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Brand marketing individual term paper

By May 16, 2021留学论文资讯

Brand marketing individual term paper.

Each student has to turn in an individual term paper focusing on new brand creation in no more than 10 double-spaced pages on the date specified in the schedule.

Create a new brand 

I received several inquiries about the individual term paper. For the possibly shared questions, please allow me to answer them here.

1. What does “brand creation” mean?

A: In the term paper, you should create a brand, which can be a new brand developed by an existing company or brand group (e.g. P&G) or a totally new brand with a new product/service. It can be a brand for (a) products, service, place, or even idea.

It’s different from the individual presentation, which focuses on making yourself a brand. So please don’t repeat to create the person, you, as the brand.

2. What contents shall I cover in the term paper for the brand creation?

A: for what contents to include in the term paper, please refer to my slides of Module3-4.refer to Powerpoints These two modules are about developing a brand strategy and designing & implementing brand marketing programs. To create a brand, you need to adopt a specific brand strategy and execute some marketing elements/programs to communicate with the customers about this brand. You don’t have to cover all concepts introduced in these two modules. Use the relevant and essential concepts to articulate the brand positioning, elements, and brand marketing tools.

3. Any sample paper and structure requirement?

A: I don’t want to constraint you with a given structure or sample paper. So please decide your own structure that can best organize the relevant points that you believe are important to the brand creation. The finished individual presentations on developing yourself as a brand may have given you sense about what content to cover in the brand creation term paper. The structure can be similar; the difference is the topic, one about yourself as a brand and the other about the other thing as a new brand.

Things you could include:

Brand name

Brand elements


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