer to find information and provide the needed information.#p#分页标题#e#

5.1 out of the processing elements phone or telecommunications

Element 5.2 according to specific requirements to provide information

Element 5.3 inspection and handling routine and data information

Unit 6 use of the existing storage system to store and call information

This unit is demanding the use existing or others had built storage system to store and call the ability of information. The storage system is established for the purpose of all kinds of documents, such as writing or computer file filing, or books, magazines and other reference materials of storage. The examinee ability should include documents and books registration in and out, and the loss of the items of the classification of information inquiry, and mutual reference.

Elements using existing 6.1 storage systems to store information

Elements from the current 6.2 in a storage system call information

Unit 7 according to the instructions of files

This unit is requests the examinee to use computer transcribing executives to provide the ability of the text. The completed text (such as letters and memos, etc.) must be told to prepare the layout and quality. In a certain time to complete the work should be in the text of the competent personnel in the economy is that the cost is acceptable. It also includes the use of equipment making a hard copy of the ability to copy.

Use the computer files of 7.1 elements

Elements used 7.2 photocopy equipment by copying the files

Unit 8 processing mail

This unit requests the examinee has receive and process the ability of internal and external E-mail from the unit. It also includes the internal and external to send mail, or calculate postage ability.

Element 8.1 receiving, gathering and distributing the mail

8.2 send mail elements

Unit 9 management and distribution of office supplies

This unit in the work requests the examinee has range management and distribution of office supplies ability. It included in need to issue when colleagues office supplies, and from the places license for material, in order to ensure the supply of office supplies. Office supplies mainly is all sorts of consumption items, such as stationery, adhesives, clamps, ribbon, toner, etc, and small office equipment such as: a stapler, punch, etc.

9.1 management and apply for elements of office supplies

According to the need of 9.2 element distribution of office supplies

Administrative management and secretarial level 2 national standards

(the examinee must complete all 1-8 core unit and an optional units)

Unit 1 self ability of development and improve

This unit to the more demanding the development of self ability needs to have a long-term understanding. It also requests the examinee to be able to talk to the relevant personnel with discussion, take all kinds of ways and means to achieve the purpose of personal development, implementation and check the individual action plan. This unit for individuals get involved the work performance and save evidence to file.

Elements of the self ability development 1.1 sure need

Elements self development action plan 1.2 ability of preparation and determined

Elements personal development program of 1.3 and inspection

Unit 2 management and maintenance work of the health, safety, and security

This unit requests the examinee can supervision working site, the minimum to reduce the risk of their own or others, and maintain a health and safety working environment. It includes conditions or may be allowed in the case, according to health and safety, and work involved in activities of regulations, identify and report could be dangerous and emergency. It also includes the premises and contains items for the safety of the working procedure, set up the leak and to take appropriate risk identification of the action.

Elements within the 2.1 health and safety conditions of management and maintain

Elements of the job site in 2.2 confidential management and maintain

Unit 3 improve the flow of efficiency

This unit work plan and involving self arrangements so that time and resources to get the most efficient use. It also involves access and use information and resources to support their work activities. Information including technical data, service conditions, organization of the procedures and policies, etc.

Elements of the self work schedule 3.1 planned arrangements

Element 3.2 obtain and make use of information support self work activities

Element 3.3 obtain and make use of the material resources to the performance of their work

Unit 4 to establish and maintain effective working relationship

This unit can require you to develop and maintain and other employees (whether individual or group) harmony and effective working relationship. It also requires the students can in the working site visitors, processing them of the request or introduced to other related personnel.

Element 4.1 establish and maintain and other staff working relationship

Elements and help the visitor reception 4.2

Unit 5 storage, output and provide information

This unit requests the examinee can use and maintenance of the memory system set up by the others. It includes will move into and remove information storage system and grading system, the index and tracking. It also requires the students can according to requirements, acquisition, retrieval sorting and submit the information they need. Storage system including documents, books. Reference material or computer data, etc.

Maintain an existing element 5.1 storage system

According to the specific requirements of 5.2 elements to provide information

Unit 6 maintenance computer system of data

This unit requests the examinee can use the computer system to the input, processing and retrieve data. It includes use the standard business suit and software provides each function. This unit is requests the examinee can use multiple formats production and print files. This unit is also required to effectively use the computer system in the production and print a document, and to meet the quality, speed and save requirements.

Elements for computer system 6.1 input data and text

Elements from the computer system and looking for 6.2 output data

Use a computer system elements 6.3 print documents

Unit 7 prepare documents

This unit can make requests the examinee of the outside your letter of reply and conventional internal make individual vast reply. It also includes all kinds of documents ready to work. The production of documents in other people to provide instructions and materials for reference. If need be, examinee also can check the file of the page, spelling and grammar and punctuation marks.

Your letter of reply 7.1 elements

Elements of 7.2 document preparation

Unit 8 accept and transmit information

This unit can require you to through the use of electronic equipment and internal or external postal system to receive and send information. It also requires the students can most benefit the careful use of the method to satisfy the requirements of the job site.

8.1 electronic equipment use elements receiving and transmit information

Element 8.2 email

9 to 15 for optional unit (the examinee select one of the units)

Unit 9 save and issuing of office supplies

This unit can requests the examinee to focus on the office supplies for supervision. It includes added order office supplies, and storage, storage and distribution office supplies. The distribution of office supplies may in unit internal or external. The unit also includes office supplies mobile records and stock.

Elements, management and preservation order 9.1 office supplies

Elements, according to the need of 9.2 release office supplies

Unit 10 processing and product and service related documents

This unit can require you to purchase products and services in the unit to comply with the program. The program requirements from limited supplier gain competitive prices. The unit also include inspection and inspectors the ability of payment requirements.

Element 10.1 reservation goods and services

Element 10.2 handle payment requirements

Unit 11 organization travel and accommodation

This unit can require you to accept the request to visit and arrange accommodation task, by obtaining internal or external support services, make necessary arrangements to meet these requirements.

Element 11.1 for visitors to visit arrangement

Elements in the specified requirements 11.2 reservation accommodation

Unit to make the arrangement of the 12 meeting

This unit can require you to assist arrangement. Meeting in talks, including pantomime, conference, us under the condition of participants and focus on the information about and tea. This unit will require you to follow the meeting for all kinds of resources and personnel arrangements to attend the meeting.

12.1 assist meeting provide the required elements of various convenient conditions and material

Element 12.2 helped arrange to attend the meeting of the people

Elements needed to help the arrangements for the meeting of the 12.3 accommodation services

Unit 13 according to have provided the working file to write and production data

This unit can require you to have provided the materials according to, the use of computer code and making all sorts of working file. Provide the material is various, such as manuscript, without the sort of draft, etc. This unit requests the examinee under the conditions of the job site, use the computer in 2.5 hours about 1200 words to write the file.

Elements use computer according to 13.1 have provided the material write business documents

Elements in various formats use computer 13.2 making documents

Unit 14 according to write and record material production business documents#p#分页标题#e#

This unit can according to records requests the examinee of the commands, use the keyboard to write and produce all kinds of working file. This unit can work in demanding the site conditions, in 1.5 hours, write about 600 word documents.

Use computer according to record 14.1 elements instructions to write business documents

Elements in various formats use computer 14.2 making documents

Unit 15 according to the material and making written dictation business documents

This unit requests the examinee can according to dictate information, such as in the face of a record, through the telephone, etc, and making use of the keyboard to write a variety of business documents. This unit can work in demanding the site conditions, can correctly records to at least 70 words per minute of speed dictation information, and in one hour, write about 375-400 word documents.

Elements use computer according to 15.1 dictation business documents written material

Elements in various formats use computer 15.2 making business documents

Administrative management and secretarial level 3 national standards

(the examinee must complete all 1-8 core unit and an optional units)

Unit 1 promote work performance improvement

This unit in the work requests the examinee can promote work performance improvement. Through to the ability of development activity know, negotiate, implementation and supervision, improve himself and his colleagues of performance.

Elements of the development and performance of 1.1 self improvement

Element 1.2 promote colleagues performance improvement

Unit 2 maintenance work environment health, safety, and the efficiency of the way

This unit can require you to make sure that the supervisory work of the accord with relevant safety and health work practices and conditions regulatory requirements, and implementation and supervision of the foregoing points to defend the program. In addition the examinee also can effectively organize and maintain the conditions of the job site in order to realize the goal of work.

Element 2.1 monitor and maintain health, safety and reliable work site

Maintain effective elements 2.2 Yin working conditions

Unit 3 work plan, organize and supervise Yin

This unit can require you in time of need and sure work methods and plan activities to achieve the goal of work, realize the set in the work product coordination and colleagues work between and, when necessary, to take the right actions supervision and control plan of work. The examinee also can arrange talks effectively promote the process of the work activities.

3.1 plan and work elements agreed goals

Elements of supervision and control finished 3.2 goals

Element 3.3 arranged talks

Unit 4 establish and develop and maintain effective working relationship

This unit and his colleagues and students can establish the personnel outside unit, development and maintain a harmonious working relationship of the results.

4.1 build, the development and the elements and his colleagues keep effective working relationship

4.2 build, the development and the elements to keep with the outside of the effective working relationship

Unit 5 research, preparation, and provide information Yin

This unit can require you to identify sources and information about the specific search, configuration and select the information, and to suit their purpose was to provide way and the information they need to meet the specific needs of information.

According to the specific requirements of 5.1 elements, select the information retrieval and Yin

According to the specific requirements of 5.2 elements to provide information and Yin

Unit 6 with the computer system input data collection and show Yin information

This unit requests the examinee can use computer hardware and software input text, images and data, and so on, through the use of various types of computer application and function, collection and rescheduled data, and in a variety of formats show information.

Element 6.1 will enter data into the computer

6.2 elements together different types of data

Elements in various formats 6.3 show information

Unit 7 drafting and ready to file

This unit can require you to prepare and prepare documents to meet the specific requirements, and to themselves and others in the name of the unit and reply to mail a inside and outside,

Elements with 7.1 drafting specific requirements of the file

7.2 a and reply to mail elements

Unit 8 development, implementation and maintenance procedures

This unit requests the examinee can design, implementation and supervision and maintain support work activities of the program. It involves identifying the needs and development program program to connect users and decision-making departments.

Elements with special needs 8.1 development program

8.2 implementation and maintenance program element

9 to 15 for optional unit (the examinee may select one of the units)

Unit 9 purchase, management and supervision of the use of materials and equipment

This unit can be determined according to the workload demanding the current and expected to the needs of the materials and equipment, and each time they purchase and arrangement, in order to meet the needs of the work plan, and the effective use of supervision and control.

Element 9.1 materials and equipment purchase and management

9.2 supervision equipment and material elements of use

Unit 10 conference organization and the meeting record Yin

This unit can do the requests the examinee the necessary arrangements, including the meeting place, equipment and tea, etc, and before the conference collection and ready to file. It also involves meeting the auxiliary work, including the processing of unexpected things, record key problems and decided, issue the meeting records, and promote the process of meeting activity.

Elements of the meeting schedule and ready to 10.1

Elements of the meeting, support in 10.2 and record

Elements arrangement and perfect 10.3 conference record

Unit 11 arrangement and supervision to visit and accommodation

This unit can requests the examinee in unit within the scope of the policy allows effectively arrange to visit and accommodation to meet specific needs, and do all files and some of the financial support work. It also has the needs to visit and its supervision and lodging arrangements, as well as to any deviation from the solution of the plans for the research and investigation.

Element 11.1 visits and organization arrange accommodation

Element 11.2 supervise and inspect the travel and accommodation arrangement

Unit 12 financial support and for Yin control

This unit requests the examinee can work activities obtain the established financial support in the required time for an acceptable way to prepare and provide decision department budget. It also asks for in the provision of financial arrangements to outlays in supervision and control, identify and report a significant deviations from plans of the budget.

Elements of the financial support for 12.1 way

Elements of the plan to control the financial 12.2 way

Use a variety of information sources unit 13, prepare, writing, and making documents

This unit can require you to choose their own through the information, others to provide information or the material to prepare for his research, write and produce all kinds of files. The examinee also show collection and editing information ability, in the work site conditions, the use of computers in 2.5 hours to write and making about 1500 words to file.

Element research and information to 13.1

Elements with 13.2 computer file preparation and submission

Unit 14 according to their record preparation, preparation and submit documents

This unit requests the examinee can through oral information or records of information to the examinee, writing, and making documents. The examinee also can at least every minute with the speed of 100 words for notes, collection and editing information, collection and editing information, in the work site conditions, the use of computers in 2.5 hours to write and making about 1500 words to file.

Elements for record and 14.1 for information

Elements with computer code and make 14.2 documents

Unit 15 speech recording according to prepare, writing, and making documents

This unit requests the examinee can through the record of 150 words per minute speech and its own research information, preparation, write and produce all kinds of files. The examinee also show collection and edit the ability of information, collection and editing information, in the work site conditions, the use of computers in 2.5 hours to write and making about 1500 words to file. (note: the original standard to English calculation)

According to the quality of different elements 15.1 speech to record information

Elements with computer code and make 15.2 documents

Administrative management and secretarial level 4 national standards

(the examinee must complete all 1-7 core unit and an optional units)

Unit 1 promote individual and group work performance improvement

This unit requests the examinee to coordinate their work with other personnel, in order to realize the goal of group activities, and the group performance by supervision, evaluation and improvement. This unit is put forward, including agreed, implementation and supervision work and personal and related individual development activities

1.1 ego and other elements of the individual capacity development and performance improvement

Elements to promote the coordination of 1.2 group activities and success

Unit 2 for productive work arrangements and keep the necessary working conditions#p#分页标题#e#

This unit can ensure that require you to work environment and conditions comply with laws and regulations of the request, the organization the safety of some use and production efficiency. It requires the students can get, configuration and control of resources, and the production efficiency of work maintained, make planned output implemented. It also includes the examinee to influence produced area of responsibility and decision-making information factor analysis and evaluate.

Elements of the efficiency of the production is 2.1 keep working conditions

Elements for 2.2, configuration and control resources to maintain production efficiency of work

Unit 3 achieve the goal of the plan and control activities

This unit requests the examinee can make work plan, that detailed necessary resources and the necessary actions to achieve established goals. It also includes the allocation of resources and plan of work activities, and supervision and evaluation and control of work activities to ensure the realization of the production plan.

Prepare and update 3.1 elements work plan

Element 3.2 performance planning

Element 3.3 supervision and evaluation work activities

Unit 4 building and maintaining the production efficiency working relationship

This unit and his colleagues and students can work outside the organization have contact members to establish and maintain a production efficiency and harmonious working relationship,

Elements and his colleagues set up and have 4.1 production efficiency working relationship

4.2 and organizational external members elements to establish and maintain a production efficiency working relationship

Unit 5 influence and promote decision-making

This unit can require you to through the preparation, exchange and provide the information management, and promote themselves and others decision making. It also includes through the host discussions, prepare different types of management information, including statistics, forecast and the results of the survey, and can provide information to way to influence others.

Element 5.1 preside over the meeting to promote decision making

Element 5.2 through exchanging information to influence the decision making

5.3 preparation and puts forward elements of management information to promote decision-making

Unit 6 according to the organization’s need to plan and design work system and procedures

This unit can demanding the area of responsibility and larger organizations to determine the agency within the system and procedure needs. These work system and procedures and work activities and the requirements of the organization about, when necessary, it also includes work system and program design and making, in order to meet the needs of the organization.

Elements for 6.1 work system and program determines the organization’s needs

6.2 design and work elements agreed systems and procedures, in order to meet the needs of the organization

Unit 7 implementation, evaluation and improvement of the organizations work system and procedures

This unit requests the examinee can organization established work system and program execution, and to ensure the user can use their intention to work system and procedures. It also involves supervision, assessment and improvement to the implementation of the regulations.

Element 7.1 organization work system and program execution

Element 7.2 work system and program evaluation of the effectiveness, points out that the timing of the improvement

8-10 for optional unit (the examinee may select one of the units)

Unit 8 establish the resources and services contract relationship

This unit can provide detailed requests the examinee that provide the resources and services and access, and negotiations for the supply of get the best conditions. It also includes the contract signed resources and services, supervision and contract performance and when contract objection to take remedial measures.

Element 8.1 resources and services of the contract negotiation

Elements and service contract signed 8.2 resources

Element 8.3 supervision and the performance of the contract

Unit 9 agreed and control financial resources to meet the needs of the work plan

This unit can plan work requests the examinee to prepare financial resources of the budget, including income and expenses, and to provide a budget for decision-making departments in order to ensure that the financial resources to get negotiations. It also includes the supervision of the budget allocation, income or spending plan important difference between analysis and financial resources to take control of the action.

Elements to prepare financial budget and 9.1 financial resources to meet the agreed to use the need of work plan

Element 9.2 to supervise and control the financial resources to use

Unit 10 promote management regulation compliance requirements

This unit requests the examinee can (in experts when necessary help confirm and explain the current and new laws and regulations to the influence of the organization, and inform his colleagues asked activities, it also involves supervision and laws and regulations is consistent, in need, take corrective action.

Elements of common recognition and interpretation 10.1 and the newly issued regulations and management requirements

Element 10.2 maintenance management of requirement accords with the rule of law

Administrative management and secretarial category five national standards

(the examinee should complete all units)

Unit 1 to develop the objectives, strategy and policy

This unit requests the examinee can effectively make of the organization’s overall objectives, strategy and policy, senior management team for part of the job. The strategy is to advocate the contribution of creativity and innovation spirit, to work for the comprehensive training need to set up the correct evaluation. The contribution of the administrative management needed to ensure that also infrastructure or entity can support and choice and decision of the formation of the debate about the content a necessary part. In preparing and determine the organization common strategy and target of the process, the examinee will understand that these things will provide a business structure and plan, in this structure and plans, and the functional goal and policy will get development and implementation.

Elements for the 1.1 goals

Elements of the company and determine to 1.2 strategy and policy

Unit 2 supervision and review of the company’s objectives, strategy and policy implementation

This unit can determine and implement require you to a company’s strategy, target and policy regulation and the method of the examination. A high level of understanding to determine and ensure that the company’s strategic, objectives and policies is very necessary. The examinee will determine, design and use of the most suitable for the purpose of technology and system regulation. Candidates will need to use the right index and measures to analyze and explain data, to the company’s performance with a comprehensive understanding. Provide and supervisory information communication in the high-level will benefit the comprehensive training to make decision. The explanation for skills will be used for the identification of the company’s performance and promote. Supervision method will get to evaluation to ensure them to the organization’s demands.

Element 2.1 development and establishing supervision to implement company strategy, the goal and the policy system and procedures

Element analyze and evaluate the performance of the company is 2.2

Element 2.3 determination and implementation of the measures to improve performance of the company

Unit 3 building and maintaining the administrative management base structure for implementation of strategy,

Objectives and policies

This unit in this organization requests the examinee to established on the basis of range and maintain a administrative management foundation structure. Pointed out that in communication, technical, business services and convenient conditions of supportive of need, to the high efficiency of the organizational function is extremely important, and in the strategic for the whole company entities or no matter in the subordinate branches inside, these are to get the plan, establish and evaluation. In order to maximize the efficiency of organization, the examinee will realize that the requirements of the company and its function, and establish a suitable administrative management base structure.

3.1 identification administration elements based on the structure of the requirements to achieve the company’s goals and plans

Element 3.2 build a administrative management base structure

3.3 the administrative basis elements evaluate the efficiency of the structure

Unit 4 proficient and promote the company’s decision

This unit can requests the examinee proficient and implementation of decisions in the company, and effectively promote the management of the company. This will need to their individual and collective responsibility, and as an external factors decision-making departments to provide information and advice, and mandatory to organizations have an impact.

Element 4.1 promote and improve the efficiency of management of the company

Elements of the organization’s 4.2 professional ethics and social responsibility to the makers are proposed

Unit 5 supervision and evaluation and suggestion of internal and external factors and the effect of the interests of the company

This unit can keep requests the examinee to inner and outer environment monitoring, make policymakers to new development and influence to make appropriate to recognize and reaction. It still pack to the development and influence of the evaluation, and other aspects of the relationship with to support and promote the company’s interest to act.#p#分页标题#e#

5.1 supervision and evaluation elements may affect the interests of the company’s internal developments and results

Elements of 5.2 impact on the company’s external factors are proposed

Element to the company long-term interests 5.3 recognition arrangements and relationship and puts forward some Suggestions

Unit 6 for productive work to create and maintain necessary conditions

This unit requests the examinee can develop and maintain strategic policy and system, to form the most helpful for production conditions of work. This unit is related to the supervision of the implementation of the policy and system, and the efficiency of the measurement.

Element 6.1 develop and maintain strategic policy and system of the production of the most favorable to form working conditions

6.2 supervision and promote the elements of the strategic policy work environment and system efficiency

1.5 the import NVQ administrative and standard system of secretary of significance

The British government in 1994 made the help enterprise in competition "white paper, notes:" the future of the most successful countries will be those who committed to the development of the high quality and high skill and high energy of human resource in the country." Britain more than ten years to push NVQ national system of professional qualification certificate, the purpose of which is to change the traditional education from the actual tendency, through the development of vocational skills talents and professional qualification certificate status has improved, the revitalization of the country’s economic and strength.

In the face of international economic integration with the increasingly fierce market competition, all countries in the world to recognize the market competition is the essence of the human capital of the competition, so all the human resources development as the primary strategic decision.

China is the most populous country in the world, human resources quantity is big, but overall quality of human resources is not high, the problem serious restricts the development of China’s national economy direction and speed. How to strengthen professional education and training, improve their vocational skills and the quality is country, is the each enterprise unavoidable issue. Speaking of the enterprise, market development, technology development, resource development is inseparable from the employee skills development. High quality the staff will significantly improve the enterprise efficiency, improve quality, and increase production and reduce cost.

Reform and opening-up, the party and government paid attention to the development of vocational training, professional education and to increase the training input. Enterprise in the market competition environment, staff training and talents training in resources development first priority. Enterprise in staff training of the proportion of the investment is more and more big.

At present our country vocational training and skills development has the certain result. But, some training effect and we in this input or proportion compared. Many enterprise training plan is very big, opened a lot of course, employees spent many time for learning, but after training or can’t see obvious economic benefits. One of the main reasons why the contents and methods of training is wrong. Enterprise development training course is not the more the training is too waste, blind training is wasted. How to make staff skill development and training to adapt to the need of the actual position is at present the existing problems, and the key is to establish a correct professional standards and qualification certificate of guidance.

British NVQ standard system in the working ability of standard system and the orientation of the assessment methods in a lot of successful experience, this to our reform of the traditional vocational training system, promoting laborer professional skills and the improvement of the quality of is very reference. We introduce British NVQ administrative and secretarial qualification certificate is to help enterprises to introduce a set of international standards, government recognition, and suitable for the enterprise actual need professional qualification standard system, in this system to establish their own personnel management science platform. The actual significance lies in:

-for the staff’s career norms, and a performance evaluation, promotion and recruiting staff to provide a social accepted standards, in order to improve enterprise market image and business performance;

-design and set up for training plans to provide a job and actual related basis, to reduce the blindness of training, improve the applicability and efficiency training;

-for the staff’s career behavior and performance set up a social general marks, make them to recognize this professional codes of conduct is what, and the time according to these standard restrains own professional behavior;

-through the evaluation system establishment mechanism to help employees gradually achieve the professional standard requirement, in order to improve and interpersonal relationship, to improve the staff work enthusiasm, working efficiency and quality.

-through the set up a complete professional qualification level system for employees of actual work ability to provide the enterprise and society recognized qualification certificate, for employees for the future of the career development and personal value realization provides an effective means of incentive, and embodies enterprise "people-oriented" management spirit. 2. NVQ administrative management and secretarial qualification examination of the implementation

(Implementing Assessment of NVQ Administration)

2.1 the evaluation system in the paper

2.1.1 examination of the purpose and principle

NVQ standard and its guidance document put forward the principle of evaluation system qualification. In order to successfully implement assessment, and improve the reliability of the assessment results NVQ, evaluation of should pay attention to the following key factors:

"Assessment in accordance with the employment act to build the above standards need NVQ, examination of the object and standard unit or significantly related elements;

"In the assessment of practical work in under the condition of the foundation;

"To make the use of various conditions, way, time and evidence to prove that the examinee of ability, and employers, the examinee and the relevant personnel to believe that assessment method and the results can prove the examinee ability;

"Assessment to do effective, real and feasible, in order to ensure the staff’s career behavior completely accord with standard professional standard NVQ requirements;

"To ensure that everyone is equal before the standard, so that all can reach the standard code for people to get the justice authentication, no matter what training or education way can participate in the evaluation, and to eliminate all kinds of public or concealed modes of discrimination.

2.1.2 evaluation objects and conditions

In the implementation of the system of British NVQ process for all special emphasis on assessment may have or have reached the standard is open, no matter what your age, to study way, time and place of the case, as long as you put forward an application, and make arrangements for you to stand. This with the national condition of our country is different. Labor security professional qualification appraisal to attend the personnel have a basic requirement, we need to refer to the experimental work.

According to the evaluation principle provision, the assessment to the actual conditions for the basis, so with the assessment main current employees work performance as the object. So the examination of the condition, way, time and evidence to determine the position of union employee working conditions content. Sometimes assessment work outside the site conditions in need, for example in the training course, or in the simulation assessment process, in this case the reviewer also require as much as possible and working site similar. qualification examination of the object in addition to on-the-job personnel outside, still can be in school or training organization learning of the students. In Britain the secondary vocational school or university opened NVQ course. And general test is different, undertake to the student evaluation in the scene of the work conditions and professional requirement.

2.1.3 examination of the way

Ability to work (or "occupational skills) is the concept of the core of the system of NVQ. Work ability is in the social employment environment, professional standards in accordance with state regulations, and changing technical requirements or operation of the ability to work. Britain the industry standard and guide organization not only make the candidate the capacity of the standard or demand, but also on how to prove that the ability to work the way to make the rules. According to British NVQ requirements the professional abilities include:

"Technology skills

"Plan and the ability to solve problems

"The ability to cope with an accident

"The ability to work with people

"Use knowledge and understanding of the comprehensive ability to support ability

Proof that these aspects of the professional ability, obviously can’t just based on written examination, and to take the way of assessment forensics. Can prove vocational ability of evidence can be divided into performance evidence (called performance evidence), and grasp the knowledge necessary evidence (called knowledge evidence).

1. The performance evidence

Performance evidence have two types:

"The examinee work achievement or product ─ ─ the work product or product can be work or job finish documents, reports, planning, design, research results or production products and so on. The evidence can be these works itself, also but works of the record, pictures or video material, etc.#p#分页标题#e#

"Said the examinee activities or the material ─ process method ─ these material to contain the content of the ability to display the examinee. This evidence often take a third-party witness proof, / observation, examinee’s activities report, or audio and video recording, and so on.

In most cases, British NVQ standard file has been illustrated with to get the evidence and the way should be taken.

2. Knowledge evidence

Concerned with the profession the necessary knowledge and the corresponding understanding ability is part of the working ability, it is indivisible. Master the knowledge necessary proof individual evidence can from formal written and oral examination, informal questions and directly from acquired during the work.

Knowledge is to should do, how to do it, why would you do that and conditions change should do something known. It includes:

"To work duties or working procedures understood;

"Of related professional knowledge and its principle or theory the master;

"In the work of the relevant information of behavior by means or methods, etc.

Knowledge and whether the examinee to evidence in various environment can be competent own work, and to deal with all kinds of unforeseen problems. Knowledge is the important evidence operation evidence added in operation is not sufficient evidence/can improve knowledge through evidence and the reliability of the conclusion. It also can be used in the evaluation of students work happened by accident case processing ability, and candidates in the standard specification requirements outside the scope of work under conditions of the performance.

Knowledge of the collection of evidence necessary to meet the standard of all documents NVQ put forward the knowledge and understanding of the requirements. If only from work (including simulation and assignments) to collect evidence knowledge, it is not too will comply with all the requirements for the proposed. Because these knowledge need through the other way to get that, so can’t limited to this way. Be in usually, in the work site when appraisal of questions will be an assessment of the effective and appropriate knowledge of the way. In other cases, oral and written test will provide a suitable method to check the breadth and depth of personal knowledge. According to the individual’s environment/need to minimum level of knowledge in the judgement evidence.

2.1.4 assessment procedures and steps

The main steps assessment procedure is as follows:

"Evaluation plan-the first step of assessment and foundation, to determine the necessary examination of the implementation of the content, way and the schedule, etc.;

"Collecting evidence-during the most time consuming and link, the quality of the evidence to the success or failure of the assessment;

"Judge to make evaluation results-evidence certificate of quality control key links, but also of the evaluation and examination of zadok the level inspection;

"Feedback-a special examination of the work style, and is the important means to promote the examinee standard.

The rest of this article will be detailed description of the assessment procedure, as well as in every step of personal and organizational function.

2.2 assessment plan

In the main body of 2.2.1 plans

/ and candidates are the main body of the examination plans, they to establish evaluation plan is an important part of the assessment procedure. This evaluation plan:

"Help determine effectively collect evidence of the time;

"To help ensure the authenticity of collecting evidence and validity.

"Make the examinee into their own assessment procedure.

In judging specified in the plan evidence collection and assessment methods should as far as possible stress efficiency and benefit, the examinee should be together/and discuss how to minimize the need to reduce the number of listed evidence, also accord with the requirement of NVQ standard.

1. The plan/of the duty

NVQ standard system in the assessment of program management/of the duty to make the rules, and all kinds of certificate institution shall provide to the/technical support and consultation. The role of/include:

One-on-one with candidates for the "discussions;

"And the internal verifier exam staff member to discuss their obligations, including/to the advice and support;

"Evidence in the requirement, decided to the type of evidence required;

"The timing of the proposed collect evidence;

"To make the judgment of the evidence;

"To the examinee program and evaluation arrangement plan of the inspection.

"Help examinee that have already been completed prior to prove the current capacity studies or relevant achievements, including those from unpaid work;

"To agree and inspection to achieve a qualifications for the action plan;

"Help prepare and provide evidence assessment.

2. The examinee in set assessment plan in the role

Evaluation plan is based on the actual situation of individual candidates and need, and the implementation of the plan depends on the examinee personal initiative, so candidates in their own evaluation plan plays an important role.

In order to determine the actual candidates skill levels, and to achieve the standard requirements need to get the support and training, set assessment plan before, candidates need to make their own master and familiar with serious NVQ standards of each element, the unit or behavior the requirement of the specifications. The examinee should not only moments during the evaluation with NVQ standard their work behavior, also know how to prove that their behavior has reached the standard requirements. Test stand for the examinee should provide the copies of the NVQ standards, and for the examinee to mark and obtaining evidence from two aspects provide specific guidance.

Although the examinee participate in evaluation plan is not ability examination of the content, but should encourage them to do this. Evaluation plan primary responsibility should assume by /. Encourage students participate in their own evaluation plan can inspire the examinee of autonomy, spontaneous and the achievements of the sex, help examinee in judging plan a positive role for fair evaluation can create conditions.

The examinee in judging plan should be clear of their role and responsibility:

"Criteria the requirement of the specifications pointed out in what ways ready his examination of the ready to;

"/ consultation with, and points out that can collect evidence of the time, and in the evaluation plan make arrangement;

"According to the labor of duty the conditions and time, how to fix the observation time;

"Provide can collect the third party the witness of the customer, colleagues or other relevant personnel list;

"Have already been completed prior to provide their evidence and judgment;

"/ negotiation with, make sure to provide evidence of channels and ways;

"In order to promote their skills at standard the requirement of the specifications, put forward the need to get support and training of the specific content and method.

2.2.2 set assessment plan step

The plan of assessment method can help the planned evidence collection and evaluation conform to the provisions of the standard time NVQ requirements. When set assessment plan, press the table/sure make steps of the order.

In the examinee has finished first confirmed the other qualifications, work or records what also reusable evidence

Check the examinee in what aspects ability must obtained by the regulation evidence to support the assessment

Points out that the candidates what behavior standards may not occur naturally, need to be other replacement method to collect evidence

Confirm that naturally occurring time to prove the examinee work ability, attention forensics may cover standard range

Fix a time from other standard to judge examination of the evidence

Points out that the evaluation work needs to take other replacement (for example simulation) way covered the scope of application, knowledge and understanding

In the evaluation/through the following forensics way, time and channel as other replace way:

"From the examinee previously and daily work, as well as in the work of time outside of naturally occurring evidence;

"Due to the examinee of the routine business changes (including temporary in other post as a different function), the resulting other performances of evidence;

Realistic simulation method;

"Case study, project or other, etc.;

"Through the performance can’t prove knowledge and understanding of the relevant evidence. Collect time include observation, the discussion, and ask questions, case studies, plan or emergency response.

2.2.3 plan precautions

1. Make simulation training plan

In theory, the examinee should from job site NVQ collection of all the evidence. However, because contain the ability in qualification certificate of the type is various, examination of the object is facing all types of candidates, especially in the school student, so using simulated training mode is necessary. To use simulation training before, should check the source of all other evidence compared to ensure that simulation training is one of the most benefit and the most appropriate way.

No matter use simulation environment how, must pay attention to satisfy all NVQ assessment standards and the requirements of the evidence. Must believe that the examinee/simulation conditions of the ability to completely to work in practical work environment use. Any job performance of the source of the evidence, and even the examinee regular and naturally occurring work activities can be considered "analogue". According to this statement conclusion can be used to describe many different types of evidence.#p#分页标题#e#

Use the cause of the simulation can include confidential, safe, just happen, and growing method. For example the following examples:

"The emergence of new technology, process flow and the working conditions in the field of the change of the proposed changes to the examinee more demanding, and in the actual work but have not to provide the opportunity to collect these candidates evidence;

"Every year, five years of annual audit plan and need to wait for a long time to the events of the low frequency events, will delay the implementation of the assessment, and can’t wait for real assessment after the incident again;

"Work environment will the candidates or others caused personal injury, such as chemical container cleaning process, not was necessary in real site assessment;

"May have complex and dangerous consequences of program, for example, to repair the gas leakage detection, work, this is as far as possible to avoid events, evaluation of real events also should avoid;

"The assessment will be involved to conditions of life risk personnel, for example to stop breathing for patients of the rescue, and also can’t demand in real;

"When collect evidence may cause individual privacy or confidential, for example the hearing for legal defense inevitably involving personal secrets, and evaluation should be avoided in such kind of thing.

Simulation often offer useful learning opportunities. They provide to people skills and working practice of development condition, and the operation evaluation and feedback suggestion put forward to provide opportunity. However, in order to get the certificate for jobs in NVQ assessment using simulation methods, special attention should be paid to the simulation method is must reflect the working site conditions and activities.

Standard text on the evidence in the request will be repeated illustrate what place simulation may or may not be accepted. Too much use simulation method may influence the credibility of the assessment. The agency should NVQ certificate in what circumstances what types of simulation is acceptable comments.

Using simulation method of no special requirements for, make verification certificate to this simulation method can institutions accept.

Elaborate design, arrangement and implementation of the simulation training or evaluation can provide evidence of the channel as a performance, it can make high quality results of evidence and work process of evidence. But establishing effective simulation training and assessment of the cost can be quite large, so do not easily put simulation as a cheap alternative to the means.

The following figure displays the NVQ can be used in the simulation of some type.

Simulation samples

Model flight simulators; Nuclear power station control instrument panel

Identification of the lathe device center steering; Shop roof tile; Use fire extinguisher

Staged sea rescue; A dry run of the performance; The restaurant training; Building department team construction

Role play hire interview; Password training; To customer complaints answer; All kinds of the urgency of the situation response

To work on the basis of the project (using real work facilities and environment) business plan; Market strategy; The research report; The long-term plan; Training course

Written exercises trading profit computing; File format exercises; Municipal engineering construction stress factors computing; Through the manual or CAN be design

All the models need to provide efficient and real evaluation with employment standards. Using simulation plan, should consider the following questions:

"In judging planning stage evidence sources have what arrangements (the work site, working place, simulation)?

"When the work site evidence is not available, the use of the working place and post the shift chance to get sufficient development?

"Stand personnel assessment can understand simulation?

"/ and overseers can get and use test member organizations and institutions to guide the certificate of the simulation program, implementation and guide?

"Support the simulation is worked out and stand what systems, procedures and design standard, in using it can/from certificate to guide and allow for institutions?

"And other produce and collect evidence than method, simulation is cost-effective?

"Going to through the simulation of examination of the examinee, arranged for the introduction of simple what?

2. Deal with contingency plans

The so-called occasional incident is generally less likely, a qualified people enough to handle the deal with things. For example:

"Because DianChao for delay time, should be timely and polite to inform customers;

"The original plan implementation problems, needs and relevant personnel to discuss the necessary improvement plan;

"As the evidence did not reach the national standards, put forward to the examinee clearly explain and fit suggestion.

Candidates must provide evidence to prove their events in the condition can still working. Therefore, evaluation plan needs to emphasize how every accident to collect evidence.

3. For examination of the merger plan

The so-called merger assessment is in the particular case of examinee a series of activities related to one or more elements, in the assessment of the evaluation can choose when certain way, some assessment activities combination. Merger deal and one or more elements, so must let students know in advance which an element or which some elements to judge.

Merger evaluation has many good benefits:

"You can seize the examinee important or meaningful activities to produce evaluation of evidence, and not rigid to one based on the standard text, people will complete the work activities divided into trivial tasks, not only avoid the repeated, and ensure the continuity of work activity;

"It make full use of the organization’s normal work activities provide the opportunity to implement evaluation, be able to gather evidence of naturally occurring, and will not affect the normal work;

"It avoids the different elements of the repeat the same assessment activities. This could reduce the examinee were instructed in two or more similar activities to provide evidence for the different elements are affected, and the lowest limit reduces collection or judgement evidence of time.

"Due to the combined assessment, examinee will make their skills and knowledge to keep original condition, therefore, to the results of the evaluation/can feel more believable.

The combination of success assessment must very clearly grasp the evidence in the related elements can each other between the reference. If zadok and/or the test member not clear that, with the advantage of assessment will be lost.

4. Ensure sufficient evidence of the plan

Make a combined with the actual evaluation plan is very important, it can make full use of all the channels of the quality of produce enough evidence. Plan should be pointed out that all available evidence and examination of the relevant to all elements. / need to know enough request is anything, in the process of appraisal, certificate institutions should provide consultation about this, and help them understand the difference in assessment plan, and how to get enough evidence to meet the requirements of the standard elements on the evidence.

2.3 assessment of the collection of evidence

2.3.1 the type of evidence

In judging the evidence collected during the work is a continuous process, in this process the evidence to a a list, and collect in the examinee’s comprehensive evidence document. Evidence can take many forms and taken from a variety of sources, and the least in the standard system of NVQ elements, only a evidence can prove examinee’s ability to work. In fact, in all the evaluation phase phase, need to collect all kinds of type of evidence or some combination of the evidence.

Evaluation of the evidence types include:

"On the observation


"Simulation assessment

"Solid exercise appraisal

"Scheme or job

"Track record

"The third party proof

"Oral questions

"Written examination results

The site of the collection of evidence 2.3.2

1. Evidence of the work site

In order to improve the benefit of the assessment, in determining the evidence before take other ways as possible, yet try to collect more naturally occurring evidence. In the scene of the work that the examinee work performance, naturally occurring evidence is particularly useful. In the set assessment plan, to emphasize the evidence collected by way.

/ observation

/ observation is very important evidence sources, especially when with the examinee in daily/conditions work together, and can be convenient to informal observation. In normal work site/observation should not increase the examinee tension and pressure. The implementation of the observation should be inconspicuous and cautious, in order to avoid the examinee distractions. And with customers and colleagues when dealing with, that are particularly important.

The witness

The witness from examinee’s colleagues, managers, customer, supplier, and so on, it is useful to performance evidence. The proof of the contents should include:

"To work activities or work finished product explanation;

"To see the environment a simple description;

"To be observed work activities or condition of simple description;

"To the work characteristics of the test performance ability.

For proof of the witness list provides a general form often is of help, they can use this form to the examinee of performance details and linked NVQ standard.#p#分页标题#e#

The witness in the identification of the behavior of the examinee can work as a different duties. Sometimes, they can simply identify the examinee has to make a product. In other cases, they can work to the examinee of behavior put forward according to the professional explanation or standard requirements for comment. The important thing is the witness should be familiar with the requirements of the standards itself, and the ability to work well for the candidates to authoritative comment.

In accepting the witness before the evidence, / need:

"Judge what they prove the authenticity of the contents and validity.

"Control standard requirements and the applicable scope of the content is clear proof of procuratorial;

"Check can be proven itself is proof;

"In order to facilitate du exam, to carry out whether it be on need to contact with the witness.

Certificate institutions, external du exam member to ensure internal verifier exam member to make full use of third party proof of witnesses have important responsibility.

2. The work site of the evidence

Results from other sources evidence collection, for example:

"Participate in this unit or social compulsory labor;

"Regularly or regularly in the community to all kinds of activities;

"Leisure activity expression in the organization ability;

"Household activity expression of professional skills, and so on.

NVQ provided an opportunity, so that people in all kinds of activities outside the work site shows the experience and skills to get the authentication. The evidence is not think after the work site collected evidence. However, once the evidence comes from outside the obtain employment, should pay attention to the evidence is not really showed the students can consistency to comply with all categories of NVQ level, and what they showed the experiences and skills can use to work so field.

2.3.3 collect evidence way

NVQ evidence collection there are three main ways: candidates primarily way; / primarily way; As well as the two one way.

Evaluation of the cooperative relationship

Theoretically speaking, in the examinee and the/and other involved examination of the personnel between due a equal relations of cooperation. Because the level of examinee each are not identical, should remember their duty/is to collect the examinee of the evidence, or support the examinee to collect evidence.

1. The way/give priority to

Should be collected or to set up the evidence/responsibility. Performance through to the examinee evidence/work behavior observation for the collection, through a a question for supplement. For these observations records /, ask questions, and the examinee answer will be made up real evidence. However, to remember that if think/assessment procedure in the examinee is in "exam" status, there will be a could damage the examinee’s pride and enthusiasm. The evaluation and NVQ difference of traditional test, it is not simple to "test", but also through the "test" to help candidates up to standards. So in NVQ evaluation, although adopted many to/primarily way, but the predominant assessment should also is the examinee.

2. The examinee primarily way

The certificate of institutions and evaluation NVQ stand always encourage take to the examinee primarily way to collect and to set up the evidence. The/and candidates are beneficial. It can:

"Reduce work load /;

"Promote the examinee put into their own assessment, and help them to develop skills and self assessment;

"Help examinee according to their own and standard standard gap training or for self-study plan put forward;

"Make the examinee more easy to determine the time to collect evidence, because/might miss the time.

If direct observation of the examinee/work behavior have difficulty, give priority to the examinee collecting evidence way is very necessary. For example:

"Candidates from outside the normal work to the channels get evidence;

On the night shift took in work and work/inconvenience the place and time that the observation;

"In the examinee during business trip to the remote control for indirect /.

Get the range of evidence should get the examinee and/often check. The examinee to collect evidence must give priority to get the support and/or get have completed the assessment of the same process colleagues, superior or superintendent of aid.

In take to the examinee primarily way when, should carefully consider the examinee what responsibility should. In order to ensure the integrity of the assessment, the composition of the evidence should not be in NVQ standard proposed additional requirements outside.

2.4 assessment of evidence judgment and conclusion

We in the appraisal, often think of a complete professional activities divided into a single work behavior to prosecution. This is clearly a artificially divided the professional activities, and not show examinee can constant NVQ according to the standard for the job. Therefore, in the judgement for evaluating the evidence, the examinee should be professional activities of the overall analysis, all single evidence exists between some organic connection, a certain element of the evidence may effect to other elements.

For evaluating the evidence before judge, collect and provide evidence should check the number of assessment is enough, then you can make examination of the conclusion.

When the judge about the evidence, the evidence/need to check:



"With the standard correlation


The effectiveness of the evidence is against 2.4.1

As a valid evidence, it should be:

"And be examination of the elements involved;

"To meet the national standards and the requirements of the regulations evidence rules.

2.4.2 the authenticity of the evidence

All the evidence must be true, is in no foreign aid cases by the examinee finish. In some cases, when only see the computer in print, it’s hard to say the evidence is completely the examinee’s own work. In addition, not conscious examinee may be trying to make other people’s evidence as his own. Sometimes, the examinee his work with a group of other works separate is difficult. The witness proof can confirm that the examinee the authenticity of the evidence.

If need be, and/or further questions should be collecting operating evidence, so that ensure the authenticity of the evidence.

With the correlation of standard 2.4.3 evidence

Generally speaking, the evidence obtained assessment to explain the normal work in the conditions, the examinee’s performance can reach the standard requirements, if in collecting evidence during accident appear, to prove the examinee work performance still can reach the standard requirements, the evidence is often convincing. The accident happened in appear place, examinee can provide the individual evidence that they added processing accident ability, in the evidence required range that is allowed.

In some assessment program arrangements, for example, when a company has its own responsibilities of specifications, and use your own member/work, part of the evidence of judgment appear likely to the company standard as the basis, and not with the standard for basis NVQ. Examination of the target to NVQ it is unacceptable, and unless the company standard of the establishment and national standards at the same level.

The evidence 2.4.4 adequacy

A complete assessment of the elements to have plenty of evidence, the evidence to meet the following conditions:

"Cover all operation norm including accidental events;

"Meet all the evidence requirements;

"The appropriate place also include operation evidence;

"Cover all the applicable scope;

"Candidates are proof of the knowledge of the rules and understand and can be used in the actual;

"Proof of the candidates is the current capacity, and to prove in a period of consistent performance.

The above the relevant concept put forward by the need to further stated below.

1. Meet specific evidence requirements

Relevant evidence shall provide a nation of examinee qualification of the evidence to the minimum requirements of it. They are part of the elements will be selected and points out:

"What the evidence is to correct operation of the range;

"Should be used to collect any certain elements of part of the source of the evidence or the evidence the method;

"Any particular type of evidence of the quantity, or after that still should happen examination of the time schedule.

As the evidence required a certain provisions of the evidence type, quantity or collect method, will be through the evidence to prove the comprehensive evidence document these requirements has been reached. If not reached that there is not enough evidence to make reliable decision.


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