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Student Paper Guidance

By September 7, 2022essay代写

Guidance of International Students Thesis:

One. The importance of topic selection:

(1) The important topic of the topic selection The graduation thesis of sexual students is a summary of the learning of the master’s degree, and it is also a phased assessment of the study at the graduate stage. Therefore, in a sense, it is not only an embodiment of the students’ scientific research ability, but also an important aspect of the teaching level of mentor. To complete a high -quality graduation thesis, you must first choose the topic.

(2) Source of selection:

1. Select the research direction according to the inherent logic relationship of the research topic;


2. Determine the research direction under the guidance of the instructor;

3. After reviewing the relevant literature and materials, the research direction is drawn up;

4. The topic specified or recommended by the mentor (generally not more than three).

2. How to choose a suitable question?

(1). Starting from their own interests, before starting to write a doctoral dissertation, they should have an in -depth understanding and research on the majors they are engaged in, and formed a certain professional insights. Only the articles written in this way are possible to have things and reasonable. At the same time, you must determine the direction and specific content of your research based on your own interests.

(2) From the perspective of the development of the discipline, the choice of research direction must be analyzed and decided based on the academic development and scientific and technological development of this discipline. Because only the papers that have been selected What-is-corrugated-metal-stainless-setl-Plate has vitality and competitiveness! Report/feedback


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