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CA5693 – Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Semester B, 2019-2020 Essay-writing Assignment Note: Assignment is due on 24th April, 2020 and should be submitted via email to [email protected] with the title of “Essay Submission”. No late submissions are accepted. Select any one of the following three topics and write a short scientific essay about your selected topic: 1. Evaluation of slope stability using limit equilibrium methods 2. Deep excavation and braced cut 3. Ground improvement Please note that your essay must satisfy the following requirements: 1) It should contain a detailed literature review and provide a clear account of the research background and state-of-the-art research methodologies of your selected topic. You need to include at least 10 reference journal papers, with at least one paper published within the last 10 years. Provide the full list of reference papers at the end of the essay. 2) It should contain 1~2 geotechnical engineering case studies of your selected topic which are extracted from the reference papers or your own working experience. Case studies from your past working experience are particularly welcome. In either case, you need to explain clearly but succinctly the engineering background, objective, methodology, analysis and results of the cases studies in the essay. 3) Use the following outline for the essay: 1. Abstract (no more than150 words); 2. Introduction; 3. Literature review; 4. Case study; 5. Discussion, 6. Conclusion and 7. References. 4) The full length of the essay (including references) should be no less than 3 A4 pages but not more than 4 A4 pages with a 12pt font of “Times New Roman” and single line spacing. 5) Write the essay in clear and professional English and use clear figures, photos, diagrams, tables or equations to assist your explanation where necessary.


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