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\”Study Abroad Paper Counseling\” ESSAY reduction skills plus super practical website

By September 7, 2022essay代写

The daily ESSAY writing requires the help of a large number of documents, which leads to the excessive ESSAY repetition rate of some international students and cannot pass the assessment. How to quickly solve this problem, some immersive tips and super practical investigation websites Amway will be for everyone.

1. During the \”prescription\”

1. Plan the ESSAY list


Before the creation, everyone had to be familiar with ESSAY’s main purpose, and the exertion of the theme was all useless.

Secondly, set the requirements for the content of each part of ESSAY, and create strictly in accordance with the plan.

2. Diverse writing

It is recommended that you add your own thinking on the basis The form is presented to reduce the duplication rate.

For example, there are many phrases of the same meaning of the meaning of the same meaning, such as the same phrase as the Conclusion, such as To SUM Up, Insummary, in Sun, etc. Everyone accumulates more or directly searching synonym online.

3. Screenshot replacement or unit settlement

Sometimes some data tablets must be quoted. These data are due to the content. The same sequence is also judged as repeated, often causing the writer to have a headache.

At this time, the first screenshot can be placed in the text, so that the overall number of words in the full text will be reduced but the duplication rate will disappear; second, the units of the number can be changed (USD to the USD to the units (USD to Thousand USD; Million USD, etc.), so that the number of words will not reduce the duplication rate.

2. Demonstration of websites

1. wikipedia

Wikipedia is similar to the domestic \”Baidu Encyclopedia\”, but do not use it as a reference.

Although it is the entry website that everyone can modify, Wikipedia is still very useful, and can let you understand the definition of a term in the fastest way. Reading the entry page of the keywords in the Essay may be the first step when you write the paper.


When writing academic papers, we often worry about poor words. Reading fatigue.

and Thesaurus is a very useful online synonym dictionary website. In addition to the pronunciation and English interpretation of words like ordinary dictionaries, it provides us with a synonym of 10 words for us to choose from. Just learn English simply, TheSaurus is really a very good tool website.

3. Hemingway Editor

This website is as promoted as its slogan \”Make Your Writ and Clear\”,,,,, as \” Let you say goodbye to long, unclear writing expression.

Its website interface is really a clear stream in the tool website industry. At the same time as the experience is unique, it is very simple and easy to use. The automatic evaluation, we can clearly see the evaluation of the article and the modification suggestions provided by the website.

4. Mendeley

Mendeley is a managing and sharing research papers, finding research data and developing online cooperation Desktop/web application.

In use, Mendeley requires users to store the basic reference data on its server, but you can also store some other files. Mendeley provides 2GB of network storage space for free. Users can users. Choose paid expansion.

The above is the sharing of ESSAY impairment skills plus super practical website, more information for studying abroad, search and follow Fu Wuyouzhi/Weibo/Baijia/Sohu/Penguin/Penguin/ Headline number! Report/feedback


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